Ah…Kids Say the Darndest things

Seriously, who doesn’t love a kid that just tells it like it is? Kids see things differently from adults and can offer an interesting and sometimes funny point of view. In some cases, it is completely by accident and can only make you laugh. In my online search for funny pics or stories, I stumbled across, HappyPlace, an offshoot of SomeECards website.

HappyPlace had a whole page of funny but unintentional answers given by children. I suggest you go to the site and look around, but in the meantime lets take a peek as some of the good ones I came across. These pictures are from their post entitled: 25 unintentionally offensive test answers from young children.

Ms. Edwards does meth with you in class?

And here I thought all first graders liked their teachers. Guess not.

The Witch

Homework? Practice? Me? Nah, that’s for nerds.

Don't let this kid know if you can play the piano.

So that’s just a little taste of what I found. I don’t want to post all of them here or else you wont visit the site. 😉


Until next time