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I was sent an awesome little starter set from Jane Iredale through the Vogue Influencer Program….which was a total first after years of trying to get into the program! I always saw other bloggers sharing amazing products that were sent and wondered when I would be chosen. That time has finally come and whoohoo what a prize to be paired up with!

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Jane Iredale is a great mineral makeup brand which I have used in the past. I used to love their Tantasia and relied on that for a while after I stopped tanning. It gave just a hint of color to the face and that was enough for me, but after my third tube it felt like the formula had changed some and I noticed no color difference at all. Even though my affair with Tantasia ended I still find this a good brand was excited to get to try their primer, base color and facial mister in this kit.

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I chose medium color and after washing my face I smoothed on the Smooth Affair anti-aging primer and brightener. As I type I am still touching my face because it feels silky soft and not greasy at all. I used about a large pea size for my entire face and could totally see me using this in the future. A regular full-sized primer is $48 and feels like its well worth it. my skin needs primers to calm and smooth before makeup and this did exactly that. its packed with grapefruit, and green and white tea extracts to give me skin that added boost it could use.

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Next, I tried the Amazing Base and PurePressed Base foundations….and these….well…I was a little lost. I could not tell which was better for me and maybe it was because of the baby brush they include with the set but It felt like I was dusting on translucent powder and could not get the finish i was looking for. These foundations are supposed to multi-task by acting as a concealer, foundation and sunscreen all together…but I definitely could not conceal anything. I supposed I’m accustomed to my liquid BB and CC creams that cover a lot more. While my skin felt silky soft with these foundations on, I could not see myself using them for daily use due to the lack of coverage. And I never really considered myself one who needed a lot of coverage–but I guess that’s what I used to! The PurePressed us supposed to give a semi-sheer matte coverage while the loose powder (Amazing Base) is supposed to be able to give more coverage in covering brown spots and being water-resistant for up to 40 minutes! I wish one of these did something to wow me but they didn’t. Oh well, Into the give away pile they go!

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While I didn’t like the coverage I wanted to give the whole kit a try at the same time since was guessing they would work best together. Last int he kit was their Pommisst Hydration Setting Spray. This spray uses pomegranate, white tea, and rosemary for its antioxidant qualities and sets mineral makeup in its place. The spray did feel good but stung my lips so not really a good feeling. I’m guessing its the ALCOHOL in it that would cause my lips to sting —-so I’m wondering why that was needed in the formula in the first place. This is a shame because my skin feels like silk after its settles in but I don’t want stingy lips.

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The Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Starter kit can be purchased for $55 directly on their website which is a little steep in price for me considering I only ended up liking one product out of all sent to me. Are you a Jane Iredale fan? Have you also tried this start kit? What did you think? Share in the comments below!

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**these products were sent to me for free via the vogue influencer program**

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