#Giveaway Win a Le Edge Exfoliator!

I’m a sucker for doing giveaways! They’re just too much fun!

Which is why I am going for Round #2 of the Le Edge exfoliator giveaway! Same deal, same rules, and same exciting gift to win!  P.S I have two and they’re pink!

le edge giveaway
Just click the picture above to join in on the fun.  Is my review maybe not enough to sell you?  Check out what all these people have to say about Le Edge: Testimonials

Now stop reading and click the picture!

Le Edge on the web:  www.le-edgeusa.com , twitter: LeEdgeUSA, Facebook :Le Edge

*Want a chance to win a bonus gift? Comment on any of my blog posts and I will manually give you 2 extra points!  Bonus gift exclusive to those who comment on the blog *only*.

11 thoughts on “#Giveaway Win a Le Edge Exfoliator!

  1. This sounds like a cool new product I’d be wiling to try. With winter coming I always get such dry skin and could use an exfoliant.

  2. I see you on blogs we have attended Facebook and Twitter parties and I had no idea you had such a lovely blog. I simply adore it!

    • Thank you so much for your kinds words! Yes you can always find me at a beauty collection and facebook party! Be sure to check out my other giveaway for Birchbox if you havent already done so 🙂

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