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**** I pay a subscription fee to the NewBeauty testtube program in order to receive these products. I’m just here to give you my honest opinion!***

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I have been a long time subscriber to the NewBeauty testtube program and back with the latest shipment. Since I’ve last featured the testtubes, they’ve increased the frequency of shipments from 3/4 times a year to 6 times a year! So far, since they’ve announced this change, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten more products than usual in the last two boxes. I’m definitely not complaining about that! So in both, there were “bonus bags” of smaller sample sizes, but still nice to get.

In the last tube I received a book on NewBeauty Celebrity Beauty Secrets and a handful of items that I didn’t have time to share (sorry!) with you guys. But in this months tube I have time, and I think it’s a pretty good assortment this time. So if your wondering if the sampling program is really that good….continue reading so you can decide for yourself.

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NewBeauty Summer/Fall 2013 Issue – A magazine is typically included with the testtube program, which makes it a bargain since the magazine alone is $10 at the stand. And the tube is under $30 itself so you’re really getting a get combo right there if your into trying out new beauty products.

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NewBeauty Sampling Program – Always included with the tube, and gives you addition info on your new samples so you know what your trying out, gives you average cost, and where to buy. I always loved getting theses and re-reading them over when I’m about to dig into my “sample box”. But short. To the point, and helpful.

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Bonus Items – Came in a plastic makeup bag I tossed. Sorry. I have about 4258 bags like these (ok, not really), but I have enough beauty bags and mini makeup zipper pouches to last me a lifetime. Had three samples do Nip + Fab Plumping & Volumizing Serum ( meant to firm wrinkles and smooth skin). It also included a 0.17 fl oz tube of Perricone MD High Potency Eye Lift cream. The other “mini” sample I got is Boost-it! Instant Complexion Enhancer which brightens the appearance of skin in seconds, and is meant to be used just about anywhere you want a little enhancement (face, legs, shoulders, etc). Not bad for bonus material. Better than the gift cards we got every testtube that I never ended up using. A+ NewBeauty for the bonus bag. I likey.

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MoroccanOil Body Butter : full size 6.4 fl oz $52 Alright. NewBeauty has a thing with MoroccanOil, they just kind of go hand in hand like as as long as I can remember starting the sampling program. I think I’ve tried almost everything by the brand at this point and really don’t have anything bad to say about it. I’ve reviewed the body butter in the past and can say that this butter nicely melts into your skin. Your skin drinks it up, and it feels like silk after application. I kinda wish there was a way to make it not scented, but thats part of the whole deal with the brand and it’s main ingredient. The formula use shea, cocoa and mango butter and contains skin boosting antioxidants to improve texture and elasticity. I like the small tub and will bring it with me on my trip to Vegas.

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Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy Shampoo & Conditioner : 10.1-8.4 fl oz full sized $7.99 Pantene is a brand I think we are all familiar with at this point, but I really love how they are venturing out and creating new specific lines for all our haircare needs. Whats cool about the Age Defy line is that is uses a blend of ingredients that make hair “act as if its 10 years younger” by thickening it, creating bounce and shine, while fighting breakage and frizz. I probably wouldn’t think to get this for myself if I saw it in the store, because I’m not fighting unruly grays or thinning hair, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to get a big dose of antioxidants for the hair, can it? These sample sizes are larger than usual so I predict I’ll get about 1.5-2 weeks use out of these with my long hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell great. I’m currently using Organix and J.F Lazartigue at the moment and I love them both for smelling amazing.

**** I pay a subscription fee to the NewBeauty testtube program in order to receive these products. I’m just here to give you my honest opinion!***

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It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Lite : full size 4 fl oz $18 I’ve had my eye on this brand over the last year or so and haven’t had a chance to try. I’ve heard its great but never got around to buying it. What’s new about this one is that it’s a light weightless spray with fine hair (like mine) in mind. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In treatment is a leave in conditioner that helps to fix rattered and tattered hair by making it shiny, manageable , and frizz free again. Rice protein and silk strengthen the hair

while providing heat-styling and UV protection. I love using a good cream rinse in the shower but leave in treatments sometimes work even better allowing for better hair styling. I look forward to finally trying this brand.

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YBK beauty (your best friend) Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in universal taupe : full size $12 I know I got this in a testtube waaaaayy back before, but I totally loved it so I’m happy to see it again. It really is universal, it really CAN work for a wide variety of people. By changing the amount of pressure applied, you can get a range of up to 22 shades which is pretty awesome sounding when you think of it. And the spoolie on the end softens up the look while combing your brows. This is a great pencil, its easy to use and can really help shape up your brows even for a novice. If trying for the first time, go light at first. You can add in, and try different pressures to get your color. and after looking at their website there are a few things that I’d be interested in trying like the imitation vacation body oil and the eight eye-ssential pallette. Anyone else use this pencil?

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Perlage Illuminating Primer: full size 2.0 fl oz $19 I’m a little confused that there is so little information on this brand anywhere on the web other than the storefront where you can buy it. All I can go by is the NB booklet that says it’s a anti-aging line that uses ceramides and peptides to regulate hydration and heal damaged skin. This primer uses light diffusing particles to help minimize wrinkles, fight redness, and absorb excess oils so keep makeup in its place. The scent is like a veeeery light sunscreen from my childhood. That’s not a bad thing in my book. It smells nice. and its fast absorbing. I don’t use primers too often as I feel like its one more layer of oil slick to deal with. but I’m interested in this one since it doesn’t feel silicone like.

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Lumene Pure Radiance Night Cream: full size 1.7 fl oz $19.99 I know I’ve gotten Lumene creams in the past, but I’ve haven’t really stuck to using them since it’s a little rich to use daily on my skin. This overnight brightening cream uses arctic cloudberry nectar to brighten and balance the complexion. Plant sterols nourish dry areas while Shea butter protects. It’s a great cream for someone else for sure. I pretty much use Cerave and Avene and thats about it.

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philosophy purity one step facial cleanser: full size 16 fl oz $32 I’ve gotten this product int he past too ( I think) and its a pretty nice cleanser that get get rid of makeup and daily yuck in one step. I don’t remember having a problem with it, but when using it I wouldn’t have used it day after day. I generally need to stick to cleansers made for sensitive skin like Neutrogena and Cetafil for my day to day, even though it says its made for sensitive skin skin, I would probably use is more after a night of going out.

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Orly Nail Lacquer: Full Sized (received) 0.6 fl oz $8.50 I’m very familiar with this brand because I have a few already that I get at Sally’s. It’s a great brand that has a good variety of colors and lasts long enough for me. I am 100% percent totally in love with the color that I got sent: Gumdrop which looks like a sky blue pool color. Totally something I would buy on my own a the store. The other colors shown in the booklet were cute too, but they chose my favorite out of the bunch. I’m also glad we got sent a full sized bottle and not some mine bottle with a mini brush because those kinda stink to have to polish on with. I’m a fan of Orly polish and can only say good things about it!

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Tarte Cosmetics Pure Maracuja Oil Rollerball: Full Sized (received)0.6 fl oz $17 Maracuja Oil originates from the Amazonian forest and is known for its skin-repairing benefits. Tarte Cosmetics put the wonderful oil in a easy to use rollerball for application–which is really nice actually so you don’t go overboard. Maracuja oil is thought to brighten , repair and even out skin tone. I would be a little hesitant to use this all over my face but wouldn’t mind dabbing on areas that get dry fast after washing. We got full sized products of these which was really nice since its a beautiful product. Has anyone used this before? Comments? I’ve read through the reviews on Sephora and they range from terrible to great so I’d love to hear what you think too.

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I think this was a great edition of the testtube because the last one wasn’t that memorable apparently, lol. Some were previously tried favorites and I have some new things to try. There is nothing in this tube that I would immediately give away.

Have you received your NewBeauty testtube? What did you think? Do you look forward to the extra shipments? Share in the comments below!




**** I pay a subscription fee to the NewBeauty testtube program in order to receive these products. I’m just here to give you my honest opinion!***



Have you see the @NewBeauty Test Tube Edition 23 …. O…M…G

My New Beauty Test Tube arrived last week and as usual, I read about each of the products and look them up on my phone to see what they’re all about. This test tube already has given me an immediate favorite out of the lot, the Memoire Liquide Fluer Liquide Body Cream— but more on that later!

new beauty test tube edition 23 1

New Fans of this blog may not know about New Beauty’s Test Tube Program and boy if you haven’t heard, you are missing out, girl. Every three months, New Beauty does a beauty sampling program with deluxe-sized samples or even full sized products! It costs $29.95 and is shipped right to your doorstep. I signed up god who knows when at this point it may be two years or so by now? I’ve been able to try a big assortment of products ranging from hair, anti-aging serums and creams, body creams, self tanners, exfoliants, eye lash conditioners, makeup, and perfumes. Im sure there is something I didn’t list, but over the course of time, I really do like the products they send out. I know in the last tube I was really rooting for this product to work, a body purifying serum. It was a full sized product and I attempted to used it daily for two weeks. To be honest it stunk. I mean, as in smelly? It was something in the formula and as nice as it it made my skin look ( although, nothing extraordinary), it wasn’t an appealing smell, but I got enough product to really try it out and see for myself. If not, I would have spent the money

and been pissed. So thanks, New Beauty! I hate when I get a sample that gets used up too quickly. Luckily, the samples are generous, its only a matter or getting the right products you may be hoping for!

new beauty test tube edit 23 gift cards

Test Tube Edition 23 included the latest Spring/Summer 2012 New Beauty Magazine, a sample guide on the products I received, three coupon/gift cards that say I’ll get $10, $25, $50 off if I spend $60, $125, $200, and an eye shadow stick, and exfoliating wash, a hair frizz control product, a wrinkle product, and eye liner (to be sent, arriving a little late but on its way), perfume scents, body cream, sunscreen, antioxidant serum, and a BB Cream. I know, right? Keep readin’…..

new beauty test tube memoire liquide

Memoire Liquide Fluer Liquide Body Cream has been used DAILY since I opened that box. It smells SO good. SO so good. It comes from the Bespoke Perfume Line which can only be found in a few places I have figured out. Memoire Liquide is the reserve collection of fragrances and body creams that use scents to evoke memories from the past. It was created by two sisters, Robin Coe Hutshing and Jennifer Coe Bakewell, using fragrance bases that can easily be both worn alone, or blended into a unique scent. In their shop they help you custom blend your own signature scent with an individual consultation! This cream has notes of fresh grapefruit, tangerine, neroli flowers and sandalwood. To be honest with you, I like gardenia’s and that’s what I think I KINDA smell in there. I have no idea. White florals are my favorites. But its a “blossoming” scent that I love, meaning I can smell it on me and I love it and I can still smell it on me an hour later but much softer. I love it. I wish it wasn’t $48 though, thank god I was given a full sized tube to try out first…. Memoire Liquide can be found at Fred Segal – Santa Monica, Henri Rendel – New York, and

new beauty test tube perlier body balm

Perlier & Elariia Body cream was also sent to me, but this one came in a cute glass jar and had a ribbon seal to break when opening. Perlier is an Italian manufacturer of products derived from

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the active ingredients of medical plants. The company uses on-going clinical and agricultural research which has 40 scientists cultivating these plants under strict control to give out the highest natural of active ingredients. Soooooouuunnds sciency, huh? Well, the body cream I got was Chocolate Vanilla and it really really does smelly like a warm cocoa. It is a very light scent to me unless I resniff. According to their site, this cream uses Reunion Island Vanilla and Caribbean Chocolate and can intensely nourish the skin while leaving skin soft and velvety. My boyfriend did not like the chocolate at all once he heard it was chocolate, but did like how it felt. Ive been using it on my hands and like how it melts into my skin. I doesn’t leave a greasy, waxy or oily residue, my hands still feel clean and not covered in a layer of stuff coating the skin. The full sized product is 6.8 fl. oz and is $30 listen on their site. You can find Perlier at CVS, HSN (Home Shopping Network), and

new beauty test tube fluer liquide

Memoire Liquide Soliel Liquide Fragrance was also sent to me, two fragrances actually: Fluer Liquide (which I thought should smell exactly like the cream), and Encens Liquide. Now when I first opened my test tube, I smelled smoke? Yea, weird. Upon inspection, I found the two fragrances and discovered the culprit. I thought both smelled “smoky” but as I write this I realize who it REALLY was. The encens liquide description even mentions incense and soft smoke trailing in the air. Sorry, but “smoke” or “incense” is never what I want to smell like. It was so strong too that it made me thing the other scent was going to be bad. It wasn’t. I like it actually, and happy that I can use it with the cream in the same fragrance. Fluer Liquide is described as dew soaked flowers, orange blossom, fresh mimosa and night blooming jasmine. Yes! I love gardenia’s and jasmine! This perfume is listed at $95 and can be found in the same locations listed with the cream.

new beauty test tube mally eye

I’ve received Mally makeup before and never really knew where it was sold before New Beauty. I saw their glossy ads in the magazines but still, since I never saw it in a store I shopped at, it pretty much stayed off my radar unless I was using it at the moment. The owner is very pretty, I always remember that though. I received a mascara a few tubes back and I loved the brush. It applied very nicely and I would buy it again if it was in front of my face when thinking about it. This time around, I got an Evercolor Eyeshadow stick in a dense bronzy gold color. The eyeshadow stick is actually a 3-in-1 with it being an eye shadow, eye liner, and primer all in one. Just line the eye, fill in the lid area and smudge with your finger or brush. In the New Beauty Sample packet it said this stuff is high performance and would stay on your face for 5 days if you didn’t wash it off. I’m not going to put it to the test. If it says so, I’ll believe it. lol. I do love the color, but have only tested it on the back of my hand so far. After a few minutes it really didn’t budge. I tried again by rubbing harder and nothing. So if your looking for smudge and crease-proof eyeshadow. DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! This product lists for $25 and can be found at, Henri Bedel -New York, and QVC.

new beauty test tube dr brant bb cream

Another product in the test tube that I was eager and excited to find was the BB Cream. I received a nicely sized sample of Dr. Brandt’s BB Cream with Flexitone. I have been hearing about BB creams for over two years and have yet to see or touch one. Only ready about them. I finally have one to try! BB Creams, also known as Blemish Balms, are multifunctional skin perfecting creams that claim to have anti-aging, skin protecting, and skin tone blending elements to it that make it into a magically wonderful cream for those with very light to lighter-medium skin tones. I have yet to hear of a BB Cream for darker skin tones. Sorry ladies. I have been using this for a full week so far and truly love the color blending that this balm does. It helps cover minor imperfections on my skin like freckles & spots around my eyes and cheek bones, but does not magically cover an blemish. Minor imperfections only. The balm moisturizes, and brightens the skin as well which I like having not to layer more products on! It has an SPF of 30 which I think leads to the “balmy” feeling after application. It FEELS like sunscreen for a good 5 minutes or so before I feel like it set. That is the only part I don’t like, but I will continue to use this tube up and think about a purchase. A full sized 1.0 oz costs $39 and can be found at Sephora, and

new beauty test tube moroccanoil

MoroccanOil seems to be a brand that has done well with the New Beauty test tube. I’ve managed to try several of their products and some even full sized! Ive tried the original moroccanoil, the hair mask, the glimmer spray, and the finishing spray. I enjoyed all of the products however, I would most likely opt for the light version in stores. I loved the travel sized finishing spray because it would make my hair shiny while giving it hold. This frizz spray is just what I need for my wispies or flyaways. I usually have some breakage going on from all the heat styling and a very fine mist of frizz spray really helps. I like that this doesn’t feel heavy and has a super fine mister. I usually apply to just towel-dried hair to let the argan oil (the key ingredient in moroccanoil) do its magic to smooth, tame and replenish my overworked hair. long hair + heat styling = asking for it. This product sells for $32 full sized (which I received, yippee) and can be added to my future purchase list. MoroccanOil can be found at their site:, and at several retailers. Check out my favorite retail store I write for: They sell it there!

new beauty test tube neostrata wash

Neostrata Exfoliation Wash was sent to me in travel sized. Neostrata is the brainchild of some researchers who discovered the benefits of alpha hydroxy acids on the skin, the skincare line delivers clinically-proven products with advanced technology to meet all kinds of skin types. I’m not a big fan of foam washes. I feel like I’m using nothing at all and always want to add extra pumps of product. However, alphahydroxys should not be doubled up on unless you want to shock your skin and dry it out– so be careful! The wash claims to speed up cell renewal by increasing cell turnover, unclogging debris from pores and improving overall texture by using polyhydroxy acids to do all the handy work. I can see how this is a good product for someone prepping for a peel. It will help get the outer most top layers of skin ready for sloughing. Just be sure to wear an SPF before going into the sun because AHA can make you more susceptible to sun damage. Neostrata Exfoliation wash can be found for $35 at and

new beauty test tube olay regenerist

In the test tube was a sampler of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex. The description of the product says that it moisturizes, smooths, and reduces deep lines within 14 days with its Biopeptide complex leaving the skin with a satin-like finish. The Biopeptide stimulates collagen production helping plump the skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines. It also has light diffusers in it to lessen the appearance of fine lines and brighten the eye area. I actually used to use the Olay Regenerist cream a few years back and I would get it from Target all the time. It was actually a very nice face moisturizer, I’m not sure why I stopped using it but I did. Oh! And I got a $3.00 off coupon with the sample which is pretty good, and the price normally is $28.00. If I choose to get this in the future, I’ll probably get it from Target and sometimes they would have good deals on Olay products. I don’t expect the product to do any miracles, but any improvement on fine lines would be nice. Olay Regenerist can be found at my supermarket (Ralph’s) , but can be also found at wal-mart, Target and

borrowed from new beauty site

I actually didn’t received the YBF eye liner………….yet. I got the package and opened everything up and started flipping through the sample pamphlet thingy they send and that’s how I discovered I didn’t get it. I’ve tried a YBF eyebrow pencil before and used it for months straight! I think it was the universal eyebrow pencil and had a brush on one end. This eye liner has a sharpener in the cap so you don’t have to go digging to the bottom of your makeup bag for one. Its supposed to be in the color “Plum Noir” a rich plum color which sounds super pretty. I love plums and purple eye stuff! I tweeted to New Beauty and they actually called me directly to correct the problem. I told them which product was missing and they immediately contacted me back to let me know it was on the way. So thanks to Susan Y. and the rest of the NB team! That was some awesome customer service there! YBF products can be found at Ulta,HSN, and

new beauty test tube skinceuticals spf

new beauty test tube skinceuticals serum phloretin

one product I am SUPER DUPER excited to get a sample of…chicked full of antioxidant power! 5 drops on the face every morning for me since I got it!

Skinceuticals was the final brand brand of samples I received. I was very interested in this brand because its related somehow to the Periosciences Brand I was trying out weeks ago. Periosciences is topical antioxidant based products for oral care. Skinceuticals helped pioneer the start of cosmeceuticals, with their topical vitamin C product. Their topical antioxidants neutralize UV induced free radicals and protect our skin from photo-aging. Hello–I TOTALLY NEED THIS. Along with the antioxidant serum I received, I also got a broad spectrum UV Defense SPF 50 which can be used even by the most sensitive skin types. I’m guessing/hoping/expecting these products to be good, I started using the serum yesterday. It absorbs into the skin immediately so it doesn’t feel like anything on which I like. A full sized costs $146-152 while the SPF is $32. Skinceuticals can be found at dermatologists offices, plastic surgeons and other skincare professionals.

new beauty test tube edition 23 END PHOTO

Overall I was very happy with this test tube. I’m glad I didn’t get a bunch of heavy facial night creams. That’s what everyone has been complaining about in other sampling programs and it annoyed me too–which it why I stopped all but this one. I think it would be a great idea if they ever did a HAIR test tube, or FACE test tube, or BODY test tube, specializing in the variety of specific products. Not all the time, but maybe for a special edition or something.

I look forward to the next tube and always want to get one from QVC and never do. I think I always forget the day of. So what do you think beauties? Have you tried any of these brands? These products specifically? Which would you like to try the most?

Until next time!




P.S By the time this posts, I would have tried more of these products. If you wondered how they worked out in the last week, leave a comment/question below 🙂 I’ll let you know!