[Review] My Platinum Box – beauty subscription

Oh Boy!  I couldn’t last long without trying a new beauty box program.  This time, I bring you, My Platinum Box, a deluxe monthly beauty subscription service that caters to both men and women!  Wait– both? Yes, both.  But each get their own box that has an assortment of 4 to 5 grooming, fragrance, skincare,lifestyle, or body product samples for just $10.00 + free shipping.  If you like something from your sample box, you can also purchase the full size directly through the site and earn 15% cash back on purchases over $30. How easy is that?  Hey, who doesn’t like to make a little money while spending a little money?

But I've got more questions....click photo for FAQ's

What’s even better is that the company include online tutorials for those needing to be spun in the right direction.  Just check out their blog for daily updates on how to use the products or product reviews.

platinum box outside

Anyways, onto the review!  The package arrived today in my mailbox, which was an awesome little surprise to come home to, so I immediately took a picture and posted it on my facebook page.  All products were safely enclosed in a crisp white cardboard box with the logo splashed on the outside.  And tah-daaaahh, the inside.


The first product in the box was a sample of Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’issey.  L’eau D’issey is a feminine scent with a blend of fresh water florals such as lilys.  Platinum Box describes it as a casual parfum to wear.  I personally tend to stick to white florals and wondered what lilys and carnations would smell like.  Honestly, it has a woodsy scent to it but not in an over powering way.  You kinda got to get close to smell it–but it is distinctive when you do.  Could I wear this perfume?  Maybe.  I’ll keep it in my sampler bag for another try.  Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’issey can be purchased directly through the platinum box online store for $65

Issey Miyake Parfum’s on facebook   Issey Miyake on twitter


Next product in the box is a black eye liner pencil.  I’m not sure of the brand, but it’s as big as a regular writing pencil so it looks like it would last long.  The “lead” is medium-hard so you can get a pretty precise line with it, although its more of a gray-black than a black-black.  It doesn’t pull or drag at the skin and just a tip, if it ever does, I rest my pencils that need softening near my curling iron so they soften under the heat.  Don’t do it too long though, you don’t want to burn your face so be sure to test on the back of your hand.

platinum box earthly body lotion

Next product I received was Earthly Body‘s Dreamsicle Hand & Body Lotion. Earthly Body specializes in high quality natural skin and haircare, and was one of the leaders in the use of hemp seed oil for bodycare!  Their products range from candles, body butters, lotions and and body oils and no, it won’t get you high by using it.  Hemp seed oil used in cosmetics has all THC removed, while having some of the highest concentrations of essential fatty acids which keep the skin moisturized.  The lotion’s name was dreamsicle which made me thing of a creamsicle, thus making me think this would smell like oranges. Well, I was close. Tangerine and plum.  I have no idea what plum is supposed to smell like but I smell citrus and like it.  The lotion absorbs quickly and doesn’t stink, which is a plus when it comes to natural products. Sometimes they have a natural “funk” to them. This doesn’t! Hooray!  Not only is hemp seed oil moisturizing my skin, but also shea butter, jojoba, and argan oil soften it as well. Dreamsicle can be purchased directly from their site for $5.99 or you can visit their store in Chatsworth,CA.

Earthly Body Facebook Page   Earthly Body Twitter

skinny skinny platinum box

I love having about twenty or oh, I dunno, about 50 lip balms on hand in every form and brand possible.  I just cant get enough lip balm and I now have one from Skinny Skinny to add to my collection.  SkinnySkinny is a luxury organic eco-savvy body care line.  They also have their flagship store in Brooklyn, NY, with other locations dispersed throughout the US. SkinnySkinny’s tea tree & mint lip balm features skin softening ingredients such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, while adding in the benefits of tea trea oil and mint.  Tea Tree Oil is a great antibacterial agent and can help heal chapped lips.  Mint tastes good and can be invigorating.  In this case, the mint did a wonderful job of hiding the tea tree flavor.  Wanna know something weird? I swear I smell chocolate if I breathe out. Am I crazy? (doing the breath/cough test again) –yup, it kinda does.  I don’t think it’s meant to do that, but hey, cocoa breath? It’s not the worst thing to smell like!  I also like that it goes on very thin. I could still wear lipstick over this without feeling like  have 5 coats of paint on my lips in order to keep them moisturized. The lip balm can be purchased for $6.00 via platinum box, or from skinnyskinny‘s site.  I suggest all you 3-free nail polish lovers check out this page– heeeeaaaaven!  They had other items I would love to try such as their organic grapefruit ylang ylang bath salts and the organic chamomile body oil.

SkinnySkinny on Facebook  SkinnySkinny on Twitter

platinum box cool fix

My lucky self got two samples of Shaveworks, The Cool Fix.  I’m actually no stranger to this product- my boyfriend uses it–and then I started using it on my legs.  This got the thumbs up right now from the boyfriend because I split the sample with him.  This blue gel comes from the father brand, Anthony Logistics for Men--but don’t be scared that it’s a mens product. Anthony Logistics was created by Anthony Sosnick, he wanted to create a line of skincare products that addressed specific men’s needs. It has now grown into a business with multiple lines of personal care products that deal with anything from shaving, bath & body, sport, and face.  And don’t forget, an ingrown hair is an ingrown hair whether its on you or me so don’t be worried about using the wrong product- it truly works for everyone.  Cool fix helps by soothing shave burns and helping ingrowns work themselves out.  You do have to use it every day, but hey, no biggie.  A small nickel size is enough for both of my legs from the knees down.  You can purchase Cool fix on the Platinum Site for $25 and I will tell you this is money well spent.  Just be sure to hide the bottle so no one else uses it up!

Anthony Logistics on Facebook  Anthony Logistics on twitter

So ladies? Gents?  What do you think?  Good mix of products?  I think so!  Platinum box gave me a perfume, something for the lips, makeup for the eyes, lotion for the body and treatment for ingrowns.  Do I think the value is great at $10? Yes, for the quality of products recieved I think so.  I do think it would be nice to get an info sheet with the products so I don’t have to go back to the site at first, but overall a very nice program.

What product would you like to try from the box?

You can find more info on Platinum Box at their website: www.myplatinumbox.com

You can also find them on facebook and twitter…which I suggest you follow because they do giveaways and offer discounts!


Dare 2 Vogue January Beauty Bag

If you’re anything like me, you love reviewing beauty products and if possible, more than one at time.  Beauty product sampling programs are becoming more and more popular and I was lucky enough to land an opportunity to review Dare 2 Vogue’s first beauty bag service.

Dare 2 Vogue is a new program created by Krista Reese and Jacquelynn Rogers. Together, they decided to create a program that would include beauty and fashion items for enthusiasts to try out and review.  In addition, they  give small home businesses a chance to showcase their items, all at an affordable monthly price of $10.00 with free shipping!  A win-win situation!  You can find out more about them by visiting their facebook page, or their twitter page.  Oh, and I almost forgot they have a youtube channel also!

My package arrived over the weekend and I excitedly ripped open the package.  I wondered what the new program was going to have.  I had met the girls via twitter a month or so earlier and I knew it was going to arrive any day now….and now, I can show you.  This month’s edition arrived in a leopard print drawstring pouch–something that can easily be used for makeup or carry around other randoms in your purse. It was also filled with ribbons like there was a party inside waiting for me to arrive! Weeeeeeeeeee!

bag dare 2 vogue

The first item I got was a dumdum lollipop. Remember these? I could eat like 10 of these in a row. A quick snack I can keep in my purse for those car rides home when I’m starving.  Thanks girls!

lollipop dare 2 vogue

The next item I received was a (emery board) nail file.  A nail file ALWAYS comes in handy to prevent jagged or snagged ends.  Keeping your nails neatly shaped with assure they break or tear less.  It may sound ridiculous, but I needed one for my purse that I can use and accidentally lose at one point. My nails get chipped at work and filing them down helps the manicure last a little longer.

Nail File Dare 2 Vogue

Next item in the bag was a coupon to a retail shop, Eclectic Soles in Springfeild, Il. I suspect this will be awesome for those local in the area. Unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles so I won’t be able to take advantage of the offer.  Bummer!

coupon dare 2 vogue

Next item in my beauty bag was a hand-crafted bracelet from Fusion Muse.  Fusion Muse  is the creation of Tanya Ozanne & Thomas Pautler.  Together, the two created their online jewelry store and have some gorgeous pieces like the Cambodia section that made stop for a minute!  While the bracelet I was given was good quality, I liked the stones I saw on the other selections online.  I actually couldn’t find what section my bracelet belonged to, instead a hand written note was included letting me know that my bracelet was made from mother of pearl, glass crystals and sterling silver.

Next item in the bag was a sample of Fergie’s Outspoken via Avon with Susan Northrop at her own site.  Fergie’s scent can best be described as uninhibited, feminine and floral, and was made as an exclusive item available only through Avon.  The scent was lasting but wasn’t my particular floral that I usually stick to–so outspoken was a change of pace for the weekend.  Included with the sample was the latest Avon catalog in case I wanted to purchase anything else to go with it. Did I mention there is a Fergie line on Avon? Check it out.

I got another hair item! This time it was some sort of hair tinsel?  I’m not sure what you call it, maybe hair bling?  Just a few strands is all that needed to pump up a hairstyle for a night on the town or just for fun!.  They even included a little hair clip to attach the strands with just be careful not to pull it out if you run your fingers through your hair.  Tip: use this while doing a french twist.  You’ll see the sparkle swirl through your hair but keep it nice and clean at the same time!

hair tinsel dare 2 vogue

OK, I think the theme of this month’s bag is hair items because I got one more.  This one is a bow. And while I usually cannot work wild patterns like this into my weekday wear, I was willing to give it a shot.  I love bows!  Bows on a perfect ponytail look awesome and if kept small wont make you look like you’re 5 years old again.  I like that this one easily slid into place and didn’t actually need the snap clip that I remember them having.  Not sure what company this came from but cute. I heard there was a hello kitty bow too did anyone get one of those?

hairbow dare 2 vogue

Last item in the bag was my favorite, a sample of shakeology.  Shakeology says it’s a solution to losing or maintaining weight, just by replacing one meal of that day.  It also improved digestion and helps aid in releasing toxins from the body.  I was starving after work one day and I knew I needed to do this review–what better time to rip open the powder packet and give it a shot.  The flavor I got was chocolate.  I used my magic bullet to mix it all up and guess what? It tasted pretty darn good.  I wasn’t drinking it to lose weight, after all, I only had one–but rather to see if the taste was good and if I would get sick from it. I get nervous when something says it aids with regularity…I never know if that’s going to be a good thing, or me feeling like I need to run to the bathroom within the hour. LOL, I actually felt fine.  I was full after one glass, I could have easily broken that up into two on a normal non-starving day.  It was nice to know I was getting everything I needed in one glass without it tasting like I was getting all my vitamins, ya know?  It was definitively a thick shake so expect to fill up!

Overall, I expect this new program will have even better beauty boxes to unveil in the future.  One thing that would be great to add is an info sheet on the products we are receiving; that way we know brands or stores refer back to. After all, what if one of my readers wants to buy more of that product? I do like that there was a variety of products like perfume,hair stuff, and something I could eat. Doesn’t everyone like a little snack?  I might also add that maybe this beauty box would work for someone a little younger than me.  I don’t have much use for hair bows and tinsel (as much fun as they are to use), so I imagine this will cater to fashionistas in their twenties. (geez, did I just date myself?) I wasn’t sure what to expect but I did enjoy being a part of their pre-review team!

If you would like to find out more about the Dare 2 Vogue Program, you can visit their site and check them out!   What do you think about the program? What product do you like best out of the bunch? Do you have a business that  you think would be a great feature for Dare 2 Vogue?  Contact them! They are always looking for great products for their service!

Dare 2 Vogue Website: http://dare2vogue.webs.com

**will be updating their website address in near future so be on the look out**

Dare 2 Vogue Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dare2vogue

Dare 2 Vogue Twitter @dare2vogue        https://twitter.com/#!/dare2vogue

This beauty bag program was provided to me by the company for my honest review.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara Set : A package from Bloomies arrived

I’ve been holding onto a gift card to bloomingdale’s for a couple of years.  I had spent most of it on my actual birthday years ago, but always hung onto about 50 bucks on the card.  Figured I might as well use it before I end up losing it or they decide to expire 5+ year old gift cards- why risk it- spend it now!

bloomingdales gift card

I looked online and really wanted to get the Nars Trio Eye Shadow in Arabian Nights Trio until I read enough reviews to tell me that it was a smokey back with very minimal glitter and little to pretty much no difference in color.  At that price, I’d expect something better.  Disappointed, I searched on, looking for something that would fit the 50 dollar or so limit and not have to pay to much for shipping kinda thing.  I finally decided on two things:

MAC’s Viva Glam IV Lipstick – $14.50

Lancome’s Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara Set. – $29.50

I got the MAC lipstick because I previously had the lip gloss in the same color and loved it.  And since I’m on a lipstick kick lately, I figured what a perfect one to try out and see if it looked any different.

I was excited to get a Lancome mascara set since I cant remember using one since raiding my mom’s bathroom years ago.  I just remember being told it was one of the best mascara brands out there and I remember them making my lashes super black and super long–whichever one I was playing with.  The Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara claims that it would volumize, extend (lengthen), and Lift (curl) the lash.  Im down for all of that! Volumize, lift and extend away! Weeeeeee!  More specifically, the mascara I got was: HYPNÔSE DOLL LASHES Doll Lash Effect Mascara Wide Eye Look in So Black.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

This mascara has a cone shape brush so that its gets ever lash-even in the corners!  It also features some handy dandy technology “FibershineTM” that helps in shaping the lash.  It also imparts a shine to the lash making them look “wet”.

Included in the kit was also:

 Lancome BI-FACIL eye makeup remover

Lancome Eye Makeup Remover

This two-phase eye makeup remover helps break up stubborn eye makeup–including waterproof, all while conditioning the delicate skin of my eyes.  Also note* OPHTHALMOLOGIST -TESTED FOR SAFETY.

Lancome CILS BOOSTER XL mascara base

Lancome mascara Base

This mascara base is a primer to give your mascara something to cling onto.  Micro-fibers lengthen lashes while the wand is supposed to separate.  I’ll have to agree that when you first apply just the primer you can see that it lengthens the lashes by just a bit.  I’ve found that applying to the full lash does NOT help and just brushing the tips worked best for me.

  Lancome Le Crayon Eye Pencil in Black Ebony

Lancome Eye Pencil

This creamy black pencil glides on easily and doesn’t tug at the skin.  I hate that. That tells me dried out or cheap. In any case- why would I be receiving/purchasing a dried out pencil on purpose.  You can salvage them by running a hot dryer over the tip for a few seconds to soften the pencil–just be care to not heat the pencil too long or you may hurt your eyes.

Here I am with no eye makeup on yet:

I then applied a Tarte’s Diva and Leading Lady Shadow to the lid:

Apply Tarte EyeShadow Diva Leading Lady

I then applied the mascara primer to just my left eye:

Here you can see how the primer added length to my left eye lashes.  You can also see they already have a curl, or lift to them. Weird, huh?

Now I added Mascara to both eyes so you can see the difference:

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Lancome Hypnose doll lashes

Ok, so on YOUR LEFT (and my right) I am NOT wearing primer.  On YOUR right, (and my left), I AM wearing it all.  It looks kinda chunky with the primer, right?  Not really what I was going for.  Mimi spider lashes.  Anyone have tips on how to separate these more?

 Close up of eye with only mascara (no primer) – above

Close up of eye with primer, mascara

And then I used the liner and finished the look:

I’m not 100% happy with this set.  For one, the primer made my lashes feel like they WERE dried out and very stiff.  Almost like they were capable of breaking off?  The mascara wand did not separate as much as I hoped and I spent a lot of time using a mascara brush/comb trying to separate my lashes.  The mascara plus primer definitely helped curl the lash though, I will give it that.  You can even tell in the photos that the lashes looked “lifted” with the primer on. Bah. Double-edged sword. If I’m going to use this mascara it will not be with the primer.  Maybe the primer will work better with another brand mascara. As for doll lashes?  Eehhhhhhhhhh…not what I was expecting, really.    They did make my lashes very black which I love, but I’m not sold on buying this one again  for the price tag it had–let alone that it leaves my lashes slightly clumpy if used together. What do you think?  Worth it?  Whats your favorite mascara?  Do you go for Volume? Length? Color?