Rainbow Honey Nail Polish : Sakura Matsuri Collection

rainbow honey packaging

It’s been a while since I featured an indie nail polish brand, but I came across an article online that listed the top seven indie brands out there, swatches and all—I had to find out what it included and if I had any of them already. Ok, I look back now and the article is a few months old, but whatever. It was all news to me!

rainbow honey packaging

One brand that definitely caught my attention was Rainbow Honey. First off, look at the packaging. Hello!? Cute die cut hearts, and metallic print. The colors? Gorgeous and glittery, just the way I like it. And I love the big rounder bottles (much like the ones found with other indie fave, Cult Nails).

rainbow honey bottles

I bring to you the Sakura Matsuri Collection, which stands for Cherry Blossom Festival in japanese. I didn’t know who or what Sakura Matsuri was until I googled it after purchasing. It looks like there are upcoming festivals for 2013 happening right around April. How pretty!

rainbow honey bottles

The colors in the Sakura Matsuri Collection are: Ephemeral, Koi Pond, Sakura Matsuri, Hanami and Wistful. Fun Fact to take with you. Each name has a name related to the festival in some way.

Ephemeral: Is a light shimmery pink with flecks of glitter that look pink and blueish-purpurlish. I think this color was made to match the color of cherry blossom flowers.

rainbow honey ephemeral

Koi Pond: Is a clear base with multi-colored, multi-sized glitters. Meant to represent the algae-colored waters that beautiful bright koi fish can be found in. (Hello, trip to Japanese Gardens when I was in 7th grade). The colors are mostly turquoise, green, blue and some flecks of orange.

rainbow honey koi pond

Sakura Matsuri: A clear base the houses white and pink cherry blossom glitter die-cuts, accompanied by

pink and white and silver holographic glitters. This polish is meant to capture the spirit of the collection!

rainbow honey sakura matsuri

Hanami: Stands for the japanese tradition of watching cherry blossoms abloom during the spring. This polish has a clear or pink-clear bases with about a bazillion glitters of pink , silver and holo all about. Hanami dates back many centuries and has a long past-time of Sakura Matsuri traditions.

rainbow honey hanami

Wistful: Looks like a gold-tone green shimmer in the bottle. However the description from the site says its a bluish green shimmer with holo glitters. You decide!

rainbow honey wistful

The set included a cuticle stick balm that actually works quite well. Wasn’t expecting much but do love its consistency and how clean it applies. I probably would pick a different scent than the sakura matsuri scent, but nothing terrible. Just not the normal route of scents I go.

rainbow honey cuticle balm

Has anyone else tried this brand? I feel like I found a whole new brand to swoon over. My next choice? I think I have my eye on the set that includes 20% cooler + the element of magic. The look amazing in the bottle. And probably even better on my nails 🙂

You can find Rainbow Honey at their site, on facebook, and on twitter.





Etsy’s Lacquistry: Devil’s Night Swatches

Ok,Ok…THIS post is a little bit behind. Planned for right after Halloween and before you know it there were birthdays and time crunches at work and this post fell way behind. I did manage to get a single photo of it on my Facebook page, Claudia’s Health & Beauty Community, but big website photos are necessary for such a gorgeous polish. I won this polish from Mani-Mommies (now known as Kansas Nail Graffiti- thanks again Melisa :)) on Facebook when she was hosting a giveaway of Lacquistry’s Limited Edition: Devil’s Night.

I highly suggest you check out both of their pages to find out more about their awesome indie nail polish creations!

Kansas Nail Graffiti

Lacquistry Nail Polish – also found on Etsy !

lacquistry devils night iliketotalkalot 4

lacquistry devils night iliketotalkalot 3

Lacquistry’s Devil’s Night, truly a limited edition because I haven’t been able to find photos of it anywhere else! I believe just myself and the head of KNG has a bottle. Yippee for us! The best way to describe this is a red and black glitter bomb! I love dense glitter polishes and best of all this one had little stars in it which makes it stand out to me.

lacquistry devils night iliketotalkalot 2

lacquistry devils night iliketotalkalot 1

Look at the depth of the polish with just two coats!

I got this polish around Halloween but honestly you could sport it anytime you like because its a great color combo. I’m wearing this over Cult Nails Quench which is a beautiful blood red color. Devil’s Night will definitely need a thick top coat to smooth it out, and be prepared to soak your tips in foil because heavy glitters like this DO NOT just slide off the nail

like we all hope they will some day.

So what do you think of Devil’s Night?


Later Beauties!







Introducing Rainbow Polish!

Tanya from Rainbow Polish was awesome enough to send me a bottle of nail polish to review and boy you guys have no idea how excited I was for this one. I found Rainbow Polish one evening I was playing on my ipad. The glitters this woman makes…aye yi yi…….. just beautiful. Each one looks like it is PACKED with all kinds of glitter ranging from big chunky hex glitters, to foil-y bar glitters, mini micro sparkly holo glitter in combinations that make me keep staring at my nails, seriously.

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch bottle

Today I bring you the first polish I got to try, Monarch. Monarch consists of large, medium and micro yellow glitters,deep orange medium hex glitters, black square glitter and medium hex black glitter. When you look in the bottle, you’d almost think this does full coverage glitter in two or three coats. The glitter particles are not on the “sparkly” side but more muted and equally as cute. Kinda like sheen you would get off something made of steel!

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 7

Monarch glitter polish is not super sparkly, but it is eye catching. My boyfriend immediately told me my nails looks like “that candy, ya know” which I later figured out was JAWBREAKERS! He is so right on! Wearing monarch layered over white polish totally gives it a jawbreaker look. I was a little worried that this color would look halloweenish but no one mentioned that. In fact I got a couple of compliments in the office from older people which was surprising. Even more surprising when it comes from males who I would never think would notice polish.

jawbreakers, anyone?

I definitely use more coats of this polish that I normally do because I love the dense glitter look. A thick top coat of seche vite seals most of it in. You may double up on a top coat if you want your nails super smooth after multiple coats of glitter.

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 6

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 5

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 4

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 3

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 2

Monarch or any of her other polishes can be purchased for $8.50 and come in a 0.5oz bottle. She is constantly updating her store with new arrivals so it wouldn’t hurt to “like” her Facebook page and stay updated on her new colors. Rainbow Polish can be found in a few places online so be sure to stop by her little nook of the web and visit her!

iliketotalkalot rainbow polish monarch 1

Rainbow Polish Store on etsy or www.rainbowpolish.com

Rainbow Polish on Facebook

What do you think about my jawbreaker nails?

P.S if you are loving this polish as much as I do, you may want to consider subscribing to my blog ASAP because Tanya and I have a little something planned for you guys and its going to happen real soon! Wanna hint? A rafflecoptor will be involved!


XOXO beauties!

Claudia C.