New Beauty December 2011 TestTube

Over the weekend my New Beauty Testube arrived. If you aren’t familiar with the program you should visit

new beauty test tube

The New Beauty Testube program costs $29.95 for each tube that ships every 4 months per year. Each TestTube contains more than a handful of luxury sample sized or full sized beauty samples of high end brands like Kerstian Florian, Ahava, and Mally’s. While I mostly receive skin care items, they do include makeup and health supplements like gummi vitamins from time to time. I have been a member of the program for about two years now and love the surprise of a Testube on my doorstep. You can cancel the program at anytime and can even gift it for a friend! And if you ever watch QVC you would know they have their own special edition too. I also forgot to mention that the program includes a copy of their drool-worthy magazine and cute mini Testube product guide, giving you the skinny on a few items in your sample box.

….and for those of you lucky in the Los Angeles area, stop by a Fred Segal store so you can design your own TestTube at their beauty sample bar. The closest one to me is in Santa Monica which is a bit of a drive just for samples…but next time the boyfriend needs to get a nice pair of pants….I know which department I will be visiting. I really want to visit it, I’ve been hearing about it for a while and now that I saw it in the magazine It makes me want to go even more!

I now present you with the December/January Testube.

testtube new beauty

Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque & Healing Oil

macadamia natural hair oil masque Funny that I got this…because I already got this in a previous TestTube. Lucky for me, I actually like this stuff. Suitable for all hair types, but of course caters to dry, over treated hair, Macadamia Natural Oil uses argan and macadamia oils to nourish and tame frizzies. The masque can leave your hair feeling heavy is applied too close to the scalp, so be sure to keep it on lower portion of your hair. For added benefit, you can apply to slightly damp hair and then put a plastic grocery bag over your hair and tie it shut. Take you hair dryer and blow dry your head with the masque on for deep nourishment. It only takes a few minutes and you only need to warm the scalp, not get it burning hot. After you waited the desired amount of time fully rinse and comb.

The healing oil is applied to towel dried hair. It says you can also apply to dry hair but I like to use it after the shower. I switch between this oil and organix Shea butter serum to keep my hair shiny through daily heat styling. This healing oil has a faint incense smell to it so people bothered by fragrances beware.

Would I recommend this product: I would recommend it to someone who wants to splurge on a natural hair care item. All of us love a deep conditioning treatment, whether you heat style or not. I would however switch off with a cheaper brand like I am doing if money is a concern.

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20

miracle skin transformer sarah mcnamara Miracle Skin Transformer is no new product for me. I’m already on my second bottle after I won some swag on Beauty Undercover. This stuff does exactly what the pictures show, hides imperfections of the skin as well as a soft focus silicone based makeup can do. The Testube description describes this product as one that gives a retouched photo finish effect with it’s 5-in-1 skin enhancer. Available in seven shades ( I stick to medium tan but got a medium sample which may do ok in the winter here if I mix with medium tan or keep it as a travel sized backup. So how does this stuff work? Well, it works as a hydrating base, offers build able coverage, mattifies, renews, and protects the skin all while smoothing out imperfections like scars or spots.

Would I recommend this product: yes, yes, and yes. Both Beauty collection and Sephora sell this product so I’m covered, and I love the smooth feel of this makeup. It may be only a tint, but I feel like it does the job for my skin. I don’t need much coverage but have some sun damage around my eyes. This stuff has SPF in it so I know I can go out into the sun also.

Immunocologie Treatment Cream Venomax

immunocologie treatment cream I’ve never seen this brand before, but always open to finding out what they have to offer. Immunocologies’s creator, Manzoor Jaffery developed the Bioferm process, an original fermentation process that ensure maximum efficacy of all it’s formulas. What does that mean for us? It means he wants his products to work, and produces them, or uses ingredients that provide maximum benefits to us. Venomax treatment cream uses natural plant extracts to mimic the polypeptide found in snake venom, relaxing fine lines and wrinkles. you hear that wrinkles around the eyes? I’m talking to you guys… The formula also elevates hyaluronic acid levels (that’s a good thing-hydration levels of the skin) while speeding up our skins response to fighting wrinkle formation. Sound good to you? Soouuunnnd good to me 🙂

Would I recommend this product: hard to say until I try it out. Stay tuned, I will update this post after I try it out and let you know.

dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Face Cream

dr brandt microdermabrasion cream Dr. Brandt‘s exfoliating cream reminds me of a trip to the spa for a microdermabrasion facial. You know those little crystals they use and you later find in your ears and on your neck? Well this stuff uses crystals just like those (pharmaceutical grade) but in a paste/cream form. Instead of going to the salon to and paying crazy amounts of money for ongoing treatments, start at home and save yourself some money. Whether it be at-home or salon quality dermabrasion, both help in fighting the signs of aging by resurfacing the skin revealing fresher, younger skin that glows. It also helps in unclogging the skin and can help clear pores when dealing with mild acne.

What I like about this formula is that it also has green & white tea extracts, as well as grape-seed to calm and soothe the skin while offering antioxidant benefits.

Would I recommend this to someone: anyone minus sensitive skin. Sorry sensitive skin people. No matter how nice the exfoliant is, this can possibly irritate your skin with the crystals. I will be passing this one off to the boyfriend since I currently used Atralin and cannot double up on a exfoliant. His combo skin will appreciate the fine scrub unlike mine at the moment.

Chella Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit

anti fatigue eye mask Chella‘s eye mask is new to me, while eye masks are not. I have tried a Talika version before but had trouble remembering to apply the mask more than once a week. They did make a temporary difference in the skin around the eyes, but I felt weird with under eye patches on like a weirdo as I would cook dinner. I suspect these might be similar. The description reads that the mask uses soluble liquid collagen reinforcing hydration into the skin brightening the area. The liquid also features Ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant that super charges cells and fights free radicals.

Would I recommend this to someone: I haven’t tried it yet, but will update this post once I have. Eye masks are great after a long tiring day…just do it when the boyfriend isn’t home so you don’t look funny.

Lumene Sensitive Touch SOS Cream

lumene sos cream Lumene describes their SOS cream as one perfect for protecting skin from the elements. The natural ingredients found in the cream survive the harsh cold conditions of the article climate. Perfect for the face,lips elbows and heels, SOS cream uses artic linen seed to calm and soothe the skin and repair the skin’s surface structure. All it takes in 5 minutes after application to restore the skins’ well being and make it resistant to external irritants. I am slathering this on my lips and hands as I type this post. It has a slick cream feel to it and absorbs nicely. No residue is left behind nor any grease. A full-sized tube costs $20 which isn’t much, and remember just five minutes to comfort. I’m liking this one already! And because it doesn’t have any fragrance to it, it s perfect for men and women.

Would I recommend this to someone: when you lips are chapped to hell and you’ve tried every Vaseline type product out there it’s time to up the ante and spend a little more, for your own comfort of course. I have spent way too much money trying out different lip balms and creams in search of something for my normal/dry body skin. I don’t ask for much, just that it friggin works. I can say that this stuff has a comforting appeal to it….I am waiting to see if it helps with hydration at all. I like that this stuff rubs into the skin and doesn’t sit on top to be wiped off on the first glass I drink from or the pair of socks I wear.

Glymed Plus Intense Peptide Skin Recovery Complex

glymed  Glymed was created by an Aesthetician who believed in using technologically advanced ingredients with certified organic botanicals to create amazing results. Glymed’s Complex promotes the regeneration of collagen in the skin, reducing wrinkles and inflammation, while increasing hydration by rebuilding the lips barrier found naturally in our skin.

The formula contains five amino acid complexes, along with sea whip extract which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps even with rosacea without the side effects of hydrocortisone. Glymed is available via your aesthetician or derma office. I have seen it sold online but would highly recommend getting a thorough recommendation for their products before jumping into it. Just like Obagi products, you want o make sure you are plunking down money on the right line for your skin.

Mirai Clinical Formula Purifying Body Serum

mirai body serum Mirai created one of the worlds most powerful purifying body serums that is filled to the brim with anti-oxidants and antiseptics that protect the skin and reduce inflammation. Wow, that’s a mouthful. But I’m willing to give this a shot. The natural oils in the formula prevent and diminish age spots while persimmon fights hormonal imbalance body odor.

While I don’t think I have a problem with body odor, I am curious to see what this stuff with do. And did I mention that this was a full-sized product? How sweet is that? A full-sized bottle costs $36 … And I will let you know if I see it do anything at all.

Would I recommend this to someone: haven’t tried it out yet,but will update this post when I have some more to say. I can tell you that it appears to be a gel cream with a light scent. I can’t pinpoint the scent but nice and not medicinal or incens-cy.

Well, are you interested in signing up for a Testube? I think I may try one of the QVC tubes next time. I was subscribed to other sampling programs but hoping to be introduced to some new ones? I know of Birchbox, My Glam, Dare to Vogue, Julep Maven…what else is out there? Do post in the comments below, thanks for reading beauty fans, until next time