Sunny Fingertips Or Gold? I Can’t Decide! #ZOYA #ESSIE

Zoya had a promotion a few months back where you could get a free polish or something, I dunno, but in any case I placed a huge order an got a ton of pinks and one very different color that I normally never choose, a yellow.  A yellow polish isn’t for everyone.  We actually debated it at work whether it could look nice at all.  There was a split in decision with some saying it never looks good, while others thought it looked “nice” and sunny.

 I ultimately think it depends on skin tone because it can make you look sickly if it brings out reddish undertones in your skin.  But back to the swatches.  The Yellow Polish I purchased was called “creamy” and I decided to top it with Essie’s “As Gold AS It Gets“.

The color is described on the Zoya website as:

 ” A bright but soft banana peel shade of yellow”

The color was easy to apply but did take 3 coats to be completely opaque for my taste.  I got scared when I saw how bright it was and wasn’t sure how it would look in the office so I tried to tone it down with gold flecks (using the Essie polish).

zoya creamy essie as gold as it gets

 The Essie Polish is from one of their top coats collections that I have almost all.  As Gold As It Gets is a clear coat with micro gold glitter and small foil flecks bringing a pretty gold sheen to any color you wear underneath.  I’d like to try it with a candy apple red. Perhaps on the toes 🙂

zoya creamy essie as gold as it gets

zoya creamy essie as gold as it gets

zoya creamy essie as gold as it gets

 What do you think?  Is yellow polish an acceptable color you would wear?  Or do you think yellow polish should be banned entirely?  I’m still on the fence about yellow because I love bright yellows and oranges but they are difficult for me to wear.  Is there one in your arsenal that I need to know about?  Share in the comments below!

zoya creamy essie as gold as it gets

zoya creamy essie as gold as it gets

Zoya Polishes can be purchased online directly from their site ( and many many others) for the mere price of $8.00.  If you are afraid the color you want to purchase wont look good on you, you can purchase a “spoon” for fifty cents and they will send you a mini swatch bead of color on the equivalent of a Baskin Robbins tester ice cream scoop.  Just enough color to get to the idea, and no regrets if the color looks hideous.

Essie polishes can be purchased online also but as gold as it gets may be easier to find in a drugstore like CVS.  Its sold out on their site but can be found for $8.00.

So what do you think? Is yellow your color?

Zoya Hayden Nail Polish Swatch #nailcolor

Who love pink nail polish? Claudia loves pink nail polish!…and thats why she went on a pink nail polish shopping spree with Zoya a while back. I couldnt help it, theyre so purdy. This time, I bring to you, Zoya’s Hayden, which their site describes as:

Zoya Nail Polish in Hayden can be best described as: Nearly-neon bright bubblegum pink with strong violet shimmer and subtle silver microglitter. Fun, girly, flashy and always flattering.

zoya hayden iliketotalkalot 4zoya hayden iliketotalkalot 3

zoya hayden iliketotalkalot 2zoya hayden iliketotalkalot 1

It applied smoothly but my only problem was the lacking opacity. I actually did four coats and while this is a gorgeous color, I cannot stand when I can see the nail bed line underneath. It was rated as a 4 on a scale of 1-5 on sheer-opaque, I thought that would be sufficient, but I guess not. I will definitely need to do

a similar opaque pink liner underneath next time.




Gorgeous Jewel Tone Polish: IZZY by @Zoya_NailPolish

zoya izzy nail swatch

If you follow my page, Claudia’s Health & Beauty Community, you will notice that I love posting all my latest purchases (or gifts) so you can see what they’re like too! I’m a big fan of sampling and subscribe to the New Beauty Test Tube program, and Birchbox. While not every month is a winner, I think overall the programs are awesome an allow me to try out stuff that I normally would not be able to afford on my own. Yes, I am the kind of person that wants to try everything. The samples I can’t use I give to the boyfriend or pass them along to others to try out (and hopefully report back).

So in my

November 2011 Birchbox I got some good and some not-so good items. You can visit my page to see what the other products were, but for this post, I want to focus on a gorgeous polish that I was super stoked to try out. Everytime I go to my Beauty Collection Store I pass the O.P.I, Essie, Lippmann, and Zoya racks and drool. I could seriously imagine taking half of the crap out of my closet and replacing it with beautifully lined up racks of polish all facing forward and color coded like a rainbow….you know, like any OCD beauty weirdo would do.

Anyway, back to the post…… I introduce to you:

Zoya’s Izzy Nail Lacquer

zoya izzy

The Zoya website describes the color as : A bright, bold deep pink with hints of silver in a glowing foil-like finish. A fun party pink with big color and a touch of sparkle.

Zoya is a line of long-wearing polishes, specifically designed for natural nails, free of Toluene, formaledhyde, DBP (phthalates), and camphor. They have a zillion colors, OK not a zillion, but at least 300 in the regular collection and 4 seasonal collections each year. Seriously, more colors that we can imagine.

What I just noticed on their site is that they sell “spoons” of color, which are little swatches on a stick, allowing you to see what the color will actually look like on your nail without having to plunk-down full price and be disappointed later when it doesn’t look the way you want. Awesomness! Lucky for me, I’m happy with most colors I buy–but it has happened before.

This color is B-E-A-utiful. I don’t know why, but it actually put me in the mood to watch one of my favorite movies of all time, Moulin Rouge.

I used to dance, and would watch this movie all the time dreaming of being in a big production like that movie. The costumes, the makeup, I loved it all. Yes, all that, and Ewan McGregor………. hello sir, may I have another? Something about that guy…he can sing to me anytime!

So back to the polish! I was able to get full coverage with just one coat, but couldn’t resist doing at least two to give the color some more depth. It does has a foil-y, metallic-y effect to it that I normally don’t like with reds or pinks but I think I may have turned another page with one. I’m very tempted to add to it though with a second color in some way. I just can’t help it! Maybe a matte black tip or a black splatter? What do you think would look nice with this color? I was even thinking an ornament theme for each finger but hello, that’s a weekend project!

zoya izzy natural light

I take photos in different lighting so you can see how it looks. Hopefully I will get better with my photography 😛

zoya izzy with bottle

zoya izzy under a lightzoya izzy under a light 2

zoya izzy in sun 3

zoya izzy in sun 2

zoya izzy in sun 1

You can purchase the polish online at: for $8.00 or visit a local Beauty Collection store (my fave).

Update** just had to try a little design on top 🙂