Review: Ole Henriksen / Truth to go wipes (first review)

It was the luck of fast typing on twitter that scored me a good deal on these wipes along with an Anthony Logistics kit from Beauty Collection 🙂 I’ve used some of the products from Ole’s line before and fell in love with their truth serum.  These wipes are from the same family of products boosting the wonderful powers of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C as you know is a great antioxidant; it helps with collagen production (plump up that skin), brightening (lightens hyperpigmentation),  and is a antioxidant that fights off free-radical damage. All things that this ex-sun worshiper needs! I’d say thats a pretty good resume for a single vitamin!

So the wipes come in a re-sealable snap-tight bag and can easily be thrown into a gym, or oversized bags. (read= not for your little purse).  When I opened the package I was immediately pleased with the “orange creamsicle” scent that wasn’t over powering, but rather made we want to keep wiping it across my face. 😉

After thoroughly wiping my face and neck down I waiting for “the results”.  I’d say within a minute I felt my skin clean and actually feeling more smooth than before?  Some other brands of wipes leave me feeling almost oily but this one drys to a nice finish and makes you skin feel, well, moisturized and clean.

The verdict? I look forward to keeping these in my gym bag so I can wipe down and smell fresh (well, at least my face will) ha! Next, I’ll have to test how well they remove eye makeup!