Glitter Bomb Nails

There is really no doubt about it…..there is something about glitter that I have a soft spot for, even now at 31. Glitter polish, really because there isn’t any glitter I could get away with like I did in high school. Ah…the days when I would wear glitter in my hair and eye lashes just because. I think it was a No Doubt/ Gwen Stefani influence at the time too, haha. So now I stick to glitter nails to get my fix.

iliketotalkalot mattese elite embrasse moi and essie stroke of brilliance

Today’s swatch is a glitter combo of Mattese Elite Embrasse Moi and Essie Stroke of Brilliance. I’ve swatched Embrasse Moi before and its great for trying full opacity on nails (with three coats for me).It’s a bright plum glitter polish that catches light from all angles. It looks AWESOME with a thick glossy top coat over it. Essie’s Stroke of of Brilliance is a multi-sized glitter in a lilac-dusty blue color. It could easily give a diamond effect over a silver-white polish with a few coats.

In this mani I did three coats of Embrasse Moi and one coat of Stroke of Brilliance. Finished with Seche Vite Top Coat and chipped by day two— I think because it was so many coats of polish. I have maintained

the manicure longer though by painting the chipped corners and wearing a few days longer. Swatches below!

illiketotalkalot glitter bomb nails 1

illiketotalkalot glitter bomb nails 2

illiketotalkalot glitter bomb nails 3

illiketotalkalot glitter bomb nails 4

illiketotalkalot glitter bomb nails 5


I love this combo but know its going to the tin foil method for the cleanest removal method. You don’t want to “scrub” your nails with a cotton pad trying to rub the glitter polish off, it can damage your nails and causes scratches that you will need to buff out. The more careful the removal process, the less chance of scratches occurring. You should follow with a hand lotion or oil. You could even treat yourself to a little EVOO with a cotton swab to nourish your tips! It really makes for nice cuticles. I even do it (sometimes) before taking photos like those above.