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clare blanc mineral makeup review by iliketotalkblog

Heathy Makeup For All Skin Types

Over the past six years I have grown my makeup collection by leaps and bounds. I love that I get to try all sorts of different products and explore brands that I might not have known about before blogging. When I first started blogging, one thing that I did start using a lot of was mineral makeup. I found that it was a healthy makeup option for my then acne-prone skin. Since then, I have branched out to try different types of makeup but recently became acquainted with mineral makeup again through the brand, Claré Blanc.

clare blanc mineral makeup review by iliketotalkblog You may wonder what’s the deal with mineral makeup and what makes it different. For one, it’s free of synthetic ingredients and made from ground up rocks. Sounds a bit crazy, but because it’s made from finely milled rocks, and free of potential irritants like talc, fragrances or parabens, mineral makeup can help skin look and feel better. By eliminating many of the fillers that other types of makeup use to help create their own unique formulas, those with sensitive or acne prone skin can experiment more with less worry. Luckily, my skin has normalized since my acne days so I can use all types of makeup, but I always love going back to a favorite.

Claré Blanc allowed me to choose whatever items I wanted to try so I had the opportunity to put together a look using things I’d actually be interested in. I decided to go with a pressed foundation and concealer, a luminizer, a blush and bronzer, an eyeliner and some shadows.

clare blanc review by iliketotalkblog

The Dream Pressed Foundation come in a large array of shades, and if you have any trouble figuring out your color they are happy to help assist you. I chose one that was a bit light for me, but luckily was still blendable enough to not be a problem. I used my IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Smoothing Complexion Brush #704 and it worked perfectly to pick up enough powder and apply on the skin.

clare blanc mineral makeup review by iliketotalkblog

I found that I preferred a nice matte blush in Charming since I was pairing it with a Luminizing Powder in Cashmere. I basically used the luminizing powder just about everywhere because I loved it so much. The perfect highlighting power for brow bones, cheekbones, center of the eyelids and cupid’s bow. The bronzer in Rocka Locka gives just enough color to sculpt the hollows of the cheekbones without looking muddy or dirty.

clare blanc mineral makeup review by iliketotalkblogI’m not one to know how to use 5 colors on the eye and make something fantastic. I definitely keep it simple with 2-3 colors. One all over the lid (in lavender ice, a smoky, frosty lavender) and Demure, a shimmery brown-violet in the crease. I lined my eyes with perfect black with a stiff chisel eye liner brush.

The Eye Flash Concealer was something I thought was unique. It has brightening qualities to it and while it’s marketed to be used in the under eye area, I found it worked really nicely in the inner corners of the eyes better for me.

You have to be careful with loose powders because one wrong move can create a mess. Luckily Claré Blanc has little sieve stoppers in the containers to control the amount of product dispensed at the top of the jar. Also, a little goes a long way, so when you pick up the powder, make sure to do a tap, tap on the jar lid to remove excess color. You can always go back and add more if needed! I found that the colors I chose blended together very nicely and sat well on my skin.

To find out more about Claré Blanc you can visit their website and see what they have in stock. They also have a fresh Instagram account so head on over there and give them a little love!

Tovah’s Take on Ferro Cosmetics!

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**This Post Contains a Review by a Guest Blogger. She purchased a Beauty Sampling box and received these. This is her honest review**

Last April, I had a really awesome interview, review and giveaway with Ferro Cosmetics. It’s a 100% pure mineral makeup line that can easily boost that they use no fillers, is cruelty-free, and earth friendly. I loved it from the minute I tried it out, and always end up going back to it over the years. If you didn’t catch that review, you can see it here. I always hoped that I would find fellow fans out there, and out of nowhere, Tovah from HauteCurvyWomen.Com shared her Ferro love with me. In fact, she even offered to share her review of the mineral makeup brand on my blog. Thanks Tovah!

So, in the spirit of sharing our love for Ferro Cosmetics, I bring you……

Tovah’s Take on Ferro Cosmetics!

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courtesy of

It was strictly by accident that I found the most wonderful mineral makeup I’ve ever used: Ferro Cosmetics.

Apparently, celebrities and makeup artists have been using Ferro for quite a while, yet I had never even heard of this brand before.

I had recently done a review on my first Beauty Box from, which, amongst other items, contained 2 samples of Ferro Mineral Blushes in the colors ‘Terra Cotta Mineral Blush X3’, which has an earthy look with gold undertones and ‘Suzie’s Glow Mineral Blush X3’, a color mixture of berries and peaches.



I really didn’t think I would ever use these samples as I was very happy with what I was already using and most minerals never really felt good on my skin.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I’m getting ready to go on vacation and I’m packing my regular makeup and, of course, I drop it, spilling most of it on the floor. Frantic, as I had no chance to order any more, I grabbed the two sample containers of Ferro and took them with me.

courtesy of

courtesy of

When I went to put the Terra Cotta on, I was afraid that it would have an orange cast to my skin. All I had was moisturizer on my face when I applied the color .

no makeup

no makeup

Oh my gosh! It was the most beautiful color I’d ever used. It just warmed up my complexion and evened out the blotches on my face instantly. I used it more as a bronzer than a blush. It’s definitely build able and feels like silk. It stayed put all day. I’ve tried it with different brushes and I’ve found the best to be a medium-sized blush brush.

With Terra Cotta Blush

With Terra Cotta Blush

While my skin is very sensitive and I had experienced trouble before with Mineral makeup, with Ferro I never felt any adverse effects or that dry feeling that I’ve gotten with other mineral brands. I even fell asleep with it on twice (I know, I know….Beauty Rule #1) and there were no adverse effects. Plus, this is 100% natural ingredients in 100% of the formulas.

suzies glow

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I thought Suzie’s Glow was a highlighter and, thus didn’t understand why it just seemed to intensify the color I had on already. Luckily, I went to the Ferro website and realized it was a blush, not a highlighter. I saw the Glow Mineral Bronzers, which is what I’m going to try next.

I’m the type of person who reads reviews AFTER I buy a product.

When I came back from my vacation, I wanted to see what others had written about it and came upon the lovely Claudia from, who had also given Ferro a wonderful review. I saw that she was looking for another reviewer for Ferro and I, of course, jumped on it.


go to their website at It’s a great, easy-to-navigate site. I love that they offer sampler packs for you to find the perfect formulation or color. These begin at $12.00.

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courtesy of

Founder and CEO, Krissy Ferro, has created the most beautiful colors for your face, cheeks, eyes and lips.

The color choices range from the palest to the darkest skin tones; a color for someone in every age group, race, style and skin.

Extra credit to Ferro for being cruelty free and Earth Friendly.

I bet you fall in love with them as I have!

**This Post Contained a Review by a Guest Blogger. She purchased a Beauty Sampling box and received these. This is her honest review**

Thanks Tovah for that awesome review! I also fell in love with the brand pretty quickly and so glad to meet others that know what great mineral makeup can do! Do we have any other mineral makeup lovers out there? Is there a particular Ferro Cosmetic product that has you swooning? I think the one thing I’m loving about my Ferro stuff at the moment is how long it lasts….a really, really long time!

If you have a Ferro Cosmetics review that you would like to share here just let me know! I’d love to have another guest reviewer! Want to hear more from Tovah? You can find her on twitter at: @hautecurvy

XOXO Lovelies!