IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact

I’m an owner of several different foundations, BB and CC Creams because I can never pick a favorite and always like to explore new products that hit the market. My skin has also changed since having a kid so I find myself trying out new combos of primers and makeup to see what works best with my skin that went from oily to mostly normal/sensitive-reactive. On top of that, being in my mid-thirties, my skin is drier in general so it requires a more consistent moisturizing and anti-aging routine to keep up appearances. I’ve always been a fan of IT Cosmetics since learning about them long ago in a NewBeauty Testtube, but it was only recently that I got my hands on their latest foundation, IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact and fell in love.

Prior to using this new foundation, I was mainly swapping between IT Cosmetics O2 Foundation, and Pur Cosmetics Hydra Fluid Water Serum. Both work great, and I still like them very much but I was intrigued by IT Cosmetics claim that this new foundation was had better buildable coverage (full coverage, in fact), while offering all the skincare benefits of their latest skin cream, Confidence In A Cream. It’s available in seven shades and is suitable for even sensitive skin.

it cosmetics confidence in a compact review by iliketotalkblogWhat makes this foundation unique is that it’s a solid serum. Say what? Yeah. I didn’t know really what that was either, but it includes a SPF 50+ along with their anti-aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate that supposed to improve the look of your skin once applied. Were taking improving moisture levels, the size of pores, hiding discoloration, and increased radiance.

it cosmetics confidence in a compact review by iliketotalkblogThe actual product is stiff in the pan, which I like because when you swirl your makeup brush in it, it doesn’t pick up too much product. I kinda dab,dab and swirl and work on different spots of my face with the recommended brush that IT Cosmetics makes; their Heavenly Skin Smoothing Complexion Brush #704. If I see areas on my face that need a bit more I just layer it on and continue to smooth it all out. This brush is everything, guys. It’s quite an investment in my opinion as I’ve never spent that kind of money on a single brush ($48 to be exact), but I can tell you now that it’s 100% worth it. My foundation applies flawlessly. No streaks, no excess product left behind, and looks quite fancy on my counter.

it cosmetics confidence in a compact review by iliketotalkblogAfter applying my foundation, my skin does feel a bit dewy so I wait a few minutes before moving on to blush and contour. My skin feels very moisturized still, but not greasy at all, and I love that it hides everything I need in a natural way. I think this would work best for non-oily skin types as it already has that deep moisturized feel to it that oily skin may not like.

it cosmetics confidence in a compact review by iliketotalkblogI can definitely say that this compact will remain in rotation with my other favorite foundations for those days when I need a little extra coverage. Right now I’m working on removing some hyper-pigmentation and have dark under eyes so this works great when I need that extra help. I’ve been using a sample of their Bye Bye Under Eye Illuminating product and they work fantastic for hiding those signs of being a tired mama.

You can find IT Cosmetics in several places like ULTA, QVC and right at their website. The foundation will run you $38 and is not refillable. It does come with a mirror and cosmetic sponge but I highly suggest you invest in the brush if you can — it’s quite the added treat.

Have you tried IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact? What did you think?

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[Review] Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream

lumene cc color correcting cream

When I happen to come across a good face product I jump on it like a cat on a mouse.  My latest love has been Lumene’s CC Color Correcting Cream. Yeah,,,yeah…I think everyone talked about BB and CC creams last year but you need to hear about this one.  So many I tried were overly greasy, had not so great coverage, or were the wrong color.

I first sampled this from a NewBeauty TestTube kit and have since purchased a tube which can be found at Ulta.  The claim on the package is that this makeup is a 6-in-1 that will give SPF,  will be long-lasting, will illuminate, act as a primer, conceal, and works as a foundation that can easily neutralize redness.

So many of those reasons listed on the box ring absolutely true in my mind when I use this stuff. For one, we all need SPF. I like that it’s already in the makeup and not yet another layer I have to apply and wait for before moving onto my next step.

lumene cc color correcting cream

It is 100% true that this is long-lasting.  I usually put my makeup on around 6 or 7am and take it off around 6 or 7pm at night.  When I use a makeup wipe you see it all come off. And I highly suggest using makeup wipes FIRST before cleansing because this stuff has staying power and you don’t want this stuff sitting in your pores cooking up a storm overnight. Ahh, the double-edged sword of long-lasting makeup. Well worth the extra wiping in my opinion.


On days where I feel like using one of my foundations this does work great as a primer.  I think you should wait five minutes to allow it to “set” before doing anything else, but I do like how it gives my skin a fresh canvas of even color.  That also ties into the fact that it has pretty good concealing action also.  I get redness around my nose, lips and any acne breakouts.  With those areas I take my makeup sponge and dab a little extra of this CC Cream and it works wonders.

lumene cc color correcting cream

And on days when I want to go quick I can actually just go straight for the CC Cream, skip the foundation, and still get great coverage that I feel looks natural, but evens out all the blech you feel at  times. I like that it’s semi-matte because 100% matte makes my skin look too dry by the time I put blush and bronzer on.

I would suggest going light at first with this cream, a little really does go a long way and if you put too much you will see that it will not “set” and feel oily.  If I feel I put too much in one area I use a dampened blender sponge and pick up some of it to remove just the right amount.

Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream retails for approximately $14.99 at Ulta, but I have seen on Social media that it sometimes goes super on Sale at drugstores like CVS or Walgreens so I hope to catch wind of that next time I need to purchase.

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