[Review] Pome Serum: for hair and skin

Pome Serum is an all-in-one hair and body treatment that uses the antioxidant powers of Organic Pomegranate Seed and Argan oil to boost hair and skin health.  Loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids such as Omega-5 and Omega-6, and vitamins A,B,C and E, Pome serum delivers shiny healthy hair, while improving overall skin elasticity and moisture levels. Created in Beautiful Australia…..and shipped directly to my door to try out myself.

 That’s right.  You heard me mate!  Australia!

 “P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney?”   No!  But every time I just say the word, Australia I immediately  pick up their accent and speak like it for the next 15 minutes of my day.  Anyways, moving along…

 I put out a request to try this serum after a friend emailed me simply saying I MUST check out this brand. I am a big hair serum user.  I usually have 5 different choices in my bathroom cabinet to choose from.  I can’t help it.  I have loooong hair that needs tender loving care because of all the crap I put it through on a daily basis.  If I didn’t use serums I think my hair would have been crispified by now.  For serious.

 Maybe men think woman’s hair just magically looks terrific on its own, but I know, you women know what I’m talking about.  Blow dryers?  Flat irons?  Curling Irons?  Pony tail holder ties?  Skipping necessary hair trimming appointments?  That’s me–and probably some of you too.  To be honest I treat myself maybe once a year to hair cut.  Terrible, I know.  But it gets expensive at the salons I like and I haven’t made besties with a hair stylist……yet. So deep conditioning treatments at home and daily hair serum use is my option.

 What I learned and loved about Pome serum is how many beneficial vitamins and antioxidants this baby has!  There are some serums out there that rely mainly of the feel of silicone in a formula to produce shine and protect the hair and skin.  Omega-6 and Argan oil nourish and condition my split ends while pomegranate seed oil moisturizes and hydrates.  Not only does it condition and moisturize, but pome serum also claims to protect the hair from environmental pollution, reduce frizz and reduce blow drying time.

 But what about the body?  Well, how awesome is it that this serum also helps sufferer’s of eczema and psoriasis?  It can also help in diminishing the appearance of fine lines , stretch marks, and even out skin tone with continuous use.


I been using the serum for a solid two weeks now and actually do rate it higher than the other options I have at hands reach.  The one thing that made this serum stand apart from every other brand I tried is that it has a dry oil feel to it.  Some serums feel almost gel-like when you pump it out.  Thick and sticky?  Then there are the others than STINK like incense….gross.  Pome Serum is nothing like that.  It has a slight citrus-ey scent to it–almost pretty undetectable to me and doesn’t feel like your hands are left coated in residue afterwards.

pome serum in hand iliketotalkalot

 After I would towel dry my hair I would dispense two pumps of the serum into my palm and rub my hands together.  I then will do a full sweep over just “the pony tail section” , and then rake the rest through my hair.  NEVER START AT THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD.  Do you know why?  Because unless you want you recently washed hair to look like a grease ball, don’t do it.  Not even with this formula.  Hair serums are to focus on the ends where they are dry and damaged, not at the root.  Trust me. I’ve done it by accident a few times and ended up having to wear my hair in a sleek ponytail instead because my hair would fall flat and greasy.

using pome serum iliketotalkalot

 Pome serum disappears into my hair in seconds, and definitely cut down hair drying time.  I try to avoid hair drying because I already do so much heat styling, but comforted to know this cut it by I think half?  That’s pretty good!  And the fact that its protecting my hair when I use the flat iron makes me feel better too.  I also noticed that it didn’t weigh my hair down.  Because I have long hair, it gets heavy and has a tendency to fall straight; but when I use pome serum it doesn’t feel heavy and forced into a pony tail.  i like wearing my hair down and curled at the ends to give it some body.  Pome serum does not get in the way of this–in fact it makes my curled ends shine just a bit more than they would on their own. And frizz?  The heats been kicking up in Los Angeles so its perfect timing to test its power against humidity and the frizzies. So far, so good.

final hair blow dried shiny pome serum

 I did try using the serum on my arms and legs, but preferred using it on my hair where it is needed most.  I imagine this would work well on dry winter feet also without coating your tootsies in thick creams that feel gross in socks.

 Would I recommend this product?

Heck yes I would!  I haven’t been this excited about a hair product in quite sometime.  There are very little hair products I have found that actually IMPROVE my hair and this is one of them.  I suppose the only negative thing I would have to say is why i this not in retailing stores in the US yet?  I guarantee it would sell and compete against several others out there, and I think the dry oil feel totally sets it apart from the others.  Have you found one that has that same feel?  If so, share in the comments below please. Because for me, if it’s not in a store that I can visit,  it wouldn’t be right in front of my face reminding me to throw money in its direction.  Here’s hoping there will be a united states division at one point in the near future!

 Pome Serum can be purchased directly from their website.  The serum costs approximately $25.00 U.S last time I checked and with shipping $7.00 to Los Angeles from where?  Auuuuuusttrrraaalia, mates!  Sorry, I had to throw one more in there.


 You can also follow this friendly brand on Facebook (c’moooooon…you know I do).  So will you join me?



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  1. I love the product and your reviews …the smell, the light texture, the wonderful hydrating properties without the greasy oilness…I am a Man and I use the Pome Serum on a daily basis on my face after shaving and my hair with no oilyless or gluggyness you get from other purely Argan Oil based products.

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