oh SNL…how you make me laugh. Remember these?

I recently saw an old skit from SNL (Saturday Night Live) that made me immediately crack up and think about work. I love when they do something funny that ends up relating to something going on in my life.

We’ve been in the process of updating our office with new computers, it also means we have to work with our IT guy who didn’t seem to want to help all too much. In reality it was very annoying, but watching it on TV is hilarious.

I wanted to share this clip with you and ask– how’s your IT guy? LOL

Or have you been to my favorite store, Target?

Now I don’t know about you, but is this how Target is everywhere else–or do I just not notice it? I happen to love Target and do not think the employees are like this, but still hilarious.

Who Could forget Debbie Downer?

She knew just what to say to brighten everyone’s day!

Thats all I have this weekend guys! Hope I made you laugh just a bit. Now I ask, do you have a favorite skit from SNL? I have so many more but I could go crazy posting the vids.

Until next time!