InviCible Scars and C-Section Care

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Back in February I had a beautiful baby girl and delivered her via C-section.  I was 100% terrified of having “surgery” as I’d never had major surgery before, but it all worked out in the end.  I’d always heard about C-section scars and how some moms hated theirs. You can never be sure how yours will turn out because everyone heals differently, but I did tell myself that I would definitely be using a scar cream to help improve it’s appearance no matter what. It was perfect timing that I was given an opportunity to review a scar treatment from InviCible Scars and see how it could help me.

My scar was considered fairly new when I started using the cream. I needed to wait until it was fully closed up and the surgical tape had fell off. That was probably around the 3rd month mark or so when I finally gave up waiting for the tape to fall off and just took it off. Underneath was an angry red, slightly raised scar. I’d seen worse, but I had hoped for better. Apparently what I had was a hypertrophic scar which meant it it was thicker and raised from excess scar tissue built up. Yay.

InviCible Scars cream claims to work in a couple of ways. One, it’s silicone based and silicone is known to improve the look of scars by smoothing out the texture of healed skin. I had considered silicone sheets which you wear 24 hours day, but let’s be honest. In the middle of summer I highly doubt those things were going to stay in place. The other way InviCible scars work is by addressing the discoloration of scars, in my case, the redness or darker skin was quite noticeable.  Invicible scars uses Vitamin C and ProBiosyn-4 (a natural scar minimizing complex) to lighten the scar up making it blend better with the surrounding skin.

invicible scars and c section scar care iliketotalkblog

ProBiosyn-4 contains licorice root which is known to help lighten and brighten while decreasing inflammation.It also has a blend of aloe vera, and essential fatty acids to moisturize and improve skin elasticity. Vitamin C is also critical for proper wound healing. It promotes healthy collagen production and helps with lightening the skin.  InviCible Scars formula uses a healthy 17% dose of Vitamin C for the best results.

The directions say to apply the cream 2-3 times a day. I always did once in the morning, and once after my shower, and if I could remember a third time, I would.  The cream feels super silky as I would expect from a silicone cream and had no detectable scent. It was recommended to me to massage the scar for a minute or two each time I applied to help break up the excess scar tissue. My scar is still kinda sensitive all these months later so massage isn’t my most favorite thing to do, but I try.

After almost five months of daily use, I can say that the cream has helped lighten my scar somewhat. I think my particular scar was a pretty angry color and I can see it faded into a lighter pink and then a light tan color. I purchased a second tube to reach five months of daily usage and think it did a pretty decent job. I never expected it to completely disappear, but I also never expected hypertrophic scarring either. I thought I was a pretty good healer but in this case, I wasn’t. The photo below shows progress from June to August to November. You can see the ends of the scars flattened out and made the scar “shorter” and the more raised areas are definitely lighter.

invicible scars and c section scar care iliketotalkblog

So for those mamas out there who are looking for a way to help minimize their C-section scars, or those of you who have a gnarly scar somewhere and you want to help improve its appearance you should definitely look into InviCible Scars cream. It apparently also works great as a makeup primer but I saved every bit for my scar. This scar cream has the best of both worlds with it using silicone, vitamin C and the scar minimizing complex. If you look at other scar creams out there on the market they do not contain all the extras like InviCible scars does!

You can find InviCible Scars on Amazon if you want to buy it. It’s a decent price for what it does, and you can read all about the brand and see other people’s results by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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