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Caprice Clinical Thelavicos review by iliketotalkblogBeing that I get introduced to so many different beauty products out there, it’s surprising I haven’t tried much from the K Beauty (Korean Beauty) market. I remember when BB Creams started to gain momentum here in the U.S, and trying a few brands I heard about, but I never ventured past that single product into the world of their innovative skincare. K Beauty is known to have some of the most advanced formulas in the world, creating products that are effective and appeal to the senses. Seeing that there wasn’t enough effective options out there, Caprice Clinical brought the best in K Beauty to offer by bringing Thelavicos to the states.

Available exclusively online and through professional skincare therapy providers, Thelavicos offers the very best in clinical skincare with a very luxurious feel. If you’ve ever been to a derm or med spa, you know they can be super picky about what they promote — so having Thelavicos chosen as something an office will carry gives it some extra weight in my book.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on two of their products to see what makes them different from the rest. The Thelavicos Nutrition HydroGel Mask and the BioRepair Wrinkle Eye Cream ended up on my doorstep a couple weeks ago and I’ve tried them both out and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

Caprice Clinical Thelavicos review by iliketotalkblog

First up was the Nutrition HydroGel Mask. To be honest, I’m usually a bigger fan for masks you apply with brush or your fingers. Sheet masks don’t always fit well and you have to worry if it’ll stay on for the recommended time for it to do it’s work. I will say that this mask fit WAY better than most because it comes in two pieces, and it’s made of a pliable hydrogel material instead of flimsy paper. Because of the durability of the mask, the packaging suggests you can use it up to two times, by carefully placing it back in the pouch and then sealing in a large ziplock to avoid it drying out. This mask is extra juicy! Not only is the gel soaked with “the good stuff”, there is ample amount left in the pouch to give you that second mask time and then some. I was able to squeeze out the remnants and use on extra parts (neck, hands) a couple of times. The mask promises to give you that refreshed, hydrated and plumped look we all live for — and I can say that it 100% left my skin looking and feeling better after using it. After taking off the mask I could immediately notice that those fine lines on under my eyes and on the high points of my cheekbones were flattened out and hydrated. I have deep lines on my forehead and while it didn’t make those disappear, my skin looked incredibly healthy. I’m not familiar with the key ingredients in this mask, but they definitely do something for my skin. Soybean Ferment Extract, Niacinamide, Palmotoyl Tripeptide and Red Ginseng are just a few of the powerhouse ingredients in this mask. Final verdict. This is MUST TRY. You definitely notice a difference when you take of the mask and you will want to use every drop of that liquid gold on your skin because it works!

Caprice Clinical Thelavicos review by iliketotalkblogNext up was the BioRepair Wrinkle Eye Cream. I will confess that I usually forget eye cream. I put on so many other serums and things that eye cream usually falls to the wayside. But being that the mask worked so well for me I was a little more than intrigued to try out the eye cream. This cream promises to fight wrinkles, offer a brightening effect and firm up the delicate skin around the eye area. The ingredient deck lists some things that I was curious to look up, so I thought I would share with you guys what I found out.  Edelweiss flower — known as one of the best natural anti-aging ingredients out there and works as an antioxidant, skin plumper and moisturizer.  Snow Lotus extract works as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that nourishes tired skin (hello, new mom under-eye-bags!!), and Soybean Ferment Extract which is nutrient dense component that soothes and replenishes the skin.

Caprice Clinical Thelavicos review by iliketotalkblogI used this cream morning and night — not even using a full pump – more like half a pump for both eyes and found that it absorbed rather quickly and did not interfere with foundation or concealer. Sometimes creams will break down you makeup and you’ll have those creases of excess makeup under your eyes –well, not with this cream. Verdict: definitely a useful product if you remember to actually use eye cream. I hope I will remember now!

Caprice Clinical Thelavicos review by iliketotalkblogCaprice Clinical offers a few other products from Thelavicos, such as their Enzyme Washing Powder, Nutrition Cream, Whitening Vitamin C Serum, and their Most Active Skincare Set.  To find out more about Thelavicos, you can visit the website for more information. You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

Customized Skincare With Sonya Dakar

sonya-dakar-skincare facial review by iliketotalkblogThis week I was invited to the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic located in Beverly Hills. It’s very recognizable building from when I used to live in the LA area and visit my (then boyfriend, now husband) who lived in Westwood. What I didn’t know about it was that there is a fabulous rooftop fit for a pampering facial and taking in all the sights that Beverly Hills has to offer. There was no way I could to pass up this opportunity to get a signature facial treatment and a customized skincare routine made just for me.

I arrived with my fellow blogger, Jen from My Beauty Bunny and was greeted first by the skincare guru herself, Sonya and later by her daughter, Mimi who is the director for the clinic. They had a bit of hazy day weather which actually worked out perfectly for the treatments that followed.

sonya-dakar-skincare facial review by iliketotalkblog

You guys, if you’ve never had a rooftop facial. Do yourself a favor and book one for yourself and call it your Mother’s Day and Christmas present treat to yourself!! You gotta do it! Our Estheticians had us lay down and wrapped us up in cozy blankets as we shut our eyes and they went to work. A quick analysis of my skin showed it was combination with some current breakouts. Somehow she was able to tell I was a coffee drinker, how much water I had recently and if I had any chocolate (confession: I had a pint of Halo Top Chocolate Ice cream the night before). How did she know that stuff? I was impressed. She asked about my breakouts which led to me talking about being a new mom and to my pleasant surprise she took my treatment up a notch by letting me know this was my time to relax–she wasn’t going to say a word, just sleep, because as a new mom you never get to. Heaven to my ears! I literally DOZED off near the end of my facial. It was fabulous. Clean skin, a nice arm massage, a quick cat nap, and kid-free time. What else could I ask for?

sonya-dakar-skincare facial review by iliketotalkblogAfter our facials were followed by a quick recap of the products used and recommended by our skin specialists. Mimi took the time to explain each product specifically chosen for each of us. She also explained how Sonya was one of the first to use probiotics and botanically based ingredients in her coveted skincare line. I felt like I was being let in on a skincare secret only the celebs find out about! But don’t worry, I’m going to share with you guys! I was sent home with:

sonya-dakar-skincare facial review by iliketotalkblog

Silver Clarifying Wash: This clear liquid gel uses probiotics and silver ions to fight acne causing bacteria and unclog pores. I had a pretty big monster on my forehead so it was perfect timing I got this. It has no fragrance and is 99% natural. It’s also paraben free and uses rosemary oil to prevent spoilage.

sonya-dakar-skincare facial review by iliketotalkblogVolcano Mask: A non-drying mask that purges the skin of acne spots while helping minimize pores. HELLO. Already my favorite product if it helps pore size. This is great for those oily areas of the skin to help control excess oil and draw out impurities in the skin. I don’t like masks that dry like a hard clay so using a comfortable one that will fight pimples is a winner for me.

sonya-dakar-skincare facial review by iliketotalkblogNano Hydrator: Because I’ve started to wear makeup more often again it’s important that I use a very lightweight moisturizer so I don’t feel that I have layers caked on. The Nano Hydrator is perfect in that is absorbs quickly and works as an anti-aging treatment with it’s nano stem cell complex. It’s rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals and feels comfortable on the skin.

sonya-dakar-skincare facial review by iliketotalkblogOrganic Omega Booster: We found out that Sonya LOVES using oils so it’s no wonder that her most popular product is the Organic Omega Booster which is rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9. This product is available in two versions (depending on your skin type) and works great as a PM treatment for me. My skin feels like silk with just a few drops added on top of the Nano Hydrator. Not only does it nourish and hydrate my skin, it helps balance oil production in those areas that like to work overtime.

sonya-dakar-skincare facial review by iliketotalkblogDaily Shield SPF 30: If there is one feeling I loathe on my skin is a heavy sunscreen and Sonya Dakar’s Daily Shield feels nothing like the typical sunscreen we are all used to. Very lightweight, and provides full UVA/UVB protection for maximum anti-aging benefits. I’ve spent too much time in the sun in my past and it is more critical than ever to wear sunscreen daily to protect it as much as I can. I live at the beach and spend time outside daily so I’m much better at remembering to do it now. This is one of the best feeling sunscreens I’ve used to date!

You can get any of these products online or at the skin clinic if they sound like a fit for you. I am actually super interested in her Nutrasphere Nano Mask and the Flash Facial. Those sound like must try’s!

Which product sounds the best to you? Let me know in the comments below!

To find out more about Sonya Dakar products and services you can visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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