Get Glowing Skin at SkinXFive

skinxfive skin spa review by iliketotalkblog

** I was invited to have a complimentary facial for my honest review**

This past weekend I got a much deserved facial at the recently opened skin spa, SkinXFive created by board certified Dr. Ava Shamban.  It was a treat I was very much looking forward to since this mama hasn’t done much for herself since baby Zoe has arrived nine months ago. Yes, you read that right. Nine months! Actually longer than that because I refrained from a lot of things during my pregnancy as well. So you can imagine that I had that day marked on my calendar with alarms and emojis to commemorate the day!

skinxfive skin spa review by iliketotalkblog

SkinXFive focuses on providing the best skin renewing treatments available today that have little to no downtime. Perfect for those who want an effective skin treatment during their lunch hour or the day before a special occasion. Results are not only immediate, but continue to improve over the next couple of days. Dr. Ava Shamban chose the top five treatments that correct, offer preventative care and improve the skin in a modern, bright setting. Those five treatments include microdermabrasion, peels, injections, laser treatments, and radiofrequency treatments.

skinxfive skin spa review by iliketotalkblog

I was signed up for The Infuser and The Refresher, a combination of an infusing microdermabrasion treatment followed by a light chemical peel. When I arrived I had a full face of makeup on from taking family photos earlier that day and was given an opportunity to wash my face and given a quick consultation to determine what was needed for my skin.  We agreed that my skin was on the dry side, but with a oily T zone, can flush easily, and had some congestion.

skinxfive skin spa review by iliketotalkblog

The Infuser was unlike any microdermabrasion treatment I’ve done before. In the past, I remember it feeling like sandpaper on my skin, and sometimes even leaving scratch marks on my face!  This was completely different in that it was gentle and comfortable and I didn’t have to contort my face or stretch my skin out in any way, I just got to relax. The products that they used afterwards smelled delicious (in my case a lemony product was used)! We even joked about how “tasty” they could be because they were all fruity! Before moving onto The Refresher I got a quick feel of my skin and it felt smoother already!

The Refresher truly was a light, comfortable peel. I’ve had pretty strong peels before where your face feels like its burning but this was just a mild tingle. It helped further remove any excess dead skin cells and smooth the skin for a healthy glow. Because I flush easily, I was warned I might be a bit pink afterwards but that it would go away quickly, and it did. The last step of this treatment was getting hyaluronic acid infused into the deeper wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes to plump them up a bit.

I looked in the mirror after my treatments and I was a bit pink, but holy moly my skin looked a million times better! My pores were refined and markedly looked smaller, my skin just looked healthier overall.  Not to mention it felt incredibly smooth afterwards! By the time I made it downstairs to meet my husband the redness had already gone away and we could move onto lunch instead of hiding in the house as I usually would do after a facial.

After reviewing their menu again I’d love to see how The Spotless treatment would work for me since this combination made some wonderful improvements already! It’s now four days later and I still feel how smooth my skin feels and know that my serums and moisturizers are absorbing better. I haven’t worn makeup since that day, but haven’t felt the need to either.

skinxfive skin spa review by iliketotalkblog

To find out more about SkinXFive you can visit their website to see all the treatments available and how to book. You can also call them at (424) 332-8780.

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Great Gift Ideas From Lather

lather holiday gift guide iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog reviewWith the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start searching for fabulous gifts for all your loved ones. I know there’s one store that I can basically cover half of the people on my list with and that’s LATHER. LATHER specializes in creating products using high quality, natural ingredients that appeal to those living healthy or holistic lifestyles.  Along with hair, skin, and bath and body products, they also have an array of aromatherapy items that soothe the senses and calm the mind like candles, oils and balms. I know you can even make custom aromatherapy products in store at some locations! How awesome is that?!

Let’s take a look at some of the great gifts available from LATHER this holiday season and see what you may need to pick up for friends (and maybe an extra for yourself).

lather soap and candle stocking stuffer iliketotalkblogSoap & Candle Stocking Stuffer – $18 each

Perfect for just about anyone on your list and doesn’t break the bank coming in at under $20. These cute stocking stuffer sets include one of LATHER’s naturally moisturizing olive soap bars and an 100% soy wax aromatherapy candle that smells delish (comes in mint, vanilla, lavender and lemongrass). I already have these candles placed throughout my house because my husband and I love them so much, but now I can share the love with my friends too!  

lather soap and candle stocking stuffer iliketotalkblog

lather vanilla bath fizz combo iliketotalkblog

Vanilla Bath Fizz Combo – $18 per set

I think we all know someone who could use a nice, relaxing bath, so why not treat them to some Vanilla infused bath bombs? The vanilla tonka scent helps us unwind while the mineral effervescents soothe sore muscles while leaving skin deeply moisturized with the help of jojoba, coconut and sweet almond oil. These are a new favorite of mine and are much needed at the end of the day chasing a baby around the house.

lather vanilla bath fizz combo iliketotalkblog

lather sugar plum kisses iliketotalkblog

Sugar Plum Kisses – $15

Dry, peeling lips have got to be one of the more uncomfortable and common things we all deal with when dry cold weather starts to hit. And if you are a lipstick wearer it only gets worse. I know I start to become more self-conscious about how it looks and begin reaching for lip balms more often. The best way to get those lips back in shape is to exfoliate and moisturize.  The delicious combo uses sugar cane and plum seed oil to buff that kisser back into shape, while the conditioning lip balm keep your lips soft and moisturized. I love this balm because it has just a hint of color to it – nothing crazy, just a “your lips but better” look that works for all.

lather sugar plum kisses iliketotalkblogAll of these items are available online but you can also pick them up in person at one of their locations in Pasadena, CA, Scottsdale, AZ, Atlanta, GA or Fairfax, VA.  The gift ideas don’t stop here though– I guarantee you’ll find more for every man and woman in your life. Think shave kits, minty cooling shampoos and conditioners, loofah’s and delectable body creams and scrubs.

To find out more about LATHER, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to sign up for their email blasts, they offer good discounts and free shipping all the time — but you gotta stay in the loop to snag the deal!

InviCible Scars and C-Section Care

invicible scars and c section scar care iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog review

Back in February I had a beautiful baby girl and delivered her via C-section.  I was 100% terrified of having “surgery” as I’d never had major surgery before, but it all worked out in the end.  I’d always heard about C-section scars and how some moms hated theirs. You can never be sure how yours will turn out because everyone heals differently, but I did tell myself that I would definitely be using a scar cream to help improve it’s appearance no matter what. It was perfect timing that I was given an opportunity to review a scar treatment from InviCible Scars and see how it could help me.

My scar was considered fairly new when I started using the cream. I needed to wait until it was fully closed up and the surgical tape had fell off. That was probably around the 3rd month mark or so when I finally gave up waiting for the tape to fall off and just took it off. Underneath was an angry red, slightly raised scar. I’d seen worse, but I had hoped for better. Apparently what I had was a hypertrophic scar which meant it it was thicker and raised from excess scar tissue built up. Yay.

InviCible Scars cream claims to work in a couple of ways. One, it’s silicone based and silicone is known to improve the look of scars by smoothing out the texture of healed skin. I had considered silicone sheets which you wear 24 hours day, but let’s be honest. In the middle of summer I highly doubt those things were going to stay in place. The other way InviCible scars work is by addressing the discoloration of scars, in my case, the redness or darker skin was quite noticeable.  Invicible scars uses Vitamin C and ProBiosyn-4 (a natural scar minimizing complex) to lighten the scar up making it blend better with the surrounding skin.

invicible scars and c section scar care iliketotalkblog

ProBiosyn-4 contains licorice root which is known to help lighten and brighten while decreasing inflammation.It also has a blend of aloe vera, and essential fatty acids to moisturize and improve skin elasticity. Vitamin C is also critical for proper wound healing. It promotes healthy collagen production and helps with lightening the skin.  InviCible Scars formula uses a healthy 17% dose of Vitamin C for the best results.

The directions say to apply the cream 2-3 times a day. I always did once in the morning, and once after my shower, and if I could remember a third time, I would.  The cream feels super silky as I would expect from a silicone cream and had no detectable scent. It was recommended to me to massage the scar for a minute or two each time I applied to help break up the excess scar tissue. My scar is still kinda sensitive all these months later so massage isn’t my most favorite thing to do, but I try.

After almost five months of daily use, I can say that the cream has helped lighten my scar somewhat. I think my particular scar was a pretty angry color and I can see it faded into a lighter pink and then a light tan color. I purchased a second tube to reach five months of daily usage and think it did a pretty decent job. I never expected it to completely disappear, but I also never expected hypertrophic scarring either. I thought I was a pretty good healer but in this case, I wasn’t. The photo below shows progress from June to August to November. You can see the ends of the scars flattened out and made the scar “shorter” and the more raised areas are definitely lighter.

invicible scars and c section scar care iliketotalkblog

So for those mamas out there who are looking for a way to help minimize their C-section scars, or those of you who have a gnarly scar somewhere and you want to help improve its appearance you should definitely look into InviCible Scars cream. It apparently also works great as a makeup primer but I saved every bit for my scar. This scar cream has the best of both worlds with it using silicone, vitamin C and the scar minimizing complex. If you look at other scar creams out there on the market they do not contain all the extras like InviCible scars does!

You can find InviCible Scars on Amazon if you want to buy it. It’s a decent price for what it does, and you can read all about the brand and see other people’s results by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Highlight Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

highlight cosmetics liquid lipstick review by iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog reviewAlthough liquid lipsticks have made a comeback in the past year or so, it was only recently I started using them myself. I find most tend to be drying and leave my lips looking chapped and feeling uncomfortable. I’m a gloss girl at heart, but every once in awhile like to have a little bit of a bolder lip look and like how liquid lipsticks tend to stay put better than others out there. Lately I’ve been reaching for a liquid lipstick from Highlight Cosmetics.

Highlight Cosmetics specializes in long-lasting liquid lipsticks that not only stay put, but also nourish the lips so they don’t end up looking like they’ve had the life sucked out of them. This appeals to me in a number of ways because as a new mom, I for one, don’t have a lot of time to be re-applying lipsticks. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and I hope it wears off nice and evenly so I don’t look ridiculous. Two, liquid lipsticks tend to dry out my lips to the point I have avoided most brands of them because it doesn’t matter how fancy the brand, my lips end up chapped, peely and looking bad. The Highlight Cosmetics brand uses turmeric to prevent the dry, chapped lip look, while peptides fight the formation of wrinkles, and tea extracts and safflower oil nourish the delicate skin of the lips.

highlight cosmetics liquid lipstick review by iliketotalkblog

There are ten shades available from this brand and I was sent “Terracotta Dream” which is a pinky, neutral lip color that could be used for an easy everyday look for me. I loved some of the bolder shades like “Pink Sapphire” and “Magenta Sunset” but felt that since my days are filled with diapers or swim class I’d save the fun colors for a time down the road.

highlight cosmetics liquid lipstick review by iliketotalkblogThe lipstick comes with a doe foot applicator that makes it easy to shape and fill in the lips. I like to go easy on the color with lipsticks in general so I wipe the applicator of excess and fill in my top lip, mash my lips together, and pat it out with my finger. I find this method gives me just enough color and doesn’t look heavy on my lips.

highlight cosmetics liquid lipstick review by iliketotalkblogSo how did this lipstick hold up? Pretty good for me drinking from a jug of water all day. Like I said, I’m not one to reapply so once it’s worn off, my lipstick hours are done for the day, and this one lasted me a good amount of hours before coming off. Pretty impressive for this super busy mommy. My lips never got that yucky chapped feeling and actually felt quite nice at the end of the day.

Each lippie retails for $25 each but I’ve seen they sometimes have discounts shared on their Instagram page.  To check out all the pretty colors from this brand you can visit their website, but I highly suggest visiting their Instagram to see swatches for true coloring