Love Craft Soap Co.

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Cruelty-Free, Vegan Bath and Body Care

Being a writer for the cruelty-free beauty blog, My Beauty Bunny, I come across a lot of brands while doing research for my articles.  A lot of time is spent on Instagram going through hashtags discovering new brands and their unique products.  It was there that I came across the California based company, Love Craft Soap Co., a small business that specializes in handcrafted cruelty-free, vegan bath and body products.

The founder Shaunna created Love Craft Soap Co. in 2012 after finding a personal need to use gentle but effective bath care products for her son and his delicate skin.  Many commercial soaps either proved to be too harsh, filled with chemicals or simply had a vanity “eco” labeling that did nothing for her son. It was time for her to take matters into her own hands and create products that would nourish and cleanse the skin while giving her peace of mind.

Shaunna was nice enough to send me out a handful of samples to try, and was most pleased that she sent me something for acneic skin.  She had noticed on my instagram that I was trying several different products to help heal my skin and suggested that her Charcoal Facial Bar would be just the thing to try!  Along with that, she sent me some hand/body bars:  Love Spell (type), Perk Up, Beach Blanket Bimbo, and a sample of her soon to be released Citrus French Clay mask.

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The Rejuvenating Rose Charcoal Facial Bar was the first item I tried.  I was a bit hesitant as it was a bar soap and I haven’t used a bar soap on my face in ages, but I am very interested in charcoal based skincare products and their detoxification properties. First, I should note that this is definitely a soap you can display next to your sink.  It has bits of rose petals that make it so pretty and don’t interfere with using the soap!  It is also made with a 5 clay mixture and essential oils (like tea tree oil) that tone the skin and help draw out impurities that cause those pesky pimples. The bar was a good size to roll between my hands and produce a good lather.  I used this soap with my Soniclear for a good deep down cleansing. After rinsing clean I found that my skin felt SUPER soft and very clean. I followed with a simple moisturizer to balance my skin out. There was no irritation, no dryness, just soft, clean skin. This soap is PERFECT for my husband who has oily skin and I immediately suggested he try it out since he is always hoping I can suggest something to keep his pores tight and clean. Because my skin is combination, I found that using this just a few times a week served me well, and someone with oilier skin could use more often.

love craft soap co perk up review by iliketotalkblog

The Perk Up Soap is one of their top sellers. The blend of lemongrass and tea tea oil smells amazing and mixed into a olive oil based soap to moisturize, cleanse and awaken the skin.  Teesy apricot kernels pepper the soap to gently exfoliate too! Out of all three body bars, this scent was my favorite. A perfect addition to your guest bathroom or morning shower!

love craft soap co beach blanket bimbo review by iliketotalkblog

Next up, Beach Blanket Bimbo. haha! Such a cute name, which would make me think it’s for women, but it’s actually a unisex scent that can be left in the shower for anyone in the family to use! Finely ground pumice make this a great gentle exfoliator for rough spots while pink himalayan salt has detoxification properties and contains trace minerals that nourish the skin. The soap has a clean scent to it, that makes me think of sun-bleached driftwood, and sea air. It’s beautiful.

love craft soap co love spell review by iliketotalkblog

Lastly, Love Spell (type) soap is the most feminine out of the bunch. The blend of jasmine, cherry blossom, peach and orange balance each other out for a beautiful scent that blooms when lathered. The base of this soap also is made with olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil to moisturize and nourish the skin.

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Each of the Love Craft Soap Co. products I tried lathered wonderfully and did not dry out my skin.  Shaunna did a wonderful job fragrancing each product that makes you keep sniffing the bars and wanting more. All of her products are cruelty-free, vegan and handmade with love. And she doesn’t stop at soaps!  She also hand crafts lip balms, body oils and (soon to be released) facial clay masks. I haven’t tried the facial clay mask yet and will most likely share about that on my instagram exclusively so make sure to follow me on instagram on details of this mask made for combo/oily skin.

To find out more about Love Craft Soap Co., you can visit their website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on shows they attend and newly released products.

Puna Noni Travel Bath Set and Soap

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iliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog reviewIf you can’t afford a trip to Hawaii anytime soon, then I suggest you make a mini staycation in your bathroom with Puna Noni products. I had the pleasure of this company sending me some of their body care products to try and I will give you a heads up that this is a raving review! There, I spilled the beans early, but really, I know you want to know more about this brand anyways so here we go!

Puna Noni is a Hawaiian-based family owned business that specializes in making health and skincare products harnessing the benefits of the Noni fruit. I’ve heard of Noni before but never really knew what is was all about until I looked into this brand. Noni fruit is usually made into Noni juice that is aged and used for several of its health benefits, three being that its energizing, moisturizing and has anti-aging properties with its high level of antioxidants. And we all love antioxidants!

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While I don’t normally use bar soaps because they are usually drying, I was more than excited to try these new ones from Puna Noni. These soaps are handmade with no artificial colorants, GMO-free and cruelty-free.  They come on different scents like Mango, Coffee, Tuberose, and what I got, Plumeria, my favorite!  The bar lathers up nice in your hands or with a shower poof and doesn’t fall apart sitting in my shower. I hate when that happens.  The soap smells great and leaves my skin feeling clean while giving your shower experience an amazing scent.

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I also tested their Noni Silken Shampoo and Conditioner that is scented like the sweet pea flower. I love scented shampoos and having the scent linger in my hair afterwards. My fiance noticed it and liked it so this gets extra points. The Noni in the hair care products repair and protect by helping with split ends and hair that’s been fried by too much sun.  The shampoo suds up perfectly without the help of sodium laurel sulfate and rinses clean.  it’s also good to know that this shampoo is appropriate for normal, dry or oily hair so many of us can enjoy this beautiful set!

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Next up is the body wash which I sampled in the coconut cream scent. O.M.G you guys. Coconut cream? The smell is so good and everyone I know in real knows I say if I could live inside of a coconut–I would! I used the body wash with a shower poof and my scrubbing mitt and got lots of bubbles to clean and scent myself with.  This is a moisturizing formula (remember Noni is moisturizing) so no dry skin after the shower here!  This body wash also comes in Gardenia and Lavender and I’ve definitely got my eye on the gardenia. I LOVE anything gardenia scented. And I’ve also found out you can use this gentle wash on your pets!  My little sam will be smelling good in no time!

Last product I’ve been falling in love with is their body lotion which is perfect for use after the shower or bath.  I’m not gonna lie, because I got the coconut scent I used this lotion everywhere from the neck down. I’m a coconut fiend!  The lotion took some rubbing to absorb completely, but was so worth it. My skin feels soft and smooth and my elbows that have been extremely dry since moving to Orange county are healing up nicely.  I owe that to that Noni in there that not only moisturizes but has skin rejuvenating properties to make your skin look fabulous.  This lotion also comes in lavender or unscented.

puna noni review iliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog

I’m a big sucker for anything Hawaiian. And anything involving coconut, plumeria or gardenia. Those are my scents! They’ve been my favorite scents since I was a teenager and I will always gravitate towards Hawaiian type fragrances. I’m also a sucker for good, clean, healthy skincare products so the combo of it all together makes this brand a winner for me!

I’d like to explore more of their products since all of these were amazing in my eyes.  In fact, I have my eye on their cell-rejuvenating soaps in oatmeal milk honey (and coconut) sounds like something else I would fall in love with. Also lip balms. Who doesn’t need another lip balm? I seriously need one in every bag and car I use!

To find out more about this brand you can visit their website  or check out their social media pages. I encourage you to check out their site and come back here and tell me what you think you’d like to try! P.S they also have free shipping to the continental U.S which is a big plus since shipping fees can kinda be a bummer when ordering things online so thank you Puna Noni!

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