@GilletteVenus and @Influenster have got me hooked on this razor!

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If you are not familiar with the influenster program and like testing out goodies sent directly to your home; than I suggest you visit their website for more info.  The influenster program sent out an assortment of products to test in their themed “love voxbox” , which included ghirardelli chocolates, kiss nail stickers, truvia natural sugar substitute, stash herbal tea, and last but not least, A Gillette Venus &Olay disposable razor.  Today, I want to review the razor because I fell in love with it after the first try.

influenster love vox box contents box

We are all familiar with razors, from the cheapies to the fancy ones, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all and eventually ended up epilating because I hated dealing with shaving.  I am now actually testing out the Tria Hair Removal Laser but still need to shave in the meantime until the hair falls out on its own.  I’ve always hated shaving because the results don’t last as long, and I would get lazy about buying new replacements which meant a dull blade and a bad shave.

influenster venus olay razor 2 goddessskin

The Gillette Venus & Olay razor features 5 blades for a closer shave with less swipes, Olay skin conditioners infused into the bars, and a handy hook to hang your razor while it air drys. The rubberized grip handle also helps in maneuvering the razor over knees and underarms so no slips or nicks. Another nice thing is that no shaving cream or gel is required. The moisturizing bars do all the work once they’re wet, making the process quicker and will less products to buy.

influenster venus olay razor goddessskin

I immediately loved how well the razor worked with 5 blades. “The more the merrier”‘, doesn’t just apply to party’s, it includes razor blades as well. Lol. I ran the razor under the shower for just a second and suction-cupped the hanging hook to my shower door. Once the water hits the bars, the skin conditioners are activated and will feel like a silky /creamy film develop that helps glide the razor over your skin.

influenster venus olay razor 3

I did still need moisturizer after the shower but my legs didn’t dry up immediately after stepping out of the steamy bathroom, which is what usually happens if I don’t cover my body is cream or lotion from the neck down. But at least it prevented that dry and tight feeling that stems from why my boyfriend calls “boiling” showers. Psshhh…. Boiling? If I could make it get hotter I would so whose he kidding? This coming from someone who showers in 5 minutes or less…..

The only downside I can see to this razor is that the Olay bars will wear out quickly because the water really activates it into the silky film.  I was able to use the razor for about 4 days and noticed that the bars were wearing down— however, I still plan to get these babies next time I go to target. I just checked my Ralph’s super market and their beauty and toiletries area is seriously lacking.

 My only other issue may be the price? It all depends on what your normal comfort price level is. If you usually buy a buy of store brand double blade razors, this may be a bit ” high” for you. But if you run into problems with dry, tight, itchy skin you may want to rethink what you’re using and save yourself the discomfort.  note 3/19/2012: NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES YET! OMG  went all over this weekend to only find out I got the sneak peek! So I have no idea what the cost is….

influenster venus olay razor 4

 A tip to anyone who gets this razor. USE THE HOOK provided to hang your razor to dry after use. If you accidentally leave the razor face down on the bathtub the pads will not dry out and will stick to the bathtub and ruin it from future (comfortable) shaves. And try different sides of your shower if one side doesn’t work. The razor wouldn’t stick to the glass door because of the texture on it, and neither the plastic wall to the tub, so I have it stuck to the metal frame of the glass door –keeping it out of the waters spray area and my flailing arms. ( yes, I said flailing, you can get clumsy sometimes in the shower)

What do you think of this razor? I’m going to be checking in on fellow blogger Patricia, from A Diva’s Perogative, who also participates in the influenster program and see how she liked the razor. If you have already tried this razor do you agree that you have #goddessskin?

Want to know more about this razor?  You can follow GilletteVenus on facebook and twitter or visit their website here.