Illumask Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask

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Chemical Free Acne Treatment

I have been hearing about light therapy in skincare for a few years now but never had a chance to give it a try myself.  Luckily, I was given an opportunity by the people at Illumask to see just exactly how it would work for me. Being that I have had some nasty bouts with acne in the past few months, there was no way I wasn’t going to take them up on their offer.

illumask anti acne light therapy mask iliketotalkalot

The Illumask Anti-Acne light therapy mask is a 30-day treatment mask that you use for 15 minutes a day, every day in order to reduce the effect of acne on the face. Instead of using bunch of products on the face, light therapy harnesses the power of blue light in LED form to kill p.acnes bacteria below the surface of the skin, and in case you didn’t know, it’s the major culprit behind those annoying pimple formations. The mask also uses red LED lights to reduce inflammation (as you see as redness) of pimples to reduce their appearance with daily use.  I want to clarify this device is FDA approved and DOES NOT use UV rays to treat the skin and uses light found above the wavelengths found in the UV spectrum.

illumask anti acne light therapy mask iliketotalkalot

The mask comes with full instructions, some fun to use stickers (more on that later), and is easy to start using by just connecting the mask to the hand-held controller that has a timer inside of it so you don’t need to keep track of over using it. Because this treatment will only work for 30 days before the timer shuts down, it is important to note that you must be consistent in using the mask to receive the full benefits of its design.  This is not a mask you use for two days, go away for a week long vacation, then start up again–you must commit to using the mask for a full 30 days straight and only takes 15 minutes a day.


As you can see from my pictures I was able to do just about anything I needed to while using my illumask.  There is a viewing slot that has a protective eye shield so you can go about your business in the comforts of your home. I had no trouble watching TV, using my ipad or even getting some basic cooking done, and just kept the controller in the pocket of my robe when I was walking around.

The mask was actually quite fun to use at home, my husband got a big kick out of it!  He said he just got married (we got married in April) to a robot woman so every time I put on the mask I paraded around the house walking and talking like a robot because we thought it was just TOO hilarious looking and I just couldn’t resist. The stickers they give you also add to the fun, so if you’re feeling like anyone could use a laugh, I dare you to  just throw on a nose, some eyebrows and some sexy lips on and walk around your house and say hello to your family members.

I used the illumask for 28 out of the given 30 days, I had some long days and just fell asleep without remembering to use it, but for the most part, I was good.  I noticed that pimples I had that were raised and red looked less pronounced with continued use of the light therapy mask and some small pimples sometimes went away but not every single one. Any that had scabbed over from picking (I know, a big no,no) seem to dry out quicker and heal up faster which was good. And I was still sticking to my nightly routine of skincare products which includes an anti-aging serum, a basic moisturizer or a anti-aging cream. Overall, the most noticeable result from using the mask was inflammation reduction which helps when you are trying to cover stuff up with makeup on a almost daily basis. Less red to cover, and smaller mountains to worry about.

I think that for the price it’s a safe way to see if light therapy can work for you. I suspect you get better results after using the mask for at least two months as opposed to only 30 days. I think skincare needs time to do its work and for $30 bucks anyone can give this a shot instead of plunking down close to $300 for hand-held treatments that require you to hold the device up to your face and move the unit around. If you see that photo light therapy does in fact help your skin you can then consider the higher priced units that are rechargeable instead of the affordable, disposable ones like the illumask.

illumask anti acne light therapy mask iliketotalkalot

I also think this is a great tool to consider using if you are investing in expensive facial treatments for acne at a facialist to further clear the skin between your appointments.  It may be able to stretch them out a bit further and save you from buying additional skincare products that may or may not work.

Illumask also has a anti-aging mask that I am curious about, I’m in my early thirties and have some skin discoloration on the cheeks and some wrinkles in typical places like the forehead and eyes and I’d love to see what it would do for that.  To find out more about the Illumask, you can visit their website where they have great photos and a FAQ section, or visit their Facebook or Instagram page on social media.