Dare 2 Vogue January Beauty Bag

If you’re anything like me, you love reviewing beauty products and if possible, more than one at time.  Beauty product sampling programs are becoming more and more popular and I was lucky enough to land an opportunity to review Dare 2 Vogue’s first beauty bag service.

Dare 2 Vogue is a new program created by Krista Reese and Jacquelynn Rogers. Together, they decided to create a program that would include beauty and fashion items for enthusiasts to try out and review.  In addition, they  give small home businesses a chance to showcase their items, all at an affordable monthly price of $10.00 with free shipping!  A win-win situation!  You can find out more about them by visiting their facebook page, or their twitter page.  Oh, and I almost forgot they have a youtube channel also!

My package arrived over the weekend and I excitedly ripped open the package.  I wondered what the new program was going to have.  I had met the girls via twitter a month or so earlier and I knew it was going to arrive any day now….and now, I can show you.  This month’s edition arrived in a leopard print drawstring pouch–something that can easily be used for makeup or carry around other randoms in your purse. It was also filled with ribbons like there was a party inside waiting for me to arrive! Weeeeeeeeeee!

bag dare 2 vogue

The first item I got was a dumdum lollipop. Remember these? I could eat like 10 of these in a row. A quick snack I can keep in my purse for those car rides home when I’m starving.  Thanks girls!

lollipop dare 2 vogue

The next item I received was a (emery board) nail file.  A nail file ALWAYS comes in handy to prevent jagged or snagged ends.  Keeping your nails neatly shaped with assure they break or tear less.  It may sound ridiculous, but I needed one for my purse that I can use and accidentally lose at one point. My nails get chipped at work and filing them down helps the manicure last a little longer.

Nail File Dare 2 Vogue

Next item in the bag was a coupon to a retail shop, Eclectic Soles in Springfeild, Il. I suspect this will be awesome for those local in the area. Unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles so I won’t be able to take advantage of the offer.  Bummer!

coupon dare 2 vogue

Next item in my beauty bag was a hand-crafted bracelet from Fusion Muse.  Fusion Muse  is the creation of Tanya Ozanne & Thomas Pautler.  Together, the two created their online jewelry store and have some gorgeous pieces like the Cambodia section that made stop for a minute!  While the bracelet I was given was good quality, I liked the stones I saw on the other selections online.  I actually couldn’t find what section my bracelet belonged to, instead a hand written note was included letting me know that my bracelet was made from mother of pearl, glass crystals and sterling silver.

Next item in the bag was a sample of Fergie’s Outspoken via Avon with Susan Northrop at her own site.  Fergie’s scent can best be described as uninhibited, feminine and floral, and was made as an exclusive item available only through Avon.  The scent was lasting but wasn’t my particular floral that I usually stick to–so outspoken was a change of pace for the weekend.  Included with the sample was the latest Avon catalog in case I wanted to purchase anything else to go with it. Did I mention there is a Fergie line on Avon? Check it out.

I got another hair item! This time it was some sort of hair tinsel?  I’m not sure what you call it, maybe hair bling?  Just a few strands is all that needed to pump up a hairstyle for a night on the town or just for fun!.  They even included a little hair clip to attach the strands with just be careful not to pull it out if you run your fingers through your hair.  Tip: use this while doing a french twist.  You’ll see the sparkle swirl through your hair but keep it nice and clean at the same time!

hair tinsel dare 2 vogue

OK, I think the theme of this month’s bag is hair items because I got one more.  This one is a bow. And while I usually cannot work wild patterns like this into my weekday wear, I was willing to give it a shot.  I love bows!  Bows on a perfect ponytail look awesome and if kept small wont make you look like you’re 5 years old again.  I like that this one easily slid into place and didn’t actually need the snap clip that I remember them having.  Not sure what company this came from but cute. I heard there was a hello kitty bow too did anyone get one of those?

hairbow dare 2 vogue

Last item in the bag was my favorite, a sample of shakeology.  Shakeology says it’s a solution to losing or maintaining weight, just by replacing one meal of that day.  It also improved digestion and helps aid in releasing toxins from the body.  I was starving after work one day and I knew I needed to do this review–what better time to rip open the powder packet and give it a shot.  The flavor I got was chocolate.  I used my magic bullet to mix it all up and guess what? It tasted pretty darn good.  I wasn’t drinking it to lose weight, after all, I only had one–but rather to see if the taste was good and if I would get sick from it. I get nervous when something says it aids with regularity…I never know if that’s going to be a good thing, or me feeling like I need to run to the bathroom within the hour. LOL, I actually felt fine.  I was full after one glass, I could have easily broken that up into two on a normal non-starving day.  It was nice to know I was getting everything I needed in one glass without it tasting like I was getting all my vitamins, ya know?  It was definitively a thick shake so expect to fill up!

Overall, I expect this new program will have even better beauty boxes to unveil in the future.  One thing that would be great to add is an info sheet on the products we are receiving; that way we know brands or stores refer back to. After all, what if one of my readers wants to buy more of that product? I do like that there was a variety of products like perfume,hair stuff, and something I could eat. Doesn’t everyone like a little snack?  I might also add that maybe this beauty box would work for someone a little younger than me.  I don’t have much use for hair bows and tinsel (as much fun as they are to use), so I imagine this will cater to fashionistas in their twenties. (geez, did I just date myself?) I wasn’t sure what to expect but I did enjoy being a part of their pre-review team!

If you would like to find out more about the Dare 2 Vogue Program, you can visit their site and check them out!   What do you think about the program? What product do you like best out of the bunch? Do you have a business that  you think would be a great feature for Dare 2 Vogue?  Contact them! They are always looking for great products for their service!

Dare 2 Vogue Website: http://dare2vogue.webs.com

**will be updating their website address in near future so be on the look out**

Dare 2 Vogue Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dare2vogue

Dare 2 Vogue Twitter @dare2vogue        https://twitter.com/#!/dare2vogue

This beauty bag program was provided to me by the company for my honest review.