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NewBeauty Testtube July August 2013 edition @NewBeauty #beautysubscriptionservice

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  **** I pay a subscription fee to the NewBeauty testtube program in order to receive these products. I'm just here to give you my honest opinion!*** I have been a long time subscriber to the NewBeauty testtube program and back with the latest … [Read more...]

It was an artsy fartsy sunday…

Yes, today was a day of being absolutely lazy other than having fun making jewelry and doing my nails. I drove out to a bead store to get supplies to try out this DIY bracelet that I had seen on another website. They have a ton of other bracelets … [Read more...]

Nail Polish Gradients


I've been checking out different sites on nail art and nail design. I tried to copy a gradient design that I saw in black/grey. I didn't have enough grays and blacks to create it so I stuck with the colors I already have. I did pink on my hands and … [Read more...]