Healanah Peace: Aromatherapy for a Restful Sleep

healanah-peace review by iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog reviewAromatherapy has been around for ages and is a safe way to use aromatic plant and essential oils to treat a variety of symptoms, ailments or improving one’s mood. It can be done topically (on the skin), diffused in the air, or inhaled depending on the type of treatment you are looking for. Beverly Hills based, Healanah specializes in making healing sprays that combine the power of aromatherapy and gem stones.

With eight different varieties to choose from, Healanah covers all bases by offering sprays that promote positivity, improve the body’s ability to self heal, relax the senses, stimulate creativity, and increase energy and love. Now that I think of it, I could seriously use a little bit of each of those in my life right now! As a new mama that works from home I need energy to keep going throughout the day, and ways to keep creativity flowing without caffeine, all while keeping my baby happy and relaxed for nap time.

Healanah was nice enough to send me one of their healing sprays and I chose PEACE since it seemed most fitting at the time. PEACE uses a combination of Clary sage and Lavender essentials oils to help clear the mind. We know Lavender is used in lots of baby products because of it’s ability to soothe and relax, but what I never knew was that clary sage is used as a mood booster, and has calming abilities.

Always right around noon is nap time for my little one, and we both lay down on our cal king bed for a story, a snack, and a snooze. Nap time has to remain distraction free, so I use white noise to drown out any outside noise, but I also use my Healanah spray to help relax us I just spritz around the bedroom before we lay down so we pick up the scent from the bedding. I should add that I feel these are completely safe to use with a baby because I am not spraying anything directly on our skin and use the spray as a room and bedding spray instead.

healanah-peace review by iliketotalkblog

I happen to find the scent very relaxing and beautiful. We have a light breeze that comes in through our windows and the scent dissipates after a short time. Zoe also sleeps nicely for about 2-3 hours and mama sometimes falls asleep with her. I also enjoy their ENERGY and LOVE sprays that I have sampled in the past. Each spray retails for $25 each and can be purchased online or found in select stores in the Los Angeles area.

If you are someone who enjoys aromatherapy I highly suggest checking out Healanah on their website or social media pages for more information. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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LATHER Products for The New Mom

lather products for the new momiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog review

One thing I truly love doing is taking a nice warm shower. It can be so relaxing, and allows you to treat yourself to scrubs, washes and rinses that make your skin feel soft and moisturized.  And it never hurts when the products you use smell amazing on top of it all. Shortly after giving birth to my daughter, I was gifted an assortment of LATHER products to treat myself to during my recovery, and boy, did I enjoy them.

LATHER is well known for starting out as a small hand-crafted soap company and has grown into the brand it is today. Over the years it has developed a wide selection of cruelty free products using pure essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants that treat the mind, body and soul. The range of products include haircare, skincare, bath and body, and aromatherapy candles. I received some body washes, a scrub, some candles and body balm that I have fallen in love with since trying them out.

lather bamboo creme body wash

It was such a treat to get some products that smelled and felt good to use since I was pretty beat up after having a c-section. I had just stayed in a hospital for 4 days and looked forward to my own shower and bed. And let me tell you, that first shower in my own home was ahhhhhhmmmmaazing. I grabbed my shower poof and LATHER’s Bamboo Creme Body Wash and worked up a good foamy lather to clean off from head to toe.  The best way to describe the scent of this sulfate free wash is “clean” and it left my skin feeling hydrated. I suspect it’s the blend of shea butter and aloe while bamboo is thought to rejuvenate. A nice little combo with days of exhaustion and healing were ahead.

lather sofian lavender whipped body creme

The best way to keep skin moisturized after a hot shower is to lock in moisture with a good body creme while the skin is still damp. The Sofian Lavender Whipped Body Creme was the perfect solution for this new mama with its quick to absorb formula and silky feel.  Lavender is thought to calm and soothe the senses while the light aroma left on the skin prompted my husband to compliment how nice I smelled. Lavender is used in some baby products and it thought to help them fall asleep. I like to think that when I wear this cream and my baby is resting on my chest it will help lull her to sleep.

lather re4vive and thrive awakening balm

Since having a baby I’ve had no trouble falling asleep! My problem was just the opposite! In the first few weeks I had trouble staying awake for round the clock feedings and could feel myself nodding off at any given moment.  That’s where LATHER’s Revive & Thrive Awakening Balm helped out.  This lovely little balm houses an aromatherapy blend of rosemary, sage, mandarin orange, eucalyptus and spearmint that work synergistically to energize and awaken even the most zombified mama out there.  Overall the scent is very spearminty and I like to apply it right under my nose and along my chin line so I smell it for a while. Hell, I even just sniff it right out of the tin because it smells so good and wakes me up when needed. Out of all three products THIS is the one you should gift to any soon to be mama out there. Trust me.

New moms out there need all the help they can get. Even if it’s in body wash or aromatherapy balm form. We’re tired, were hungry, and sometimes dirty because we have to skip a shower or two when the baby comes first. So pampering treats like these are warmly welcomed by anyone with a new infant.

To find out more about LATHER you can visit their website to find out more about the healthy ingredients used in their products, and their awesome recycling program they have for the packaging they use for the brand.  You can also stay up to date by following them on Instagram or Facebook.