Pixi Beauty Glycolic Skincare Trio

pixi beauty glycolic skincare review by iliketotalkblogNormally, I wait months before I share about a skincare product because it really does take time to see the results of using a new skincare regimen – but I’ve been so impressed with this one I’m using that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys! Have you heard of Pixi Beauty? It’s actually been around for over a decade, but it was only until now that I’ve got to try out their skincare line and it’s AH-MAZ-ING! The brand recently sent me their glycolic skin trio and if your skin is in need of a little revamp you’ll want to read on!

Glycolic acid is one of those skincare ingredients that may sound scary but it can do some serious improvement for the skin. It’s an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that works amazingly well for skin exfoliation. So if you’re looking for anti-aging and skin brightening skincare, this is one ingredient you need to incorporate into your routine. Not only does it reveal the younger skin underneath, it also boosts collagen production which is known to be a key part of skin renewal. Glycolic acid can come in a variety of percentages, and you’ll need to figure out which level will work best for your skin, and sometimes you’ll need to ease into using it by using it every other day, and then every day and then every am and pm. I was already using retinoids morning and night so my skin was ready for something new but at a good useful level.

pixi beauty glycolic skincare review by iliketotalkblogPixi Beauty Glow Mud Cleanser uses a 5% glycolic concentration in a deep pore cleansing mud. Usually mud cleansers feel dry to me so I avoid them, but this didn’t dry out my skin at all. It can be used on all skin types– just be aware if you have sensitive skin or have reactive skin line mine you may be a little pink if you aren’t used to GA yet. My skin was totally fine and felt nice and clean afterwards. It’s non-foaming, so you just gently massage into the skin for about 30 seconds and rinse off. The cleanser is reasonably priced at $18 a tube and you don’t need much for it to cover your face and neck. I use it for both morning and my night shower.

pixi beauty glycolic skincare review by iliketotalkblogIn the evenings I follow with the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic To Go facial pads. This really just their famous glow tonic but in an easy to pack pre-moistened cotton pad form. Perfect if you want to throw in your gym or travel bag. It has a bit of texture to the pads so you may see even a bit more dirt come using them (something sickeningly satisfying about that). It also feels good to work these into the skin in areas where I get some pore blockage around my chin. These also use a 5% GA concentration and is alcohol free so it not drying at all! Woot! I don’t rinse my face after this step because I want to leave all that glow tonic goodness on my skin!

pixi beauty glycolic skincare review by iliketotalkblogLastly, I follow with the Pixi Beauty Overnight Renewal Serum which is the real star of the show. With a 10% glycolic acid concentration and arginine which is thought to boost collagen production, this gel serum works to reveal clearer, brighter skin overnight (without irritation). You guys….seriously, after just a few days this trio was able to unblock some pores that has been plugged FOREVER. Pimples that were lurking under the surface finally came to a head and were up and out within days. They also healed super fast. You know just as well as me that if you just try and pop a pimple that’s not ready it lingers around looking sore as hell and you regret what you did, but you can’t seem to resist. Using effective products like these stop me from doing extractions on my own because they will gently resolve these issues without my intervention. This serum will set you back only $24 and you only need 2-3 drops to cover the entire face.

By using all three products for almost three weeks I am happy to say my skin feels smoother, clearer, and I’d like to think it accepts my HA serums better because my skin is freshly and gently exfoliated on an ongoing basis. I may switch over to the liquid version of the glow tonic, but the renewal serum is my number one serum right now.

To find out more about Pixi Beauty you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Style Collective Orange County Spring Meetup

** All images graciously provided by Bleudog Fotography **

Style Collective OC Spring Meet UpJust two weeks ago I attended my first blogger meet up through Style Collective, a blogging community made up of fashion and lifestyle influencers across the globe.  While I mostly stay within the beauty blogger circle, I thought it would be good to branch out and see what these blogging groups had to offer since I’ve moved from LA to the Orange County area with no close by friends. They offer great support in helping grow your brand and online presence and building relationships with likeminded bossbabes in a social networking community. We all need a little help sometimes and Style Collective is a great place to start! If you think you’d want to check it out or join you can use my affiliate link here.

The event that I attended was specifically for LA and OC influencers and was held in Costa Mesa at Mesa Lounge, a trendy indoor-outdoor bar and tapas spot with beautiful, warm lighting,  lush greens and a sophisticated ambiance. Debbie Savage of To Thine Own Style Be True hosted the event and hit the nail on the head with venue selection. Shawna of Bleudog Fotography had lots to work with since each corner of the venue was a serious photo opp!  Talk about a place that had that swanky, but not over the top feel to it! Our entire area was beautifully decorated with floral arrangements from Bleudog Floral. They did an awesome job appealing to all the senses with this location! No doubt, I was excited to put on a dress and heels and get out since having my little one. These types of outings are far and few between when you’ve just had a baby. Upon arrival, I dropped my car off at valet and headed inside to be greeted with drinks and warm hellos from fellow influencers.

Style Collective OC Spring Meet UpIt was a large group of girls to try and meet one on one, I didn’t get a chance to meet them all, but was happily relieved to share discussions about our blogs, the changing landscape of comment pods, and more casual things like family life, where to live, and our kids. Shortly after a brief mingling session, and getting out headshots taken by the photographer, we all sat down to introduce ourselves and share a bit about our blogs. I was on a bit of a ramble when it got to be my turn but that tends to happen with you have 30+ new women to meet! Haha!

Style Collective OC Spring Meet UpWe spent the rest of evening chatting while enjoying the delicious small plates that Mesa had to offer. I had skipped lunch that day due to a busy schedule, so I was just about starving by the time I got there. I did my best to not devour everything TOO quickly, but I definitely could not put down those pizza slices or going back for a second serving of their salad. The tables were also sprinkled with bottles of wine donated by Middle Sister’s wine which I forgot to try. Whoops!

Style Collective OC blogger meet upThe time went by quickly as I got to talk to the women seated close to me, like Diana from Bo.do.ke, Kathleen of KatAnderson who shared the deets on Texas living, and Nancy and Jessica from the fabulous essential oil infused jewelry brand, LavHa. I was super interested to hear how the brand came about since the pieces they were wearing were beautiful and I love the wellness aspect of it. Everyone was very outgoing and I only wish the tables allowed for us to talk more with those sitting further from us!

Style Collective OC blogger meet upI wasn’t able to stay for the full event since I was worrying if my daughter was successfully put to bed or still running around the house telling daddy what to do (LOL), but I was happy I was able to spend a good amount of time meeting those women before heading out with our fabulous Sponsor swag bag put together by all the women attending the meetup!

Style Collective OC Spring Meet UpSpecial thanks to all the wonderful and generous brands that donated their goods and services to the group! I found several items in my bag that I will be featuring on Instagram in the near future. Check out the goodies I got and tell me what you’d be most interested in hearing more about!

Style Collective OC Spring Meet Up

Attendees: Debbie of To Thine Own Style Be True, Shawna of BleuDog Fotography, Mindy of ThreadsNBreads, Mindy of The Songbird Co, Maria of This Is How We Wear It, Caitlin of BoyCherie, Amber of Amber Nicole Fashion, Marshel of Between You N Me, Alina of Besos Alina, Adrina of AdrinaRose, Caitlin of Beauty and Colour,  Amira of Fall Over Fashion, Julie of Stylish Paradox, Nora and Ani of Moda Mob, Kathleeen of Kathleena31, Melissa of Brocade Closet, Amaya of AromaOffelicity, Karissa of Kris + Joy, Lauren of Lauren Yes Lauren,  Kristina of Laugh Love and Hippie, Diana from Bo.do.ke, LavHa, Nancy of Love Light and Bliss

Style Collective OC Spring Meet Up

Jan Marini Hyla3D HA Activating Complex

Jan Marini Hyla3D HA Activing Complex review by iliketotalkblogA Better Hyaluronic Acid

A great skincare routine can help maintain the health of your skin, keeping your complexion clear, bright and youthful. Sticking to a regimen that suites your skin type can make or break how your skin looks. We all know those days when we slack on drinking water or washing our makeup off after a long, tiring day –because it shows the very next day!  Now that I’m in my mid-thirties I’m much better about taking care of my skin and paying attention to what it needs, which is a cleansing exfoliator, treatments such as serums, moisturization and protection.

While each step is just as important as the next, I really take pride in the treatments I chose for my skin, which usually include a hyaluronic acid serum, a vitamin C serum, and retinol. Recently, I was given an opportunity from Jan Marini Skin Research to try their HYLA3D HA Activating Complex, which treats the visible signs of aging in three different ways.

Jan Marini Hyla3D HA Activing Complex review by iliketotalkblog

This isn’t just any regular hyaluronic acid serum. HYLA3D Activating Complex utilizes a high tech formula that includes different forms of hyaluronic acid that reach deep into the layers of the skin, boosters that enhance HA’s abilities to plump the skin from within, and peptides along with antioxidants that help rebuild collagen and elastin to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With all three aspects of this serum working together, the skin’s moisturization levels improve, plumping the skin to it’s most youthful appearance. Can we say, hollaaaa!!!

Jan Marini Hyla3D HA Activing Complex review by iliketotalkblog

It’s recommended to use both morning and night on the face and neck. One good pump of this golden serum will do the trick after cleansing and exfoliating when the skin will accept treatments the best. Then follow with either your daytime moisturizer/SPF or night time cream.

I love that this goes beyond what a normal hyaluronic acid serum would do, by including the benefits of peptides and antioxidants. I’ve never included peptides in my routine before but now understand why I should have been using them from the start! I’ve always seen this brand in NewBeauty before, but never realized how much I needed them in my life until I started using this serum. I’d really love to try this with one of their full skincare systems to maximize the results I am looking for.

To find out more about Jan Marini products you can visit their website or stay connected through their Facebook or Instagram pages. Jan Marini is holding a amazing spring event during the month of May where you can win prizes and gain access to special promotions. Don’t pass up this chance to get in on the Jan Marini goodness!  Locate a Spring Renewal National Event and enter for a chance to win weekly prizes by clicking here.