J.F. Lazartigue Colour Reflecting Conditioner

jflazartigue colour reflecting conditioner

courtesy of JF Lazartigue

iliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog reviewIt has been a few months since I brought you up to date on J.F. Lazartigue Products and my next one helps to enhance the color of your hair.  JFL Colour Reflecting Conditioners can be used to enhance shine, and slightly change the tone of your hair.  There is no ammonia or peroxide to permanently change your hair color, but simply impart shine and deposits color for increased depth.

jflazartigue colour reflecting conditioner chestnut golden brown box iliketotalkalot

The process is real easy, its just like doing a deep conditioning of your hair right after the shower and can be applied for 5-30 minutes at a time.  A single tube lasted me at least 8-10 applications which is sufficient for even long hair like mine, and even gave me more applications than the drugstore brands that are supposed to do the same. The cream is thick which makes it easy to use and stays in place instead of running into your eyes and worrying about a stained forehead.

I chose Light Golden Chestnut for my brown hair.  I have natural highlights brought out by the california sun, but I do like to make my hair super shiny and darker colors have looked better on me in the past 10 years (used to be a bleach blonde!).

I typically used this about once every four-five days right at the end of my shower when it was wet but excess water was squeezed out. I did stick with shorter application time, usually around 5-10 minutes and still found that it slightly darkened my brunette hair – even to the point my fiance noticed it!

jflazartigue colour reflecting conditioner chestnut golden brown

Be careful when using the conditioner because it will stain hands unless your scrub them clean right after. I would use some shampoo in my shower pouf and scrub my palms right after using. I would apply all over my hair  with my hands, comb it through, and then continue on with my shaving or whatever else with the water off giving it a good amount of time to do its thing. I would also twist up and pin it with a clip so my back wouldn’t stain also.

I love the freedom of a color enhancing conditioner because it’s temporary so there is no scary results to worry about, and it DOES leave your hair really really shiny. I find that the price is good for the amount of applications I got out of it compared to other brands that required me to use MORE and get less noticeable results.

courtesy of Pretty Me Up!

courtesy of Pretty Me Up!

J.F Lazartigue has a wide variety of colors to choose from for blondes, brunettes, red, silver, and black hair.  This color chart below (courtesy of Pretty Me Up!) shows you what color you should be looking for when trying it out.  Again, don’t try to go from blonde to brown with this, it is meant to enhance the color of your current hair, not drastically change it- nor can it take brunette hair to blonde.

If you’re looking for a quick color boost I highly suggest you check out the J.F.Lazartigue Colour Reflecting Conditioner!

Ammonia-Free • Peroxide-Free • Paraben-Free • Utilizes Vegetable Proteins to strengthen hair and improve shine.


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