Guilty Star: Your New Favorite Online Jewelry Shop & Offer!!

guilty star iliketotalkalot is a brand spanking new online shop for all kinds of hot accessories that won’t make your wallet cry tears. If you haven’t heard of it yet, go ahead and right click here, so you can open it up on a second tab on your internet. Now bookmark it. There. Saved for later. Trust me. You’ll thank me.

We all look at stuff in the magazines all the time and make a fantasy mental shopping list of everything we like, whether we can afford it or not. At least I do. I do plenty of “shopping” this way, however, now I can possibly get some more goodies for myself. Guilty Star has does some serious research find us the same looks but without having to contemplate selling a kidney on the black market to be properly accessorized.

After discovering the store, I immediately went on a like-spree, hitting the “like” button on over a handful of necklaces and rings that desperately needed a place in my life. I have a jewelry tree on my nightstand that has longed for more stuff to hang from its branches. This store could definitely interest me.

For instance, I am in L-O-V-E with long strand necklaces. Something about them, I totally love. I’ve been staring at this one lately. I already know what outfit I want to wear with it.

fidelia necklace guilty star 60 iliketotalkalot

Fidelia Necklace $60

and this one!!

gianina necklace guilty star 29 iliketotalkalot

Gianina Necklace $29

I don’t usually wear rings, I don’t know why, I guess I never think to get any. But look at these?! I could wear these. If I had these, I’d be wearing rings more often that for sure.

gigi ring guilty star 32 iliketotalkalot

GiGi Ring $32

How bout bracelets? Anyone? I know? Love, right? Bracelets always make me feel like my wrists are thin, so I like wearing them. I could totally see myself wearing this one.

adriana bracelet 38 guilty star iliketotalkalot

Adriana Bracelet $38

That’s just a pinch of what they’ve actually got in store. Earrings, Ferro Cosmetics Mineral HD Makeup, and these awesome Silk Worm Scarves are also available on the site (did I mention I want one of those too?). Not to mention the featured Designer that Guiltystar will promote,with a slightly higher priced collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry fashions that will only be available for limited times. So be sure to check in often, because you never know whats going to show up next on the site! Clai, the owner seriously scours the earth to find us these pieces and gets then in limited quantities– so you really will feel like you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece, ya know?

Speaking of one-of-a-kind, Clai Green, the owner of and the Luci (Clothing) Boutique has granted my readers with an opportunity to save some cash while shopping at their online store!!! Discounts anyone? Who doesn’t love that?

…………<crickets chirping>………………..

Yea. Thats what I thought. So lets get down to business! All of my readers have been granted a 10% discount with the code : GUILTYVIP. Just be sure to enter the code while placing your order and get a sweet discount on your order. I just placed mine last night.

Aren’t you glad you bookmarked already? Now you can go back and do all the browsing you want! You should also make sure to follow them on facebook and twitter because I see them post awesome deals throughout the day. You also get to see whats new in the store.

You can find Guilty Star on Facebook and Twitter, and should probably visit the Luci Boutique page as well, because if you like this jewelry, most likely your going to like the clothes they have there too! Again, I went on a

“like” spree. Now I just need another credit card. also has a lifestyle blog (that I also have written for) that you should check out. It has a wide variety of articles on fashion, jewelry, fitness and beauty. What’s not to love?

Now quit wasting time and high-tale it to the store! I just placed my first order last night and cant wait for everything to arrive. PS, I bought the Gianina Necklace and the Brittney Bracelet. What do you think? Would you wear them?

XOXO Claudia

and don’t forget! “GUILTYVIP” will get you 10% off in the store! And if you get something, let me know! I want to see what you bought 🙂

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