Treat Postpartum Hair Loss with J.F. Lazartigue Stymulactine line

j.f lazartigue for hair loss iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog reviewDid you know that August is Hair Loss Awareness Month? You’d be surprised to hear how often hair loss happens with women and not only men. And while it doesn’t directly affect our physical health, it can definitely take a toll on our emotional health. While there are a variety of reasons why women lose their hair, the one I want to talk about is postpartum hair loss, and how J.F Lazartigue’s Stymulactine line can help.

Postpartum hair loss happens when there are changes in your hormone levels, specifically Estrogen. During pregnancy, Estrogen levels are high, but once we have our little ones, they tend to drop off and that’s when we start seeing our hair at the bottom of the shower. Hair loss can go on until my baby reaches one years old, and by that time it should be back to it’s normal routine.

My daughter just turned six months and with that, I’ve noticed over the past three months that my hair was coming out at a noticeable rate. I had be warned that postpartum hair loss was a thing, but didn’t really worry about it until I started seeing my hairbrush and comb collecting enough to make someone else a full head of hair (or at least it felt like it). I already have very fine hair, and to be losing so much made me feel like my pony tails were getting tinier and tinier. Was I going to end up with a bald spot or that crazy baby hair that sticks up no matter what you do to it? All things I’ve seen in my mommy groups and was starting to imagine happen to myself.

It was right around month five that I was contacted by J.F Lazartigue to try their anti-hair loss line and see if it could help me. The J.F Lazartigue Stymulactine line consists of a few products that slows hair loss by fortifying the hair at the root and encouraging new regrowth of stronger hair. There is a shampoo, a spray, the scalp revitalizer, and revitalizing hair nutrients (vitamins).

j.f lazartigue for hair loss iliketotalkblog

J.F. Lazartigue Stymulactine 21 Shampoo uses plant glycoproteins to improve tissue respiration while homotaurine stimulates regrowth–just what new mamas need in this first year. It’s formula also includes anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to promote healthy, lush hair. The shampoo has a light fragrance and rinses well.

Their Intensive Scalp Revitalizer fortifies and strengthens the hair at the root, helping anchor when you have left, while improving your chances of healthy, strong regrowth . Plant placenta nourishes the scalp with much needed amino acids and vitamins vital to sustaining heathy hair growth. I basically part my hair in several places and squeeze the ampules into the part and rub gently into the scalp and hair. It leaves my scalp a little “wet” so a ponytail is what I usually resort to during the day if I use it in the morning every couple of days.

j.f lazartigue for hair loss iliketotalkblog

Lastly, the Revitalizing Hair Nutrients are supplements that help fill out any dietary deficiencies which we all know can happen when caring for a baby. Can we say skipped dinners and missed breakfasts? Depending on your level of hair loss, they recommend anywhere from 3-6 pills per day. I was advised to start with six pills a day, then 4, then 2 over a three month period of time.j.f lazartigue for hair loss iliketotalkblogJ.F. Lazartigue recommends using the products for three months to see the best results.  I’ve only just started using the products, but wanted to share this amazing line with my readers in case there are any mamas out there dealing with postpartum hair loss like myself. I’ve always been a fan of J.F Lazartigue products like their soy milk line and orchid shine products, but this is new for me. I plan to update you guys on my Instagram so I can share my results so be sure you’re following me over there!

You can find out more about J.F Lazartigue by visiting their website or following them on Facebook! Their website also tells you where you can find their products in retail locations.