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Influensters Love VoxBox had an awesome mix of products for me to try, some being new to me and some I have already been a fan of. Kiss Nail Products was one I was immediately excited to try because I love doing my nails and they looked WAY better than the press on nails they sent me to try last month. I wouldn’t even put those things on. They even sent me a design that was really patterned–cheetah–but called “sexy”.


Kiss Dress, or Kiss’s version of sticker nail appliqués claim to last up to 10 days and come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your every mood. I’ve tried nail polish stickers before and have had mixed results depending on the brands, I was hoping this one would work very well because the strips looked thin and would adhere well. I should have known when it said “peel off slowly” to remove. Sigh. DID NOT LIKE THESE AS ALL.


You know why you need to peel these off? Because its not polish. Its a strip of plastic with sticky stuff on one side, literally making it a plastic sticker for your nails that you have to file to the shape of your nail. The only problem with these plastic strips is that they are WAY thicker than actual nail polish strips and don’t file off well. They also don’t bond to the nail so the “sticker” lifts eventually when you run your hands through your hair. That is the exact reason I didn’t want to put on the press on nails. I didn’t want the sticky stuff to snag on my hair and get caught.


The kiss nail strips lasted a whole ……………. 2 hours? Sad. Im guessing my nails just aren’t the right shape for these stickers. My nails are in good condition. They aren’t peeling or uneven, but they do have a high arc, meaning the nail bed is not flat across which may not let the sticker lie flat across the nail bed. Maybe its just too curved. Thats the only thing I can think off because i clean my nails beforehand with zoya prep nail polish remover and didn’t even wash my hands once after before the stickers started lifting. I tried to show you in the pictures just how bumpy it looked even after pressing and smoothing out forever.

not sure if you can see but they didnt lay flat at all

I know you can see it in this one though! see? bumpy. wavy. blah!

In my opinion it doesn’t matter how much these cost because they wouldn’t have lasted through a dinner if I had gone out that night. Aside from that, I did like the pattern. They were easy to apply, just not easy to file and stay on.

I’m going to link you guys to Patricia’s Blog, A Diva’s Perogative, because she tends to have better luck with these nail products than I have.

If you want to find out more about Kiss Nail Products you

can visit their website here.

Kiss Nails on Facebook. Kiss Nails on Twitter.

I use some other kiss nail products like their nail art kits or nail decals and think I’ll stick to just those for now.

** I received this product for review purposes via Influenster’s VoxBox program.

3 thoughts on “@Influenster sent me #kissdressnails

  1. Thank you for the mention Claudia, it means a lot! Mine didn’t last that long either, but it was fun to try it on!


  2. Like I told you on FB I had a great expereince with these! I used them on my 8 and 7 year old daughters, fingers and toes. I had to cut the strips down (usually in half) to fit their nails. I started with cleaning their nail with nailpolish remover then using something from the Red Carpet Manicure line called “Prep”. It’s a treatment that sanitizes the nail and instantly dries. Then after (carefully) applying the sticker, I took a cuticle pusher and gently ran over each nail to get all of the wrinkles out. When I filed the excess off I found that filing just filing down the nail, instead of side to side worked really well. That way the sticker didn’t fray or shift. This was seriously like a month ago. The stickers on their finger nails lasted roughly two weeks. The girls ended up peeling them off. But, and this is no joke, they still have the stickers on their toes! AND it still looks good! Just a little regrowth near the cuticle.

    Obviously I have not attempted to remove the stickers yet. I threw away the instruction paper. Does anyone know how Kiss recommends removing them? I don’t want to damage their tiny toe nails!

    • I know, I know, im SHOCKED they lasted that long on your littel girls fingers and toes! How the heck did they stay on so well?!? Clearly, I must have done something wrong because I remember being pissed as hell that I had to rip all the stickers off before I went to bed and had a little piles of cheetah print stickers on my nightstand. I think Ill stick with regular polish, Im better at it, lol@!

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