Glimmer Wonderland Mini Nail Colour Set Swatches

I’m fully determined to get a swatch of each of these colors and I only wish I could change them more often!  If you read my last post, you may notice that I have taken a new photo of the set.  I think in the excitement of me opening the packages I switched some of the rows around and got the names mixed up.  I have since corrected them, but in case you need to know what the previous colors were before, you can find the post here.

Glimmer Wonderland Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set
Glimmer Wonderland Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set

I have three colors to share with you on this post and I love them all!  This always makes it very difficult to choose colors when doing my nails because I can try to narrow it down, but I always end up with a handful a choices anyways….I just need more hands (and more time)! Without further adieu…

How Cute is That? (Opaque Vintage Pink Coral)

how cute is thathow cute is that

This color was super pretty in the sunlight and has an almost golden shimmer to it.  I wore this one throughout the week.

how cute is that  swatch

how cute is that  swatch 4

how cute is that  swatch 5

how cute is that  swatch

The next color I tried out was:

Mermaid to Order (Opaque metallic turquoise green)

Sephora+SEPHORA+by+OPI+Nail+Colour+Mermaid+To+Ordemermaid to order 2

I love how this one shines!  The only problem I have with metallics is that if your don’t have an awesome ridgefiller you see the unevenness of my nails.  My “good” nails look nice though.  I know that I want to try this with the matte top coat at one point or a splatter nail.

mermaid to order swatch 1

mermaid to order swatch 2

mermaid to order swatch 3

Last but not least is a super rich purple but OPI/Sephora names it much better!

Just A Little Dangerous (opaque metallic amethyst)

just a little dangerousjust a little dangerous 2

This deep purple has a sparkle to it that it difficult to capture on my iPhone.  I tried from so many angles and said BAAH! Fogedaboutit…..they will see the swatches.  Again, loving the color, but makes my feet look pale as hell!

just a little dangerous swatch 1

just a little dangerous swatch 2

just a little dangerous swatch 3just a little dangerous 3

Thats’ it for now guys…. I’ll be sure to post more the next polish change!


**update**  I had some extra time on Sunday and tried a tape mani, anyone try one of those?  My first attempted was terrible and ruined the entire mani….but look at this on!

tape manicure zig zag manicure

@sephora by O.P.I swatches

I was lucky enough to receive this set of polish fir my birthday, just look at all the colors to choose from!

Glimmer Wonderland Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set

Glimmer Wonderland Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set

I got together with a couple of my girlfriends to give them a test along with these cute nail stencils I got


I hope to do a swatch of them all, but for now I chose heart stencils and sephora by O.P.I’s Don’t Feed The Hand Models, Already Famous, and I Don’t Bite.



Dont Feed The Hand Models is an opaque pink beige. I only used a little

of this but imagine it needs 2 or 3 coats to be opaque. **update, this color looks nude when on toes!

I Dont Bite is a metallic purple – silver shimmer polish. Two coats are sufficient, but I couldn’t resist trying three.

Already Famous
A shimmery champagne-gold polish. I needed 3 coats.



I definitely need more practice with stencils. I was afraid of pulling the base polish off as I did my first try at this. I gave it a shot on my toes to see if I could do better.




Has anyone else got this kit? Any colors you want to see swatched next?

Ta Ta ladies! 🙂