Oh, the fun of a 7 Links Challenge!

I just spent the last two days listening to a seminar on insurance coding and oral surgery. My brain is definitely on overload, but in a good way. It was pretty interesting, however something that will take some time to fully understand. Turns out there are ways that medical insurance can be used in some cases of dental. It doesn’t apply to everything, but can really help those that can’t fully afford dental care even with their dental insurance.

Sunset with clouds

During my trip I had limited use of my iPhone. I forgot to bring my charger which meant that I had to keep my phone off most of the time or sit in my car to charge it. That meant no movies for me. Boo. I did eventually crack and decide to drive around the town and see if there was anything interesting to see (while I charged my phone). My hotel was in the middle of a business district so all I saw were tall glass buildings. I was actually pretty close to a university and drove around to see. I picked up some food and ate in my car so I could read on my phone for a bit, it was then I saw I was tagged for the 7 links challenge and couldn’t pass finding out what that was.


Kat, from she cooks, he eats has a cute blog that gives yummy ideas for dinner and recent started doing some foodie reviews 🙂 She was kind enough to join me in on

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the fun so here goes, my 7 links challenge:

7 links challenge

My most beautiful post

water marbeling, nail art, swirl nail art, water marbleing
I totally did nothing important and focused on doing fun relaxing things for me. So I took my time and made some jewelry and painted my nails…and threw in some extra pics to make it a tutorial. I loved how well my photos turned out making it my most beautiful post.

My most popular post

european wax center ingrown heair serum review
My most popular post, on EWC ingrown hair serum, which by the way I still think is the best. It got 160 views which I’m super happy to find out.

My Most controversial post

zits My First Month On Tretinoin For Acne
This post was my most controversial one. Well, in my opinion it was because it showed me in all my gruesomeness. I shared some rather embarrassing photos on this post–but considering I’ve seen that this post has become rather popular lately, I’m glad to find out that people are viewing it. I decided to do the post because I hoped it would help ease people’s minds that were starting with tretinoin. I plan to do future posts to show my progress

My Most helpful post

My most helpful post was my tutorial on splatter paint nails. I decided to do a tutorial after a few of my beauty blogging friends asked 🙂

Post that was surprisingly successful

le-edge dermaplaning at home exfoliation tool long term clean safe
My review of the Le Edge product was surprisingly successful. I had just started blogging and after posting it a few times to twitter, the actually company began to post it on their Twitter and Facebook. I was so excited and proud that it was shared–I really didn’t expect anyone to really pay attention at first 🙂 I still use this product every other day–ladies, I’m telling you for the feet and neck it does wonders.

Post that did not get the attention it deserved

doc martin party los angeles

The post that didn't get the attention it deserved are really all the ones I have about music. lol. This was my first post about the music I listen to. I was hoping I'd find others like me who like similar stuff to share as I have been lucky enough to come across before. I've always had fun at Doc parties but lately haven't had the extra cash to go. Here's hoping for Halloween! Sadly, only 9 views. What the heck music does everyone listen to then? Hmm? 🙂

Post you are most proud of

funny humor photos

"Darling, I did the news, and I nailed it. I nailed it. Wait, wait! Veronica, please,tell me this is some kind of sick, tasteless joke. You weren't here.Why are you being this way? Why can't you be proud of me as a peer and as my gentleman lover?" my attempt at humor.....hehe was my post on awkward family photos. I was stuck at the office all night during an installation and I had nothing to entertain myself with than the internet. I did that post from work as I wanted for computers to be mounted and wires and blah blah blah....

Wow, after doing this I realize I need to post more! I had only 25-26 posts to choose from but It did have me re-reading them all. Now I get to pass this challenge on to 5 other people! To those five, the only rule is that you must list one post for each of the seven categories.

I pass the torch to….

  • The PolishAholic – She has an amazing blog all with tutorials and color swatches.
  • Wtforever21 – Rachel has an eye for finding all obnoxious things in F21. Hey we all love the store, but I swear you will laugh when you read some of her posts on some of their items.
  • BeautifulInsideandOut – My fellow Beauty Collection Blogger Sam, has started her own a couple of businesses and I think all the work she is doing is amazing.
  • Iluvmakeup.com – One of my other beauties on the web has a snazzy new blog that shares tons on info on makeup and how to’s.
  • dgsbeauty.com – Dinah is a super sweet girl I found through twitter that does giveaways,makeup swatches. I love watching her youtube also 🙂
I hope/think I did this correctly. Here’s to sharing the blogger love….

Terrible Tuesdays

I’ve recently transitioned from working out of my house to full-time in the office.  While I’ve dreamed of it all folding together smoothly I can fully admit that it hasn’t.  It can be a bit stressful at times trying to find a way to please all–but the reality of it is that it doesn’t always happen.  I secretly still have high hopes...

No need to share dirty details–I haven’t fully processed my shit day and don’t care to make it worse.  On the up note, this is a perfect opportunity to look back on some things that make me happy.  Something to get my mind in a better place.

gone to my happy place

So here it goes….my happy place…

awkward family photo, funny outfit, wtfNothing like a good awkward family photo to brighten my day!  I wonder…what exactly prompted him to hike the pants up as high as they can almost painfully go..along with a what I consider a crop top. Anyone? Ideas?

school for scoundrels jon hederOne of the best movies I’ve seen..too bad I only have it on my IPOD and not on an actual DVD.  I love Ben Stiller in this movie…you’ll get to meet Lonnie near the end of the movie. But what this movie really reminds me of is the weekends D and I used to spend at the Vegas Condo.  We would play this DVD when we got up in the morning because of the starting song. 🙂  Good times.

How about a day at the rodeo?

Ok, I don’t know if this was really a rodeo or a bull-fight or what–but why the hell is anyone in the ring?  These people in track pants do not look like they are trained to be in there.  Nice one…underwear dangling from the bulls horns–cracks me up!

And of course, Mr. Sam Dog.  My Maltese that is so excited to greet me at the door every time.  Doesnt matter if I only went to go get the mail–he jumps, spins, and go nuts until I give him a good belly rub

 sam dog maltese white

Click on Sams picture to see what kind of tricks he does on a daily basis for his favorite treat, puperoni!

Well, that’s enough for today. I feel better now! What makes you laugh and blow off steam?  Looking for new funny things to check out on the web.  Thanks everyone!

oh SNL…how you make me laugh. Remember these?

I recently saw an old skit from SNL (Saturday Night Live) that made me immediately crack up and think about work. I love when they do something funny that ends up relating to something going on in my life.

We’ve been in the process of updating our office with new computers, it also means we have to work with our IT guy who didn’t seem to want to help all too much. In reality it was very annoying, but watching it on TV is hilarious.

I wanted to share this clip with you and ask– how’s your IT guy? LOL

Or have you been to my favorite store, Target?

Now I don’t know about you, but is this how Target is everywhere else–or do I just not notice it? I happen to love Target and do not think the employees are like this, but still hilarious.

Who Could forget Debbie Downer?

She knew just what to say to brighten everyone’s day!

Thats all I have this weekend guys! Hope I made you laugh just a bit. Now I ask, do you have a favorite skit from SNL? I have so many more but I could go crazy posting the vids.

Until next time!