5 Foods That Give You Beautiful Skin

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Have you heard the saying, you are what you eat?  There is some serious truth to that statement.  Eating vitamin and antioxidant rich foods can help fuel the body, allowing normal processes to function at a high level while processed, fatty foods can cause you to feel sluggish, tired, and leave you always craving more.  Lets take a look as some foods that are good for you and will give you the best skin of your life.

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Honey.  While we usually hear that sugar laden foods are bad for our skin, honey is actually quite good.  Honey generates hydrogen peroxide which fights infection (like acne), while acting as a humectant to draw moisture into the skin keeping it moisturized. Raw Manuka honey is able to generate hydrogen peroxide as well as other antibacterial components such as methylglyoxal that help clear the complexion.  Be sure to look for brands that show a UMF (unique manuka factor) rating of 10+ or higher to reap the benefits of this useful honey.  

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Eggs.  Eggs are loaded with a wide variety of constituents that help promote beautiful.healthy skin and nails. They contain a high level of vitamin A which helps skin repair itself, while biotin (a b-complex vitamin) plays a key role in hormone and nerve function. Not having enough biotin in your system leads to hair loss and skin problems like acne rashes and psoriasis. Eggs also serve as  a large source of proteins which help our skin continue with the rebuild & renew process.  Without proteins and amino acids collagen and elastin would not form.  

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Blueberries.  Considered one of the best sources of antioxidant activity by the U.S department of Agriculture, blueberries will help fight off free radicals which accelerate the aging process.  They also contain vitamin C which is known to increase collagen production for plump, youthful skin. Just a half a cup is a good amount to incorporate into your diet so toss some in some oatmeal or in a baggie and head out the door.

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Salmon. The wild type and not farm raised is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids that you can include in your diet.  Omegas are healthy fats that do wonders for the heart, joints and skin.  So while omegas improve skin suppleness and moisture levels, salmon also contains carotenoids that fight fine lines by improving elasticity. Why wild instead of farm raised?   Farm raised runs the risk of having more contaminants and may, I repeat MAY have antibiotics based on where the fish was sourced.

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Tomatoes.  Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene which is a type of carotenoid.  Lycopene and Carotenoids are antioxidants that not only fight the signs of aging, but help impart the healthy color in our skin.  That orange and red color you see in vegetables come from carotenoids helps boost up the “glow” in our skin by being stored in the fat just underneath the skin. Lycopene is also thought to have a role in preventing cancer so whether you throw some cherry tomatoes in a salad, or make a yummy marinara sauce, be sure to get some tomatoes into your diet.

There are a ton of highly nutritive foods out there that can improve your overall health and lead to great skin so don’t stop with this list.  This is just a starting point to jump off from.  What foods do you know have additional benefits to them?  Share in the comments below.

Beautiful Nutrition Acne & Blemish Clearing Collagen Cocktail Drink Mix


beautiful nutrition acne and blemish clearing drink mix review by iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog review

Beauty Supplements

After trying Beautiful Nutrition hair and skincare products and being wowed by the results I got, I was eager to try more from this fabulous brand. Each product in their hair, skin, and supplement line is custom formulated to give you the very best in nutrients and actives that beauty products have to offer.  In case you didn’t see my previous review of their fadeless shampoo and conditioner, hair shine serum and revitalizing body wash, you can view it here.

I truly believe that a lot of what we eat and drink has an outward effect on our appearance.  We are bombarded with information that eating foods high in antioxidants can keep skin looking youthful, and the bottom line is, we are what we eat.  So when I came across their drink mix products for acne-prone and tired skin, I jumped at the chance to give them a try. And because I’ve been on a big fitness kick, I also asked to try their slimming formulas for that added boost I’ve been looking for lately. I will be breaking up the products I was sent into a couple of reviews because there is a lot of information to share with you guys!

beautiful nutrition acne and blemish clearing drink mix review by iliketotalkblog

The Beautiful Nutrition Beautricious Acne & Blemish Clearing Collagen Cocktail Drink Mix comes in single serving packets to mix into your water bottle. There are a few ingredients in this mix that I think are important to go over since they aren’t familiar terms for me and I thought it may help you guys out. Each packet (and there are 12 per container) gives you a 354 mg dose of collagen which supports healthy skin, along with acne fighting ingredients such as zinc (thought to help non-cystic acne) , and guggul gum resin which has been used in ayurvedic medicine to reduce redness in acne.  Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a fungus (don’t be scared, read on!) that provides a source for yeast that helps the skin uptake amino acids and vitamins for skin repair (wound healing).  And if you suffer from acne, we all know that there are times when you pick when you shouldn’t so wound healing is something we need to consider. Another ingredient that I needed to dig on the internet for was lactoferrin, which helps the body fight bacteria, reduce inflammation has has helped some with cystic acne (whoohoo!). And lastly, Rutin. I’ve never heard of Rutin before but kinda glad I was able to research all these ingredients and learn more about natural methods for acne clearing. Rutin is an antioxidant touted for it’s anti-inflammatory effects and can be found in one of my most favorite snack foods, the banana.

Other notable ingredients in the mix are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Calcium and Selenium!

beautiful nutrition acne and blemish clearing drink mix review by iliketotalkblog

I drink about 64 fl oz of water a day, but I mix this in a shaker bottle I have handy.  The drink doesn’t fully “mix” but mixes enough where I’m not complaining, just notice that I have to shake it up if I let it sit for too long before finishing the bottle.  It has a citrusy flavor to it and best served cold with crushed ice. Yum! I think you need to use this product for much longer than 12 packets to see results, but I am content with the fact I am using something internally and not blasting my face with a zillion cream, lotions or scrubs that can cause further irritation. I’d like to see the results I get after using this daily for a full month or two in order to report back on how I think it helped or didn’t help my skin.

beautiful nutrition acne and blemish clearing drink mix review by iliketotalkblog

The directions say to not drink more than two per day, and I only did once per day so I could stretch them out over a longer course of time.  It also says it is more suited for non-cystic acne than specifically cystic acne. I believe that mixing this mix in with water allows the body to absorb the goodies faster than a big horse pill swallowed on the daily.  If I had any more packets to try, I would have thrown it into a fruity smoothie since I think that would work well too.

Do any of my readers use supplements to fight acne? What’s worked or hasn’t worked for you?

You can purchase this drink mix on Amazon or on LuckyVitamin if you want to give it a try!  For further information on the Beautiful Nutrition, please visit their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates!


OZ Naturals Amino Herbal Hydration Mask


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I love it when you discover a new product that really makes you think, WOW.  I’ve had the pleasure of testing out OZ Naturals before and was pretty impressed with one of their serums, and luckily was invited to try out another product of theirs.  If you missed my previous review of the hyaluronic acid serum you can view it here.  Today, I get to share with you my experience with their Amino Herbal Hydration Mask.

oz naturals Amino Herbal Hydration mask Review by Iliketotalkblog

As someone with acneic skin, I tend to steer clear of “hydrating” masks as I’m afraid of how my skin my react.  I know acne-prone skin needs moisture, but I usually stick to just serums or moisturizers and use mask for exfoliation or soaking up excess oil. I recently had a facial and was told she used a hydrating mask so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try this one out. Especially since it said it was gentle enough for daily use!

OZ Naturals Amino Herbal Hydration Mask is vegan and cruelty-free.  The formula claims to plump up the skin and hydrate tired skin that needs nourishment.  The main highlighted ingredients are hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.  As we’ve discussed before, hyaluronic acid is a powerhouse ingredient for helping skin lock in moisture and can hold up to 1000 times it weight in water.  Vitamin B5 helps repair the skin so that it works better at locking in the moisture, and Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant to fight free radical damage.  The formula also uses glycerin which is a humectant and pulls moisture into the skin, and includes a variety of amino acids to strengthen the skin while providing anti-aging properties.

oz naturals Amino Herbal Hydration mask Review by Iliketotalkblog

The directions say to use this mask (daily, if you choose) after you cleanse and exfoliate.  Just apply a layer and relax for 10 to 15 minutes to do its magic, and then rinse clean.  The mask is a clear gel and has a slight botanical scent to it, which I only notice when I squeeze out of the tube, but not when it’s on my face.  I apply a semi-thick layer and was surprised to see that most of it actually absorbs right into the skin.  By the time you wash it off, it looks like you have a thin peel-off mask on because so much has sunk in.

The first week I had this product I DID use it daily.  I was so happy with the results on the first night that I wanted to use it again and again. My skin felt incredibly soft after rinsing it away that I couldn’t help but keep touching my face which is a big no no, but I couldn’t help it!  My skin looked hydrated and helped some areas that got really dry from acne treatments I was trying out at home.  Now that I’ve had this product for a couple weeks I lessened my usage to a couple times a week so that I can stretch the product out longer.  After, I dab some of the hyaluronic acid serum to finish out my nightly routine and don’t feel the need for an extra layer of moisturizer.

I’m happy to report this didn’t cause any acne flare ups or appear to clog my pores any further than they already are!  The last thing acne-prone skin needs in products that settle in the pores and create more pimples!

The size of the tube is good at 4 oz. and I expect it to last quite some time. The price is bearable at under $22 on amazon, so you don’t need to “save up” to buy a replacement later on.

oz naturals Amino Herbal Hydration mask Review by Iliketotalkblog

I look forward to trying out more products from OZ Naturals as the two I have tested have been big hits!  To find out more about OZ Naturals you can find them on Facebook or Instagram.