Mannfolk PR Top Tier Media Summer Soirée July 30 2014

top tier media mannfolk pr  summer soiree

It was one of the first PR Health & Beauty events I had ever gone to let alone was involved in putting on. My first thought was, holy crap this was amazing. Mannfolk PR and Top Tier Media brought brands, bloggers, stylists and press together for a night of mingling, and appetizers and best of all…the swag bags baby.

instagram swag bags summer soiree

Oh my lord the swag bags..but I’ll get to that soon enough. It was an amazing night to meet representatives from a ton of brands, some I had no idea who they were before the actual event. Of course we had a packed night and kept ourselves cool with cocktails from Devotion Vodka, Flavored Waters from Hint Water, and refreshed ourselves with detox drinks from The Skinny Lemon Company. I also went home with the best cupcake from Magnolia Bakery—like EVER! I STILL talk about those cupcakes and its a week later–they were THAT good.

magnolia bakery summer soiree

We all met at the Mannfolk Showroom in L.A which featured some awesome clothing, shoes and handbags on the walls and had me and my girlfriend keep imaging ourselves wearing this or that. And only hoped that I would one day be able to wear a JM couture dress for a fancy event in my life.

mary and susie summer soiree mannfolk pr top tier media

I rubbed elbows with Mary Pergoda, National Director of J.F.Lazartigue. Met the Founder Susie of 100% Pure, Hung out with Jen Matthews and Tyna Werner of and and met interesting L.A based bloggers such as Stephanie from, Amber from and Vlogger Laura Lee. All such amazing and outgoing gals that I now follow them on all their social media!

 summer soiree friends mannfolk pr top tier media

The gift bags though that all bloggers received at the end of the night was the real clincher though. Or in the blogger world… the #holyshit swag bag of the century. I think I was gifted enough stuff to last me throughout the year! I won’t even be able to list everything that I received here but will give you a link to my FB page to check out all the photos.

 NCLA gifted us nail wraps and Ellison’s Organics gave each one of us one of their 3-free nail polishes.

NCLA and Ellisons Organic mannfolk pr top tier media summer soiree

blunt LA and thursdayfriday mannfolk pr top tier media summer soiree

BluntLA gave us some some kick ass barrettes that I wore ALL weekend as I walked around Big Bear carrying my ThursdayFriday tote bag. I received so many compliments on those barrettes and not gonna lie….felt like a bad ass. I brought my new Vegan Cuts makeup bag with me in my purse since that night and look forward to checking out their monthly subscription service for food, beauty & health products galore! My boyfriend practically devoured the Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex lotion we got (had a major sunburn) and told his entire family that it was one the best lotions he ever tried. Non-greasy and not “girlie”.

 sheamoisture and ferro cosmetics

My favorite makeup brand Ferro Cosmetics was not able to join in on the fun in person, but made sure to send us all their new limited edition Glow powder in “Mojo Glow” and my FAVE product, Glow bronzer in “Autumn Kiss”! I am already familiar with Chella Brow and use the product they gifted us but could totally use another highlighter crayon that highlights brow bones and reduces redness around the nose. I’ve never tried 100% Pure but always saw it at Ulta and I’m so excited to try the cheek tint!

 cocoa brown summer soiree

Other brands that I was gifted in the bag was Cocoa Brown Self Tanner all the way from Ireland! Flouride-free Eco-dent Tooth Powder which I have used religiously since then, and the massaging hair brush from Olivia’s Garden that feels so good to use! Even on wet hair which is usually a big no no.

rocksbox summer soiree

Rocksbox gave us a three-month subscription to check out their jewelry service and Milani sent us a new gel powder eye shadow that I’ve seen all other beauty bloggers going gaga over. Lanikai Bath & Body from Hawaii gave us the cutest little bath & body kits that smell so good I wish it came in a perfume and deodorant to layer on throughout the day!

 oh shit swag bag summer soiree

Can we say OVERLOAD! Definitely not complaining, in fact, I could go on and on! There is so much more which I encourage you to visit my album to see all the rest of the goodies!

It was an amazing event that I could only hope the rest of you get to go to at one point in your life. If you can’t get to an event–get to an Expo so you can get an overdose of beauty goodness near your home!

Be sure to visit all the other gals social media links and Brand pages to find out more!





Ferro Cosmetics Favorites!

ferro cosmetics iliketotalkalot

If you’ve been a follower of this blog, then you know I’m a huge fan of Ferro Cosmetics, a cruelty-free, toxic-free mineral makeup company.  I’ve been using it for years at this point and have never been disappointed.  As you can see from the pictures below, my collection has continued to grow over time…and will probably last me a veeeeeerry long time even if I never bought any new makeup.  One major plus about this brand is that it doesn’t “go bad”. Usually we’re instructed to toss makeup after a year because of bacteria, but because these are formulated with pure minerals, they don’t thrive in that environment.  So, you end up with makeup that lasts you a very long time and gives you your monies worth. And bonus….they updated their packaging with click lock sifters so you lose less loose powders.

ferro cosmetics makeup iliketotalkalot

Krissy was kind enough to send me a pile of new colors to play with and it’s going to take a few posts to share them all with you.  The good news is that she also provided samples to share with some readers of the blog!  I very much believe if you try the makeup, you will love it.  The colors are beautiful and it last all day on my face!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorites, two are long time favorites of mine, and three are new favorites. I have two glow bronzers that can be used together or alone, and three eye candy 15 hour mineral  shadows that also work alone, or together for a sexy contoured eye.  I love a nice “enhanced” natural look. I don’t usually do heavy makeup, I go natural with slight contouring to highlight cheeks and eyes if that makes sense.  So here goes!

ferro cosmetics glow bronzers

Ferro Cosmetics Glow Bronzers  A must! A must for everyone to try! If you have to choose one item to go and treat yourself to, it’s this one here.  I love a good bronzer. I use it year round and I don’t go crazy with it either. I just like the way an extra hint of colors perks you up.  Bronzers can be difficult for some I know. Some appear sparkle-tacular, while others just arent pigmented well.  What makes these bronzers different  is that it has a mix of 5 colors so that you get the perfect blend.  I sweep this all along my cheek bones, across the top of my forehead, and along the jawline.  I’ve tried almost all the bronzer colors available and love these two.  Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzers :$19.00 /  4 grams

ferro cosmetics glow bronzers inside

Autumn Kiss (medium tan), which is more of a brown bronzer that is tinted with warm berry and gold undertones”.  This is my old time favorite. I use it every day…and I can’t even think of the last time I had to purchase it its been that long!  It works perfect by itself or used underneath a more blush type color.  A little goes a long way so DON’T put too much on the blusher brush. And always make sure to tap the excess off.

ferro cosmetics glow bronzers autumn kiss swatch

Jovie’s Glow (pre-release), how do I even begin to describe this one….. Perfect? A sheer peachy, pink with golden shimmer.  Now……I’ve never owned a Nars blush in the most famous color, Orgasm….but I  have admired it at Sephora every time I go.  And I gotta say…. this color totally reminded me of Nars Orgasm or super orgasm. In the container it looks a real dainty pink. Under a lamp, you see the beautiful gold shimmer.  And swatched heavily on my arm, it looks very similar in my opinion to photos I googled.  Such a gorgeous color to have.  What do you think? Did I just find the loose mineral makeup version that’s better for my skin? I might have. Totally love using this color as blush on the apples of my cheeks and then using autumn kiss along with it when I want extra color.  This gives a real healthy pink to the cheeks.  And like I said, this one is going to last you forever.

ferro cosmetics glow bronzers Jovies Glow swatch


ferro cosmetics glow bronzers comparison switch

Sorry if this looks confusing. When I was editing the photos I realized I should have flipped the paper around but it was too late! Autumn Kiss is definitely more brown than Jovie’s Glow

 Eye Candy 15 Hour Mineral Eyeshadow Blendable, smooth loose vegan mineral shadow that comes in 45 different colors!  I like that I can sweep this on a bare lid and get a soft application of color, or I can layer it over a damp primer or apply with a wet brush and get a total intensified look.   I apply all of my Ferro eye makeup with sponge tip applicators because I suck at using bristle brushes. I get it everywhere.  Whatever works, right?Ferro’s Eye candy 15 hour shadow is water-resistant, irritant-free, preservative-free. Ferro Cosmetics Eye Candy 15 Hour Mineral Eyeshadow : $17 / 1 gram.

 ferro cosmetics eye candy 15 hour mineral eye shadow

Champagne , the perfect pearly eye brightening color that everyone can use.  This was the very first shadow I was introduced to with the brand and have been using it the longest out of everything.  The soft pearl picks up light and really opens the eyes. Sometimes I put a little on my pinky and make it my eye brow highlighter. Just a dab and that’s all you need smudged out on the brow bone.  Swatched you will see it looks more like a yellow-y champagne.

Backstage , which I believe is a shadow color that originated in 2011, but it coming back with a vengeance.  I LOVE this color for contouring.  I’m not great at contouring and this color is just soft enough to practice and build with. It’s a purple, mauve, taupe brown color. Did that description help you? probably not…so look at the swatch below. Its very true to how it looks on the eye. It creates the perfect color at the crease and eye contour area. The shimmer is way subtle in this color.

Misty Rose, a more pinkish version of Champagne IMO. It’s still an eye brightening shade, but definitely more pink and rosy in color.  I believe the shimmer in there is gold tone.  I got a sample of this color and already know I will be back for more. I use this all over the lid and I like to use a damp sponge with this one. I like the shimmer of this one!

ferro cosmetics eye candy comparison switch

 ferro cosmetics eye candy misty rose swatch


 ferro cosmetics eye candy misty rose backstage swatch

ferro cosmetics eye candy champage backstage swatch

You can see  how all three colors (or five really) work well together.  Each can compliment each other, or be used alone to create a very natural look!  If you missed my past review on the brand you can check it out here, very pic heavy as well.  Tovah from also did a guest post for me that you can check out here.  I used to have another article on how to turn your Ferro Cosmetics Bronzer into a full body bronzer lotion but it looks like that website is now missing. Boo!

Are you a fan of Ferro Cosmetics? What’s your favorite product to use?  If you are new to the brand you can check them out on facebook and twitter for all their updates…and they DO update you with cool tips and product releases all the time.

Whats going on with Claudia at iliketotalklot?


Tons of things going on lately, and I apologize for being a little MIA. I hope you guys enjoyed the recent giveaways that I helped host. I really wanted that Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder myself! I treated myself to a trip to sephora to ease the pain of losing and admired the new Marc Jacobs Shadow Palette, and picked up my first eye treatment from Clarins. I’m 31 and think it’s time I start doing what I can for under eye circles that are starting to form. Anyways, here are some updates on whats to come on the blog!

clarins eye treatment gel

has anyone tried this? thoughts?

If anyone has tried this or has another amazing eye cream to suggest, please share in the comment section!

Annaliese Body Care is a line of personal products I am creating using organic butters and oils. I’ve been working on formulating some lip products as well and have started doing a few sales to friends. Right now I have a melting Shea butter and Mango-Shea mix that soaks into the skin. I also have a scrub and lip balms in a handful of scents and flavors. Starting your own business is quite difficult to do at times when you already work full-time, but I really hope this can go somewhere big. It’s a passion of mine and I love creating new products. I hope to share more about the process with you guys as I go take on this journey!

omg nail strips

Just tested some nail polish strips that actually work and have fabulous patterns from Unlike nail stickers, these strips last long and have a ever growing selection of patterns and colors to choose from. A nail polish that’s applied WITH nail polish remover? Say wha? You’ll find out more when I post the review!


j.f lazartigue review

J.F Lazartigue sent me their Shea Butter Hair Mask and Straightening Gel to put to the test. The luxurious french hair care line treats me to their products and boy do I feel lucky that I get to share them with you guys! I love a good hair mask and feeling the difference it does I just one try. And having fine hair and a few frizzies, I need a good straightening gel for those humid days when hair goes to hell. JFL has wowed me plenty times in the past and I look forward to trying out the rich mask and gel. If you missed my past reviews, you can see them here, here, and here.


Ferro Cosmetics, leaders in the HD Mineral Makeup field have sent me a TON of products to try, including some yet to be released fall shades. I almost fell out of my seat when the package arrived by surprise. These seriously sent me more than I thought could fit in that little white box. Included was a really sweet note from Krissy herself, Owner and creator of the brand. If you haven’t heard of them, you NEED to read my previous review, as well as the one Tovah  from did for me too!


Greg Pidcock can make me move. Just found this DJ on soundcloud and have been listening to his mixes lately and cannot stop putting them on repeat. I happen to like the house genre of music so if you like that stuff, check him out on soundcloud. And if you don’t know what soundcloud is….omg……best app ever to have on your phone. Streaming free music! And mixes from all kinds of artists that you’d never find anywhere else. Here is the latest he posted. Kinda sexy. Kinda fun. Just sexy house and love it.

im just starting invisalign

I decided I want to straighten my teeth. Again. That’s right. After seeing so many patients (in our office) so happy after doing Invisalign, I have decided that it was time for me to consider doing ortho again, but this time Invisalign and not those terrible wire and brackets I had before. I’m really excited because we even have this device that helps speed up ortho time by almost half! That’s crazy, right? But it’s true and it works.


I cant wait to share everything with you guys! Which post are you most looking forward to? Share in the comments below!