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Lovusion Gifts for Coubles by iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog reviewWith Valentine’s Day approaching quickly, we know our significant others might start scrambling to figure out what they can do for you this upcoming holiday.  And if you’re single, there’s no reason why you can’t have a little #treatyoself moment because we all deserve that ever once in a while. So let’s not waste any time! Grab your cuppa tea and let’s get acquainted with Lovusion.

Who doesn’t need a little TLC or romance in their life? Whether you’re in a brand new relationship or have been married for years, these are two things we all could use a little extra of. Lovusion’s gifting service provides our significant others the opportunity to create an romantic and pampering experience that can be shared together or enjoyed exclusively on your own!

Lovusion Gifts for Couples by iliketotalkblog

Lovusion currently offers two gifting options; their blue box and their gold box. I was sent the blue box to sample. For just under $90, the blue box includes an assortment of bath accoutrements, deliciously scented candles, and a fresh single red rose. The blue box includes a selection of skin loving handmade soaps, bath salts to scent a warm bath, bath milks to soften the skin, and bath bombs to infuse the skin with moisturizing oils.  There truly is something to appeal to everyone’s senses while soaking the night away.

Lovusion Gifts for Couples by iliketotalkblogThe upgraded gold box includes your choice of wine and wine glasses and omits the rose while keeping the rest of the goodies. The price tag of $130 reflects that upgrade.

Lovusion Gifts for Couples by iliketotalkblog

Because I’m a new mama to a kid under one, I welcome anything that gives me a little relaxation time. My day starts before 6am, and is non-stop until I go to bed around 11pm. Weekends are when I am afforded a mid-afternoon bath to myself without a little one splashing at my feet. When I saw that there was a pina colada bath milk I immediately plucked that bag from the box, and grabbed one of the juicy blueberry scented candles and headed off to bliss.

Lovusion Gifts for Couples by iliketotalkblog

Another day, I got to show my daughter what a bath bomb was “look at the bubbly colors!” before handing her back to daddy and enjoy basking in a lavender bath. And while it would be nice to enjoy everything in the box with my husband, I have no problem taking this time for myself right now to enjoy it all on my own. Hey, when you have a baby, there is basically no time for yourself anymore so you take whatever moments you can!

Lovusion Gifts for Couples by iliketotalkblogEverything in the box smelled absolutely delicious! If you love scenty things then this box is perfect for you. There are enough things in this box to get about a week’s worth of relaxing baths or a few long romantic nights shared with your loved one. I personally loved the milk bath and the soap bars the most — but wouldn’t be opposed to a little bit of chocolate if it was included in the box (hint, hint)!

Lovusion Gifts for Couples by iliketotalkblog

To find out more about Lovusion, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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