Introducing Rainbow Polish!

Tanya from Rainbow Polish was awesome enough to send me a bottle of nail polish to review and boy you guys have no idea how excited I was for this one. I found Rainbow Polish one evening I was playing on my ipad. The glitters this woman makes…aye yi yi…….. just beautiful. Each one looks like it is PACKED with all kinds of glitter ranging from big chunky hex glitters, to foil-y bar glitters, mini micro sparkly holo glitter in combinations that make me keep staring at my nails, seriously.

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch bottle

Today I bring you the first polish I got to try, Monarch. Monarch consists of large, medium and micro yellow glitters,deep orange medium hex glitters, black square glitter and medium hex black glitter. When you look in the bottle, you’d almost think this does full coverage glitter in two or three coats. The glitter particles are not on the “sparkly” side but more muted and equally as cute. Kinda like sheen you would get off something made of steel!

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 7

Monarch glitter polish is not super sparkly, but it is eye catching. My boyfriend immediately told me my nails looks like “that candy, ya know” which I later figured out was JAWBREAKERS! He is so right on! Wearing monarch layered over white polish totally gives it a jawbreaker look. I was a little worried that this color would look halloweenish but no one mentioned that. In fact I got a couple of compliments in the office from older people which was surprising. Even more surprising when it comes from males who I would never think would notice polish.

jawbreakers, anyone?

I definitely use more coats of this polish that I normally do because I love the dense glitter look. A thick top coat of seche vite seals most of it in. You may double up on a top coat if you want your nails super smooth after multiple coats of glitter.

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 6

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 5

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 4

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 3

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 2

Monarch or any of her other polishes can be purchased for $8.50 and come in a 0.5oz bottle. She is constantly updating her store with new arrivals so it wouldn’t hurt to “like” her Facebook page and stay updated on her new colors. Rainbow Polish can be found in a few places online so be sure to stop by her little nook of the web and visit her!

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 1

Rainbow Polish Store on etsy or

Rainbow Polish on Facebook

What do you think about my jawbreaker nails?

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XOXO beauties!

Claudia C.