Mermaid Nails with WhatsUp Nails

mermaid beauty challengemermaid nails with whatsup nails by iliketotalkblog

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a nail post, let alone a themed one so I’m excited to bring you a bit of mermaid action while summer is still going strong. I just love mermaids! Mermaids are so pretty and inspire many looks in beauty from hair color and styles, to makeup and last but not least, nails. I’m not a talented enough nail artist to do mermaid themed nails without the help of a decal or glue-on nail charm, so today we’ll be using a mermaid scale stencil I got through WhatsUp Nails.  They have a bunch of different stencils and stickers to make your manicure fabulous and I figured this would be a perfect one to start with.

There are no real rules when it comes to mermaid nails when it comes to color combinations as we see beautiful mermaids of all types.  I decided to try and get some good contrasting colors in mine with a little sparkle or metallic to them, that way you can see the design easily pop on the nails. If you go to the WhatsUp Nails website or instagram you can get some good inspiration for color combos to use.

mermaid nails with sally hansen coral reef and color club by iliketotalkblog

I went through my stash and decided to go with Sally Hansen Coral Reef and Color Club Sky High.  Mermaid scale nails will take a couple of steps and a few other supplies so make sure you have some tweezers and a triangle makeup sponge along with your stencils, and color choices.

mermaid-nails with sally hansen coral reef by iliketotalkblog

Go ahead and apply your base color as you normally would and add a coat of clear top coat to smooth it out and seal it all in.  Allow it to TOTALLY dry before even thinking of moving onto the next step or you will have to redo it all and no one wants to do that!

mermaid-nails with whatsup nail stencils by iliketotalkblog

Next, gently lift the nail stencil from the paper backing and press onto the based-colored nails. Make sure that areas near the cuticles and edges aren’t lifted or nail polish will seep underneath and destroy the scale design.

Apply your mermaid scale color on top of the stencil. You do this one of two ways, brush it directly on if the nail polish is thin enough, or use the makeup sponge and dab it on. After applying the second color. Quickly, remove the stencil so you have a crisp design and nothing sticks to the nail.

mermaid-nails with whatsup nail stencils by iliketotalkblog

If you used a sponge, you will probably need to do some cleanup at this point so grab your clean up brush and nail polish remover to get any excess nails off. Once you’ve finished clean up and your design has dried, top it off with a clear coat to seal the design in. Now you’ve got some gorgeous mermaid nails to show off.

mermaid-nails with whatsup nail stencils by iliketotalkblog

mermaid-nails with whatsup nail stencils by iliketotalkblog

To find out more about WhatsUp Nails you can visit their website, or their social media on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They’ve got some great photos and will have you filling up your cart in no time with stencils that you MUST try!

Want to keep the mermaid theme going?  Check out all the fabulous bloggers I’ve teamed up with below to share all our mermaid looks!  These are going to keep me busy for a while!

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Gradient Feather Nails #NAILART@Claude_Online

Just a quick post to share my latest manicure. I think it turned out pretty good 🙂   I’ve been doing a lot of gradients lately, and really wanted to use some decals I recently bought at the born pretty store.  I love using water decals because they are really easy to use ans come in a million designs. 

feather nail art iliketotalkallot

I started out with a bright aquamarine and shimmery green gradient for the background.  I love using a slightly shimmer polish in gradients it looks super pretty up close!

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

I used Cult Nails Doppleganger as a top coat over the gradient to make it blend even more smoothly, while adding a soft shimmery glaze over it at the same time.

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

feather nails 4

I decided to use some feather decals that only require a quick soak in water for a few seconds to loosen from the cardstock backing. I then used seche vite to top coat and seal it all in.

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

close up of the gradient and feather decal

I also got some pretty white flowers to use for nail art too but they’re kinda big as I found out and I cant get them to stick.  I also got a few foil things that will be cool to use.  Do you like to use nail art supplies?  What do you use?  What nail art you into right now? Share in the comments below.


Summer Fishnet Nails! #manicure #nails #loreal

Good morning beauties!  How nice was it to have a day off? Whoo hoo, I loooved it.  Sigh, reminds me of the days of working from home and having my little Sam Dog at my side all day long.  Gotta make that dolla though, haha.

Anyways, new mani for you guys, the Summer Fishnet .  I’m so happy it’s summer and I can wear bright colors all the time.  This time I did L’oreal’s Tangerine Crush with some fishnet nail art on top (in fuschia).  The fishnets were done with  an unknown brand of stripping polish.  my mom got it for me somewhere and I finally used it.

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