Organize Your Polish With Color Clutch

Color Clutch review on iliketotalkblogPolish Organization Made Easy

I’m a fan of collecting polishes and used to have a pretty big collection compared to the standard polish user. One thing that always was a problem as a polish aficionado is how to store your polish in a way where nothing breaks, all the colors are easily organized, and easy to get to. I went from using small makeup bags, to shoe boxes, to old plastic tupperware, to finally IKEA storage units.  In the past year I have done a lot of purging, donating to friends and family since I want to keep things better organized and have found the perfect solution with Color Clutch.

Color Clutch review on iliketotalkblogColor Clutch satisfies the obsessive need to keep your beautiful polishes neat and tidy. The sturdy boxes house fourteen bottles that stay nestled in the foam bed to protect from messy disasters. Because of the flexibility of the foam, you can store many different brands of lacquer that vary in size and shape. It comes in either black, white or a special edition purple Jamberry option.

Color Clutch review on iliketotalkblogWhile I love the clear window on the front that keeps the bottles dust free and easy to quickly view, I love the color coding section on the side so you can do a swatch swipe of each polish so you don’t even have to pull the box off the shelf to see what’s inside. When I was photographing the box I was afraid to actually paint the color on in fear that once you paint on the box it’s there forever — but turns out you can remove the polish with acetone and start over if you switch out colors!

Color Clutch review on iliketotalkblog

The Color Clutch is easy to travel or move with which I know is a HUGE pain when I moved with my 200+ polishes last time. These can easily be stacked and moved without worrying that there will be a huge pool of nail lacquer swimming in the back of your car. And don’t forget that you can easily bring ALL your favorites to the next ladies night in you have planned!

Color Clutch review on iliketotalkblog

Each Color Clutch is $19.99 and can be purchased online or at you can find them at my third favorite store (First, being Target, second being Sephora) The Container Store. Talk about organization HEAVEN! If you have a larger collection you can easily stow all your boxes on a shelving unit which is what I plan to do.

Could you see yourself using the Color Clutch? Share in the comment section below!

Find out more about Color Clutch by visiting their website and following them on Instagram or Facebook.

I Love My New Sation Nail Polishes!


Of course I would be prompted to buy Sation Polish after seeing yet another post on, Let Them Have Polish. If you are a nail polish fiend, check out her site. Seriously. But back to Sation. It’s a brand I’ve only really seen on Facebook, but seems to be widely known by nail bloggers and I was super happy to find out this wasn’t a brand that was going to cost me $20 a bottle. In fact, each polish was $5 each and they have SO many to choose from. Again, another place that I could easily drop major cash if I had it laying around.

target storage bin storage for nail polish nail polish storage

I would probably also expand my Nail Art Travel Box into an actual area of the house. Check out this container I got at Target. So far, it’s the best one I found instead of having them all thrown into a box like I had before. I think it was under $15 for 2 layers. I then got another one to stack them. My only issue? Cannot be carried by the plastic handle or it will come crashing down to the floor into a pool of psychedelic polish colors. I plan to find a nylon strap of some sort, or even a luggage strap to keep it safe. So I pick up this 50lb box to whatever room I’m working in and usually leave it there until the man of the house starts getting annoyed. It’s seriously heaaaaavy. But works! And cheaply, so A++ for me!

So I choose totally random colors from Sation because I couldnt stick with one color scheme.


iliketotalkalot sation loudest color

Loudest Color: A bright neon yellow-green

“The shocking chartreuse is a statement-making shade that is the life of the party#

iliketotalkalot sation loudest color swatch 1

iliketotalkalot sation loudest color swatch 2


iliketotalkalot sation bump in beige

Bump In Beige: A mauvey-taupey neutral or “office approriate” color

“A rosy beige”

iliketotalkalot sation bump in beige swatch 1

iliketotalkalot sation bump in beige swatch 2


iliketotalkalot sation pink parfait

Pink Parfait: A coral almost glowy pink

“Whip up some fun in the sun with a vivid coral pink”

iliketotalkalot sation pink swatch 1

iliketotalkalot sation pink swatch 2

unfortunately, I could not get this color to photograph color-wise properly.  In the pictures it looks orange to me. This is a very vivid coral-y pink. And deserves to go over a white base coat (if you hate VNL)


iliketotalkalot sation jock juggler

Jock Juggler: A opalescent light blue

 “Give a flirty high-five to this cool powder blue hue”

iliketotalkalot sation jock juggler swatch 1

iliketotalkalot sation jock juggler swatch 2


iliketotalkalot sation sandy glo

Sandy Glo: A silver,pink, and red glitter in a light pink clear base

“A fun peppermint glitter” 

iliketotalkalot sation sandy glo swatch 1

iliketotalkalot sation sandy glo swatch 2

I’m so in love with these colors in the bottles! Does anyone else find themselves admiring bottles of polish like I do? I cant help it! They’re so pretty! Anyone else use Sation from Miss Nail Professional? Have you seen it in a store? Share with me ladies!


P.S took most of these photos with my new HOME MADE lightbox!  Now I don’t have to stand out on the side walk in my pajamas taking photos of my hands in broad daylight. I live on a busy street. Yes. People stare.


Claudia C.