Chella’s Beautiful Brow Kit

chella beautiful brow kit review by iliketotalkalot iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog review

Whether you like having thick or thin brows, beautiful brows can be had by all. I myself have gone through the super thin brow phase when I was much younger and now I try to get that natural, cleaned up arch look.  I’m a little embarrassed thinking how long it took me to actually start using some product and tools to do this instead of just tweezers alone. Seriously, what was I doing? Now, in my wiser years I use helpful kits like Chella’s Beautiful Brow Kit to get the clean, sculpted look I desire.

Chella’s Beautiful Brow Kit gives you the tools you need to get brows in shape. In the kit you get a super fine brow filling retractable pencil, a highlighter pencil, eyebrow defining gel, and a dual sized sharpener. The brow filling pencil comes in six different shades to choose from and has a complimenting highlighter in one of four colors to open and brighten the eye area. I chose Beautiful Blonde.

chella beautiful brow kit review by iliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog

The brow filling pencil is wonderful in this kit. It has a super fine retractable tip so you can literally draw in fine hairs for a natural look. It also works great for first outlining the shape of the brow you are going for. I tend to outline the lower part first, then follow with the upper outline and fill out and heighten the brow arch point. I have “bald” spots in my brows so with quick sweeps I’ll fill in areas within the brow that need some help. I then blend it all with a spoolie so there are no harsh lines.

After, I’ll follow with the Highlighter pencil (in Ivory lace) on the brow bone and just a dab above. This pencil easily smudges into place with your fingers, and can be used on other places like the inner corners of your eyes, and down the nose if you wish.

chella beautiful brow kit review by iliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog

The brow defining gel sets your brows in place. It has a mascara type wand that you can use to brush hairs into place and gives them a slight hold so even stubborn hairs that like to do their own thing can stay put.

I like how thin the brow filler pencil is because it really gives you the most natural look possible and the color works great for me. Not to mention, you’d be amazed how nice that highlighter opens up the eye area with something so subtle you’d never even think to do it before. Overall, this is a great little kit to keep in your makeup arsenal for natural but clean looking brows.

chella beautiful brow kit review by iliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog

Chella’s Beautiful Brow Kit is available on their website, but you can also pick it up at any of their brow bars located in Southern California (Los Angeles area).
To find out more about Chella you can visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates.