Gradient Feather Nails #NAILART@Claude_Online

Just a quick post to share my latest manicure. I think it turned out pretty good 🙂   I’ve been doing a lot of gradients lately, and really wanted to use some decals I recently bought at the born pretty store.  I love using water decals because they are really easy to use ans come in a million designs. 

feather nail art iliketotalkallot

I started out with a bright aquamarine and shimmery green gradient for the background.  I love using a slightly shimmer polish in gradients it looks super pretty up close!

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

I used Cult Nails Doppleganger as a top coat over the gradient to make it blend even more smoothly, while adding a soft shimmery glaze over it at the same time.

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

feather nails 4

I decided to use some feather decals that only require a quick soak in water for a few seconds to loosen from the cardstock backing. I then used seche vite to top coat and seal it all in.

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

feather nails art iliketotalkalot

close up of the gradient and feather decal

I also got some pretty white flowers to use for nail art too but they’re kinda big as I found out and I cant get them to stick.  I also got a few foil things that will be cool to use.  Do you like to use nail art supplies?  What do you use?  What nail art you into right now? Share in the comments below.


Splatter Nails

Below is my attempt at splatter nail design. It required me to tape each finger up with three pieces of tape (only to expose the nail).

You should first paint your nails with a basecoat color of your choice. Then choose 1-3 additional colors to “splatter” on. You will need straws to do this. I used straws from mcdonalds and they were pretty big. I suspect a thinner straw would have been easier.

Another thing I noticed is that holographic or metallic colors look the best with the splatter technique. Well, in my opinion.

I can’t wait to do this style again, but with different colors. What colors would you choose to do?







Nail Polish Gradients

I’ve been checking out different sites on nail art and nail design. I tried to copy a gradient design that I saw in black/grey. I didn’t have enough grays and blacks to create it so I stuck with the colors I already have. I did pink on my hands and blue on my toes.

I have to admit that it got kinda messy since I was using a makeup sponge ( wedge style) to do the gradient. However, it’s very easy to do just be prepared to clean your fingers afterwards. I think next time I’ll coat my fingers in olive oil ( like I do when I do water marbling) to prevent that as much as possible.

I look forward to any comments 🙂

I plan to post more pics as I have more designs out. If you have pics to share please do, I love seeing everyone’s work 🙂