Sephora Bling for Nails

I went to Sephora yesterday to pickup a DDF face product I needed to buy. While waiting in the check-out aisle, I looked at the products they keep in the bins and found the most amazing set of sticker polish I’ve ever seen. Sephora bling for nails, check them out:


I don’t know if you can tell but these stickers have little raised bumps of color creating a gorgeous 3D effect when hit by light. They also have an awesome rainbow color that I would love to do on my toes!


I have to say, they were more difficult to use when applying (compared to Sally Hansen nail strips). These aren’t really strips of polish, more like super adhesive strips of plastic-ey material? It stays on your nail with a sticky backside, unlike others that warm to the body and then stick and stay.


I had some trouble filing the edges down, the strip was harder

to file through. You also really need to make sure all the edges are pressed down so it doesn’t look lifted or loose. A brand new metal file would be best to use.

I would also suggest a black base color under the strip. That way if it doesn’t fit your nail perfectly it will still look blended.


So now I’ve worn them for a night— so how do I feel about them? I think with proper application they would look better than I did here. They were only $7.00 at sephora so they aren’t super expensive to try out again.

I think this design is a little “colorful” for the office but would be amazing with a fun look on the weekend. I will wear them until I feel they need to be peeled off.

Would you try these? Have you seen more designs like these stickers? Please share ?

Nail Polish Gradients

I’ve been checking out different sites on nail art and nail design. I tried to copy a gradient design that I saw in black/grey. I didn’t have enough grays and blacks to create it so I stuck with the colors I already have. I did pink on my hands and blue on my toes.

I have to admit that it got kinda messy since I was using a makeup sponge ( wedge style) to do the gradient. However, it’s very easy to do just be prepared to clean your fingers afterwards. I think next time I’ll coat my fingers in olive oil ( like I do when I do water marbling) to prevent that as much as possible.

I look forward to any comments 🙂

I plan to post more pics as I have more designs out. If you have pics to share please do, I love seeing everyone’s work 🙂