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St. Ives Cleansing Sticks

st ives cleansing stick review by iliketotalkblogTravel Friendly Cleansers

I’m always up to try new skincare, and was excited that I was asked to try some of the new products from the St. Ives brand. It looks like they’ve recently added several new products since the days of using their Apricot Scrub in my teens. You know, back in the day when it came in the peach tub? Fast forward to today where they have multiple scrubs in different exfoliation levels, sheet masks, and the coolest thing yet — their cleansing sticks.

St. Ives Cleansing Sticks come in three options, but all are made with 100% natural coconut oil. I was a bit surprised to hear that coconut oil was in all the cleansers because that’s usually something I avoid putting on my skin. I was always under the impression that coconut oil was great for my body, but not for my acne prone face. However, curiosity always gets the best of me when it comes to skincare and I was compelled to try them all and see if they were worth keeping.

st ives cleansing stick review by iliketotalkblogWhat makes these cleansers a bit different is that they are in stick form — like big fat lip balms! Which I actually like because you can toss one in your gym bag and never worry about a mess. I can also keep it near the bathtub without worrying that my toddler will squirt it all over the floor, and it stays secure in it’s study packaging and screw top cap. PS, they are also bacteria resistant which is a huge plus since I know people freak if they have to double dip into a product more than once.

st ives cleansing stick review by iliketotalkblog

All you do is just wet your face, rub the stick all over, and lather it up with your hands! I personally found that rubbing them into my eye brows helped get the lather going and getting a bit more cleanser on my face. I think all three versions lathered up and rinsed well and they all left my skin feeling great. I didn’t have any trouble getting my makeup off — even when it was pretty budge-proof eyeliner!  I’ve only been using them for about a week but I can report that no pimples have cropped up since using these cleansers and I’ve been using them multiple times a day.

st ives cleansing stick review by iliketotalkblog

All three versions offer a different benefit based on their formula:

Cactus Water & Hibiscus hydrates and softens.  

Matcha Green Tea & Ginger detoxifies and refreshes.  

Apricot & Manuka Honey removes impurities and helps your skin get a healthy glow.   

Out of all three, I enjoy the Matcha Green Tea & Ginger one the most — but love them all!  You can find St. Ives products at your local CVS and Target. The cleansing sticks run about 7.99 each.

Personal Essentials For The Gym Bag

gym bag essentials iliketotalkblog

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

Lately I’ve been updating what’s in my gym bag because I’ve found I need more things as time goes on. I used to just bring a towel, keys and my phone with earjacks, but because I have to quickly go from place to place I’ve been bringing a few more items in tow. I thought I’d share what personal care items I bring with me aside from a Towel and my gloves.

gym bag essentials iliketotalkblogDeodorant and Anti-Chaf Balm

When I think of working out, Deodorant is the first and more important thing for me. No one wants to work out next to someone who smells like an onion. It can be very distracting! So I make sure to bring extra just in case I forget in a rush at home. Lately, I’ve been using Dove at home, but keep a travel sized Secret Outlast in my bag for emergencies and touch ups.  I also just found out about Body Glide! I finally have been getting the confidence to wear shorts while I workout, but I have larger thighs and them rubbing together is no so comfortable when running.  Just rub it on anywhere that may rub and voila — your skin is protected with an invisible barrier.

gym bag essentials iliketotalkblogBody Wipes and Face Wipes

I rely on wipes just as much as my toddler does! Wipes are life, people. They are so easy and convenient to use.  I have several packages of these Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes for my purse, gym bag and car and they have a nice clean scent to them. I feel like I can go straight to my daughter’s swim class and not smell like a foot sitting next to the other parents. And HELLO, face wipes are so important for the acne-prone like me. I still get breakouts, but wipes significantly cut down on the dirt and sweat left on my face and give me a little extra time before I can get home and do a real wash. These Derma E Hydrating Facial Wipes ones are perfect for me during the drier winter months when my skin feels tight, but needs to feel fresh and clean.

gym bag essentials iliketotalkblogPain Relievers and Emergency Tampons

I have a extremely hard time working out if my period hits and I’m not prepared. Since I’ve been ramping up my workouts, my cycles have jumped by a week at a time and hasn’t quite settled on its new date yet. If I’m caught off guard and don’t take some Pamprin as soon as I know it’s coming _ basically become useless. I like the multi-symptom version the most because it helps with pain, irritability and bloat – all things that make me a miserable person for a few days — UNLESS I take something for it. I usually order them from Walmart.com along with my sugar free chocolate chips. Let’s be real, they’re all necessities. 

gym bag essentials iliketotalkblogLip and Skin Protectant

My lips have been super dry lately and I tend to breath through my mouth when I workout so I need something for my lips so they don’t dry out. I sometimes just swipe a tube of my daughters Aquaphor but when I want something a little less messy I stick to my Coola Liplux which isn’t waxy, goes on smooth and has a nice scent to it. And I just discovered Seriously FAB Sunscreen Facial Mist which is actually meant to be put over makeup – but I like the easy application before a quick park run. It has an SPF 25 and has a nice fine mist so I just let it “air-dry” instead of touching my face more. I love having something SO lightweight when I run.

gym bag essentials iliketotalkblogDry Shampoo

Can you believe I only started using dry shampoo maybe a couple months ago? Seriously – WHERE HAVE I BEEN? This stuff seriously helps give my hair a little bit of life between washes. It won’t work when you have a sopping wet ponytail but once it’s dry you can spray and finger rake it through for some body — I love it. I cycle between Dove and this one from Batiste.

Do you have any of the same things in your gym bag? Did I just reminder you to add a few more? Let me know in the comments below.

Fitness Goals for 2018

iliketotalkblog fitness goals for 2018

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I just finished a two week long fitness challenge and at the end of it all I shared what I learned over the course of that challenge. I’ve actually had a few people ask me what I’m looking to get out of all the “fitness-y” stuff I do and I think talking about it makes me more accountable for my (future) actions. So here we are, in the beginning of a new year and I thought I’d put it out there on the interwebz what my fitness goals for 2018 are.   I hope that my aspirations help inspire something in you!

The obvious. Lean out and Muscle up.

To be quite honest, before having my daughter, I thought I had my ideal body. I was very lean, but I realize now that I didn’t have the muscles that I love having now. I may not have my “goal” body, but I’m happy with where I’m at and where it could go. Leaning out (and building muscle) will come from working on my diet, but it will also depend on my workouts. Aesthetically, I want boulder shoulders, a tinier waist and my hamstrings to be more toned. The backs of my legs make me really nervous about wearing shorts — but I bought some shorts and I’m hoping to wear them soon!

iliketotalkblog fitness goals for 2018

The specific. I want to improve my deadlifts, cleans and pull ups.

I’d never touched a barbell in me life until I started working out at my gym. It was just an area of my other gyms that I NEVER ventured into because I had no idea what I was doing and never thought lifting weights was for me. Now? Well, now I get EXCITED when I see that exercises using a barbell are included in the days routine. I love doing deadlifts because they make me feel super strong and work so many body parts. And cleans kinda scare me, and I don’t do them perfectly — but I’m getting there! I remember when I was a kid and pull ups weren’t a big deal at all — now at 36 it’s a big deal! I know I can get these, but I need to practice a lot to get there. 

The not so obvious. My confidence levels.

Working out gives me a major mood boost. I think a lot of people would assume that my confidence levels are way up there. But we all have our insecurities, we just don’t all talk about them because well, they’re our insecurities! So for me, I want to have the confidence to pick up heavier weights without having my trainers tell me to do so. Not question if I can make it through a class. And wear the damn clothes that I please (bathing suit (and booty) from 2014, I’M TALKING TO YOU!)

iliketotalkblog fitness goals for 2018

The not so interesting. My breathing patterns.

There is no doubt about it. I’m a mouth-breather and it seriously hinders how well I do when I’m exercising. I can nearly hyperventilate and have to stop. I’ve tried so hard to focus on my breathing these last two weeks and I don’t feel I have improved. If anyone has any tips on how to get enough air through my nose and out through my mouth, please share!

The crazy. I want to do a Spartan Sprint.

My trainers do it, and they’re pretty badass, and I want to be bad ass too! I’m never sure when I’ll be ready for it, I think it’s just something you have to say, fuck it, and just try — but damn. I’ve watched videos on YouTube and there are a few things that I can’t quite do yet, like pull myself up a rope, or scale a wall, or carry a bucket of rocks god knows how far! This is when I feel like I have a booty that weighs me down like an anchor and I need to beef up my upper body strength. I still have OC Fit games to work on and I think that’s a great starter contest for me to do.

So those are just a few of my fitness goals for 2018. I’m hoping I can nail all of these things over the course of the year. They all have difficult aspects to them that will require dedication, constantly pushing myself, and more importantly, knowing when to pause. I’d love to hear what some of your fitness goals are for 2018! While you think about those, feel free to check out my fellow bloggers posts on what their goals are — you never know if you find someone who might spark something in you!

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