It was an artsy fartsy sunday…

Yes, today was a day of being absolutely lazy other than having fun making jewelry and doing my nails. I drove out to a bead store to get supplies to try out this DIY bracelet that I had seen on another website. They have a ton of other bracelets that I would like to try out but today i wanted to practice a easy one. Glad I did because I plan on having a little get together with the girls to make some of these. Gotta make sure we weren’t setting ourselves up for an afternoon of frustration.

Voila! Everyday Wrap Bracelets!

These were fairly simply to make. It took me about an hour to make two bracelets; one double wrap and one single wrap. It also didn’t cost much to do. For two bracelets it cost me around $10.00 and I still have some left over linen cord for future bracelets. I would like to make this with an actual clasp the next time around because once I got the single loop bracelet on, it was a pain to try and get off.

I decided to redo my nails because I painted them yesterday and hated how they turn out. I wanted to do a simple line design

Hair receiving this but took bleached.

on my nails but duh! Forgot that I can’t draw well with my right had, only my left so one turned out well and the other turned out horrible. I decided to do a water marbeling instead with a new silver polish I got.

Water Marbeling in steps

Your going to need to prep your nails with a base coat, and base polish color. I chose to use Sally Hansen’s Celeb City for my base color to go on top of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Nail Hardener. The more I use this stuff, the better my nails look even without polish. I also used a Orly Ridge Filler on one nail that had peeled a little and was uneven. One coat was all I needed.

After letting your base color completely dry. You need to choose your marbleing colors (2-3), get a bowl or cup with room temp water, a handful of cotton swabs, olive oil, a tooth pick or pin, and nail polish remover.

First you coat your finger tips (one hand at a time) and coat the finger EXCEPT THE NAIL with olive oil. You are doing this to prevent excess nail polish from sticking to your skin. It will make clean up easier.

After that, line up your marbling colors and make your first drop of polish into the water. You want it to drop lightly onto the water surface and spread out a little. It may look like it just thins out in the water but trust me, it’s there. I usually use about 2 drops of each color. I put the drops directly on

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top of each other so they create rings of color in the water. You have to do this fairly quickly. Don’t rush yourself, but if you wait too long it will dry and become a waste.

Once you have put in all the drops of color, take a pin, or a nail art tool to drag across the design. You can wiggle the pin around to create all kinds of swirls in the color. Next your going to dip your finger covered in olive oil *nail bed down or face down* into the water to capture the swirl onto the nail. Once your fingertip is underwater, blow slightly on the water surface to get the polish to dry. Stick a cotton swap into the water and twirl it around to collect the skin of polish. You can now take your finger out of the water and use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean your finger. Be sure to get underneath the nail if your nails are long or it will feel gross and dirty.

Once you clean all the extra polish off you can go to the next finger. Repeat for each finger. After allowing both hands to dry, you can follow with a nice top coat to seal in your design. The swirl is thin compared to what you brushed on so protect all your hard work with a clear top coat. I used Seche Vite.

Sally Hansen Nail Hardener, Orly Ridge Filler, Sally Hansen Celeb City, Wet N Wild 485C, Sally Hansen Blue me Away, Sally Hansen Ivy League, Seche Vite Top Coat

water marbeling, water nail design, nail art, water swirl nails

I also did my toes….. 🙂

Well, its getting late but I was dying to post all of this tonight! Would love to know what you think! Or if you have any pretty nail designs to share. I’d love to hear about them!

By the way, have you seen my other nail designs on my facebook page? You can find them here.

Tutorial: Splatter Nails! I swear its not hard!

Hey Everyone!

My first attempt at splatter nail art was a hit amongst my friends, and as per their request I have created a tutorial so you can re-create the look yourself. My next goal is to do this on my toes…but I may need to stretch a bit first. 😉

base coat nail hardener, 1st color, 1st splatter color, 2nd splatter color, top coat, scotch tape, cuticle pen and manicure correcting pen

First things first, let’s get your supplies all together. You will need:

  • A nail polish to use as your base color
  • 1-3 additional colors you would like to splatter
  • top coat & base coat
  • A straw for each color you plan on splattering (not a coffee stirrer and not a boba straw, something in between will work fine)
  • scotch tape
  • q-tips or a manicure pen to clean mistakes.

I like to start my manicure with a base coat specifically with a nail hardener in it. I file my nails square-shaped and they tend to break right at the corners. This at least gives them a fighting chance.

I always start with a base coat. Preferably with nail hardener in it.

Next, you’re going to do your base color. I needed two coats with this light blue color.

First color used Revlon: Cloud

Next, you’re going to use scotch tape to tape up each finger. You will need to work on a single hand at a time. It’s too difficult to handle everything with all your fingers taped up. You will need one piece of tape across the cuticle, and then one piece of tape for each side. I try to line up the tape with the nail/cuticle edge and then press the tape all around so its more streamline.

See the steps of putting tape on your fingers

After you tape up your fingers. Your going to set up your splatter area. Keep in mind this can get a little messy. When I first did this I used a plastic baggie, this time I used a piece of cardboard. You may also use a paper plate. Place 5-7 drops of polish in a little pool on the cardboard or plate. Dont try to spread it around, just drop the drops right on top of each other. Then dip the straw into the pool of polish.

Dip the straw into the polish. You will need a straw for each color you use.

Now quickly with a quick puff (like a blow dart in Indiana Jones) with your mouth through the straw to blast the polish. Now this is where you will just have to experiment with how big of a puff you give it. The best way was a quick directed puff close to the nail. Too far and you get it everywhere, too close and you get a giant splatter on the nail. Sometimes it looks cool, other times it just looks like a mistake. You may need to add additional drops of polish as the pool dries.

As you can see, splatter can get messy. That is why we use tape! Color used is Sally Hansen: Instant Iris

You’re almost there! LOL Now give your hand a minute to dry some before moving to your second splatter color. You will essentially recreate the process by making a pool of polish of the second color, dipping your straw and giving each finger a quick puff.

You may notice that your splatter looks “goopy” in areas. I thought I made a mistake while doing this but after two go arounds I know that the paint does still dry–but you must give it time! Patience is key with goopy polish globs. Second color used: Wet N Wild: Heavy metal

After giving your hand a moment to dry, you can now take the tape off your fingers and throw them away. Be careful! If your nails are still wet you could smear your splatter and it will be more difficult to fix since your other hand already has polish on it! Next step is cleaning all the splatter that still got on your hands. Get your nail polish remover ready! I switch between using a q tip for bigger areas and a manicure correcting pen when I want to get really close to the cuticle.

I stripped down the q tip a little more so its more precise. See how my other hand is still only base color?

Last step is giving your dried polish a nice shiny top coat. I learned about Seche Vite from the gals at Beauty Collection. It’s one of those top coats that extra special by bonding with the layer of polish below to strengthen the polish and prevent it from chipping off. Once dried, you can repeat the process with the other hand and Tad-ah! You’ve got yourself a new manicure design.

Final Result: Splatter Nails

Do you have a cool nail design? I’m always looking for new ones tor try out. If so, please share! I just started a community page on facebook to share our photos- I hope you will come and check it out.

Catch ya later! 😉

Nail Polish Gradients

I’ve been checking out different sites on nail art and nail design. I tried to copy a gradient design that I saw in black/grey. I didn’t have enough grays and blacks to create it so I stuck with the colors I already have. I did pink on my hands and blue on my toes.

I have to admit that it got kinda messy since I was using a makeup sponge ( wedge style) to do the gradient. However, it’s very easy to do just be prepared to clean your fingers afterwards. I think next time I’ll coat my fingers in olive oil ( like I do when I do water marbling) to prevent that as much as possible.

I look forward to any comments 🙂

I plan to post more pics as I have more designs out. If you have pics to share please do, I love seeing everyone’s work 🙂