[Review] Nourishea’s Mango Body Wash

I found out about Nourishea through a beauty group I follow on Facebook. Someone had mentioned the company was giving away samples and to hurry on over there. So like any good beauty blogger does, I visited their page as soon as possible and put in a request. Here I am, a week later with a lovely little sample of Nourishea’s Mango Body Wash. And if I had to choose one word to sum it up? I’d say yum…and I’ll explain why.

Before I go into a drooling session about this wash, let me give you a little info on the company. Nourishea is the creation of Victoria Francis, and is a natural and green company that uses 100 % USDA Certified Organic Shea Butter. After searching for natural skin care solutions for her own kiddos, Victoria experimented with raw west African Shea butter along with other natural moisturizers and oils, creating a line of hair and skin care products that are easy to fall in love with.

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Now back to the review!

nourishea mango wash[Review] The product that I got to try was the mango body wash. I requested to try this or the mango Shea butter body creme, mainly because I love scented body products and mango sounds yummy! They describe the body wash on their website as moisturizing, gentle cleansing (without sulfates), paraben-free, and free of artificial or synthetic fragrances that might irritate sensitive skin.
What makes the formula ultra pampering for the skin is the combination of organic Shea butter, Vitamin E and glycerin that moisturize and restore moisture that we lose to the booty-freezing weather! My legs dry up almost immediately during the winter months so anything that says it will give me moisture, I’m almost willing to try.

I used the shower gel with a poof and boy did that make it bubbly! I didn’t use much but I had enough suds to go over twice–enjoying every second of it because it seemed like the more I used it, the more I could smell the mango! That mango scent was seriously divine–and I’m surprised how fragrant it was for only using mango essential oil. My only wish was that I could follow it up with the mango scented body creme, because the smell was gone once the shower was done. And where did those bubbles come from? As a sulfate-free formula I expected this wash to be watery and runny in the shower, and Nourishea proved me wrong. I have had my share of sulfate-free bath products that smell great but wash down the drain before you get your hair clean–with this wash, you won’t have that problem. Nourishea’s Mango body wash is a fluid gel that gives a super bubbly bath!

My skin was nicely moisturized after the shower and did not feel tight or dry. I did still need to slather myself with body lotion and aquaphor, but hey, that’s life. The shower gel comes in two scents: mango and sandalwood.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yesiree, I would! I would love to see it paired with the body creme and see how well they both work together. What’s nice is that Nourishea even sent me a discount code along with my sample so I could shop on the site and get 30% off! Sweet.

You can purchase the body wash for $23.00 at www.nourishea.com, or you can tweet/post to Sephora to start selling this product so you can try it out at a store near you!

Have you tried their products? What did you think? What product from their line would you most like to try?

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