Konad Plate M84 : Shooting Star Manicure

nailpolishcanada.com was awesome enough to send me a konad plate to show you guys!  I haven’t been able to use all the designs on the plate yet but I loved how this mani turned out so what an awesome time to share it.  The one they sent me was : Konad Image Plate #M84.  You can see all the other ones they have by following the links at the bottom of the post. This plate includes a stardust gradient for the whole nail and smaller images such as lipstick kiss marks, flowers, bows, and bouquets! All super cute!  You can see the konad plates are nicely etched with the designs so the polish will pick up well.  In fact, I’m able to use regular polish when stamping with this plate so it allows me to experiment more.

nailpolishcanadacom konad m84

sorry for the scratch marks!  I took pics AFTER using it :/

nail polish canada konad m84

Colors used in this manicure are:

Greycian Goddess, Blue Satin, Shooting Star, Silver Holo TC

shooting star colors

I started off with a new color I bought, L’Oreal’s Greycian Goddess

loreal greycian goddess 4

and then used Chanel’s Blue Satin for the stars.

konad m84 chanel blue satin 461

konad m84 chanel blue satin 461 2

The pictures actually don’t do my stamping justice! Darn lighting!  It was a pretty clean stamp, I even look at my nails two days later and the stamp was very clear.  I chose to leave the tip of the nail empty so I could add some glitter to the tips making it really look like shooting stars.  I do this by using a makeup wedge and panting glitter polish on the edge and just dabbing it onto the tips of my nails.  I do two coats until I think they are glittery enough. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnddddd then I add some holographic glitter on top about 3/4 of the nail.   A glittery-starry gradation!

shooting star nail design 1 iliketotalkalot

shooting star nail design 3

shooting star nail design 2

shooting star nail design

Konad Stamping is a lot of fun!  If you are just starting out (like me) don’t get discouraged if you mess up at first. It does take some of us a couple of tries before it becomes presentable.   This particular plate retails for $8.75 on their site, and heres a ton more to see!

Thank you nailpolishcanada.com for sending me the plate!  Cant wait to do my next design 🙂