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***I was sent these complimentary products for my honest review***

I’ve always been a fan of having long hair that I can curl and whip up in a ponytail whenever I choose. There was a time in my life when I had a bowl cut….Yep, and I bet you can guess the age, and whose decision that was! Haha…well, ever since I was old enough to make a decision about my own hair, its has remained long and only changed in color from platinum blonde to almost black. I now keep it a natural color and generally straighten or curl my hair everyday. My hair is considered long, and fine.

I’m a big fan of the J.F Lazartigue brand and have been lucky enough to try different products from their different lines. Just to name a few, their Essential Orange Oil line, the Soy Milk Strengthening line, and a few from the Shea Butter collection. My friend Melissa even tried out their anti hair-loss Stymulactine line and shared the review on here! They are all truly fantastic. All suited for different haircare needs. The latest that I was sent to try was their Ultra Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo for normal to combination hair types. It’s one of three shampoos in their normal/combination line.

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First off, Orchid scented? Yes, please! Second, paraben-free which is ALWAYS a plus, I don’t know why most brands aren’t at this point.Hello, 2013 called. They want potential poisons out of the mix, m’kay?    And third, gives an ultra glossy shine by moisturizing and smoothing your hair. All agreeable points to give this baby a whirl.

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What’s great about this shampoo is that I can use it everyday without worrying about over-drying my hair because it works gently.  Mu hair isn’t left overly dry…or on the other end —greasy from over moisturization.   It’s even supposed to get rid of lime scale build-up that can actually dull your hair. Even though we’ve heard time and time again that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday I totally do. I have a job in a cosmetic/medical field. I cannot be sporting greasy hair in the office. My hair gets “stringy” in a day if its not washed. I can’t have that, and J.F Lazartigue understands this! Some of us DO wash our hair everyday!

***I was sent these complimentary products for my honest review***


It is recommended to use the shampoo twice while washing–and this is very unique to the entire JFL line, they always recommend a double shampoo. Why, you say? With the first wash you are removing all impurities and pollutants from the hair and scalp. With the second lather you really get to “clean” the hair and scalp. It’s the only haircare line that I know suggests this–and quite honestly–I follow it. Most other shampoos will dry your hair out if you do this, but not J.F Lazartique. You will noticed you get a better lather on the second run so be aware of that.

While I don’t think my hair was considered “dull” prior to using this shampoo, I can say that my hair does look healthy and shiny. And I can’t imagine that my shampoo had nothing to do with that. Of course it does! So expect shiny, shiny hair as I did!

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I love this stuff! Best used after blowdrying the hair and sealing them for a glossy but non-greasy look

I am not the type of person who can just shampoo and not condition. I was sent a selection of conditioners to try along with the orchid-scented shampoo. I mainly stuck to the soy milk strengthening serum after the shower, and maybe once a week I would spritz on the shea butter leave-in treatment for some added conditioning. Usually on a weekend when I can really let it sit in a braid for a while and soak in.

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I am happy to report that none weighed my hair down, and I think as long as you use the right amounts, you’ll be totally fine. I’ve been using the shampoo for about a month now and still have a ton left. The bottle may seem on the smaller side but I use less shampoo when using it so it all kind of balances out. And sorry kiddos… this is not the shampoo to share with your kids in my opinion. Its more on the liquid side and can pour out very easily, so be careful, you don’t need to squeeze too hard!

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Am I happy with the Ultra Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo? Definitely. I knew I was going to love it just because of the scent and that’s immediately what I fell in love with when I first received it. Even the boyfriend noticed that my hair smelled really nice after the shower and asked what was different.

Would I recommend this product to you? I would if like scented hair care products and need a daily shampoo. It’s like a little bit of luxury, right in your own shower. Go on, you’ll want to treat yourself to this one.

You can purchase JFL’s Orchid Scented shampoo at select retailers such as Beauty Collection and Planet Beauty (probably more, this is where I know immediately off the bat) as well as online at their website.

***I was sent these complimentary products for my honest review***

J.F Lazartigue Ultra Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo 6.8floz $25


Want to know more? Visit J.F Lazatigue on facebook, or at their twitter @jflazatigueinc






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