Farsali Unicorn Essence Elixir

Farsali Unicorn Essense SerumI usually am way behind on beauty trends even though I’m a beauty blogger. I don’t like to wake up at midnight to be the first to place an order, because sleep > everything.  And having a toddler takes up a lot of my attention right now. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t slightly obsess over products that hit the beauty market, and the serums from Farsali are a perfect example of that. Since before the end of the year, I’ve wanted to try their products. It wasn’t until last month that I was finally able to place an order for their ever popular Farsali Unicorn Essence Elixir.

Farsali Unicorn Essense SerumIf you’ve been living under a rock like I was, let me bring you up to date on this trendy brand. Farsali is a brand created by Sal Ali, beauty guru, Farah Dhukai’s husband in an effort to create a skincare line that enhanced the look of your makeup. The Farsali brand includes serums, primers, a cleanser and lash enhancer. Their serums and primer are the hot items at the moment and if you take a look at their Instagram you’ll see that every big beauty Instagramer or Youtuber is featuring the product in their makeup routines.

I really wanted to get their Rose Gold Elixir because I’ve  been trying out a lot of matte liquid lipsticks and it looked like the solution to a problem we all usually have. Seriously dried out lips! But when Unicorn Essence Elixir was reintroduced and was selling out on Sephora, I knew I better grab this antioxidant serum and primer because EVERY other time I’d seen it, it was already gone and not available for months. Still got my eye on the Rose Gold Elixir, but had to get this one first!

You guys, I’ve been wanting to try this brand since before the holidays and I finally got my hands on this hot little bottle right here. @farsalicare Unicorn Essence Antioxidant Serum and Primer has been so popular that it was always sold out when I checked! It’s oil free, smells like unicorn farts, and feels fantastic on the skin! ? I tried it this past weekend and felt that my skin was properly moisturized and ready for foundation —and loved that it was packed with good for your skin ingredients like goji Berry fruit extract and acai fruit extract. Love me some antioxidant power! And the formula is just gorgeous! A pink shimmery liquid that soaks into the skin quickly. Swipe to see a better look! ? I need to get that rose gold elixir next! . . . #farsali #farsalicare #farsalounicornessence #antioxidants #serum #primer #farahdhukai #bblogger #ocblogger #beautyblog #beautyblogger #skincare #makeupblogger #makeuplover #skinprep #beautyblogcoalition #sephora #lovelysquares #pursuepretty #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreeskincare #pink #girly #girly? #beautifulskin #healthyskin #farsaliunicornessence

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This dual purpose serum is oil-free, suitable for all skin types, preps the skin for makeup application and fights free radical damage with it’s unique blend of superfruit extracts.  The formula is pink and shimmery and totally appeals to my visual senses. I think the scent is possibly Vanilla? It smells like it has more to it than that, but I’m pretty bad at describing scents. Just know it smells good!

Farsali Unicorn Essense SerumSince this is a pricer primer serum for me to use, I only use it if I’m going to wear makeup that day. It absorbs well and does leave my skin feeling smooth and moisturized so my foundations applies evenly. Not an artificial, silicone-like smooth, but your own skin, just better.

I appreciate that the serum has so many great ingredients to it and has a high level of antioxidants for my mid-thirties skin. Acai berry, Elderberry, Goji berry and Blueberry extracts are just a few of the easy to recognize ingredients in this skin prep primer.

I can’t say that my makeup lasts longer with this serum because I think I use a pretty good foundation with holding power, but the fact that my skin has the right level of hydration before I put a foundation on is key for me. If something is too oily my makeup with slide around and wear off around my nose and between my brows.

I’d really like to get my hands on the Rose Gold Elixir next. I mean, you guys, have you seen it? It’s got gold flakes in it! I want gold flakes on my face! Somehow that stuff rubs in and everyone sees to be really impressed with it.

Will you be hopping on the Farsali bandwagon with me?

To find out more about Farsali you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact

I’m an owner of several different foundations, BB and CC Creams because I can never pick a favorite and always like to explore new products that hit the market. My skin has also changed since having a kid so I find myself trying out new combos of primers and makeup to see what works best with my skin that went from oily to mostly normal/sensitive-reactive. On top of that, being in my mid-thirties, my skin is drier in general so it requires a more consistent moisturizing and anti-aging routine to keep up appearances. I’ve always been a fan of IT Cosmetics since learning about them long ago in a NewBeauty Testtube, but it was only recently that I got my hands on their latest foundation, IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact and fell in love.

Prior to using this new foundation, I was mainly swapping between IT Cosmetics O2 Foundation, and Pur Cosmetics Hydra Fluid Water Serum. Both work great, and I still like them very much but I was intrigued by IT Cosmetics claim that this new foundation was had better buildable coverage (full coverage, in fact), while offering all the skincare benefits of their latest skin cream, Confidence In A Cream. It’s available in seven shades and is suitable for even sensitive skin.

it cosmetics confidence in a compact review by iliketotalkblogWhat makes this foundation unique is that it’s a solid serum. Say what? Yeah. I didn’t know really what that was either, but it includes a SPF 50+ along with their anti-aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate that supposed to improve the look of your skin once applied. Were taking improving moisture levels, the size of pores, hiding discoloration, and increased radiance.

it cosmetics confidence in a compact review by iliketotalkblogThe actual product is stiff in the pan, which I like because when you swirl your makeup brush in it, it doesn’t pick up too much product. I kinda dab,dab and swirl and work on different spots of my face with the recommended brush that IT Cosmetics makes; their Heavenly Skin Smoothing Complexion Brush #704. If I see areas on my face that need a bit more I just layer it on and continue to smooth it all out. This brush is everything, guys. It’s quite an investment in my opinion as I’ve never spent that kind of money on a single brush ($48 to be exact), but I can tell you now that it’s 100% worth it. My foundation applies flawlessly. No streaks, no excess product left behind, and looks quite fancy on my counter.

it cosmetics confidence in a compact review by iliketotalkblogAfter applying my foundation, my skin does feel a bit dewy so I wait a few minutes before moving on to blush and contour. My skin feels very moisturized still, but not greasy at all, and I love that it hides everything I need in a natural way. I think this would work best for non-oily skin types as it already has that deep moisturized feel to it that oily skin may not like.

it cosmetics confidence in a compact review by iliketotalkblogI can definitely say that this compact will remain in rotation with my other favorite foundations for those days when I need a little extra coverage. Right now I’m working on removing some hyper-pigmentation and have dark under eyes so this works great when I need that extra help. I’ve been using a sample of their Bye Bye Under Eye Illuminating product and they work fantastic for hiding those signs of being a tired mama.

You can find IT Cosmetics in several places like ULTA, QVC and right at their website. The foundation will run you $38 and is not refillable. It does come with a mirror and cosmetic sponge but I highly suggest you invest in the brush if you can — it’s quite the added treat.

Have you tried IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact? What did you think?

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Long-Lasting Lipstick with Bombshell Cosmetics

lipsense review swatches bombshell razzberry by iliketotalkblogMy favorite posts to write are ones where I get to share about a fabulous product that maybe some of you haven’t heard of, or have been quite skeptical about. There’s a product out on the market that is beginning to spread like wildfire on social media, and that’s the long-lasting lipstick called LipSense that you can get from Bombshell Cosmetics. Bombshell Cosmetics, owned by Lauren Williamson, sells a full range of Senegence products, including the ever popular LipSense lip colors that I’m going to be sharing today.

lipsense review swatches bombshell razzberry by iliketotalkblogNow we’ve all seen and heard of long-lasting lipstick, but guys — this stuff is the business. It’s waterproof, budge proof, and can be completely customized in about a million ways! On top of that, it’s vegan and cruelty free making it an all around loveable product. There truly is nothing like it out there! Other long-lasting liquid lipsticks can still smear or wear off after a meal, and most of the time dry out your lips leaving them unattractive, dry and peeling.  LipSense from Bombshell Cosmetics works to restore moisture to the lips while providing kiss-proof color.

LipSense comes in over 70 different shades with varying finishes, and is sealed with a moisturizing gloss that comes in over 10 different options that include shiny/matte, glitter/no glitter, and tints to alter the underlying shades. This two-part system works together to create the most long-lasting lip color, and can only be used together to get the best results — that means you can’t rely on other brand glosses to lock in the color because they aren’t meant for each other. These are truly meant to work together.

lipsense review swatches bombshell razzberry by iliketotalkblog

Another thing I learned is that the application process is different from all other lipsticks out there. With other brands I would tend to “prep” my lips with an oil or light balm but LipSense from Bombshell Cosmetics requires a 100% clean slate. I do this by using a good lip scrub and then removing all traces of preparation with a micellar water makeup remover.

The steps are simple for application:

  1. Give the color a good shake and apply in one sweep (no back and forth!) and allow to dry. Repeat with two more layers of either the same color, or customize the color by mixing colors. Don’t let your lips touch while drying between layers.
  2. If you made any mistakes just pull out the Oops remover to quickly fix it without any trace.
  3. Seal with your gloss of choice! It feels great on, almost cushiony if you ask me!

Throughout the day you may need to reapply the gloss which protects the color from breaking down after a meal, but it will stay put as long as you keep it protected.  At the end of the day when you want to remove it, just use an oil (like coconut oil) or a makeup remover like Bioderma to take it off with a cotton pad.

lipsense razzberry bombshell swatch review by iliketotalkblog

I’m absolutely loving this color, Razzberry. It’s beautiful and makes me feel like it brightens my smile. I’ve topped it with Glossy Gloss.

razzberry lipsense review swatch by iliketotalkblog

When I want a more natural, subdued lip color, I can put on Bombshell which is a sheer, shimmery peachy pink nude and put some glossy gloss on top.

bombshell lipsense review swatch by iliketotalkblog

Are you sold on it yet and want to buy?  Visit www.bombshellcosmetics.com to choose your colors and a gloss.

Want to unleash your inner boss babe and become part of the  Bombshell Cosmetics team? Find out how you can have an unlimited earning potential while selling a product you absolutely love! To get more info on joining the “Bomb Squad” team, visit www.bombshellcosmetics.com or send an email to info@bombshellcosmetics.com.

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