Awkward Family photos that’ll make you pee your pants!

So I was scheduled to oversee some installations  in my office this weekend and I came completely un-prepared. Hours of sitting with not much to do.  I brought work with me – but hey its Saturday and I don’t feel like it.  So I’ve spent the last couple hours combing Facebook for new photos of friends, some online pretend shopping with my (pretend) money, and finally stumbled across one of the funniest sites on the web:  Awkward Family Photos.

Can we say HILARIOUS?  Every photo I look at has got me clamping a hand over my mouth trying to muffle my burst of laughter.  How could so many people have such crazy and questionable photos to share?  Who are the people sharing the photos?  I need answers!

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of these gems with you because I was posting them all to my Facebook page.  Better here.  By the way, did I mention they also have a book in stores for you to laugh yourself to death when you don’t have a PC near?  I kinda hope I find an APP for my phone that will deliver me one photo a day, like a morning boost!  That would be awesome!

Here are a few to get you started – I suggest you visit the site afterwards to choose  your new wallpaper theme 😉     Enjoy!

Hello My Pretty 2

She just wants to hold him…

You sure you want her to hold the new one?

Casual Tuesday?

Everything goes with jeans.

What was this family planning to do with this photo?

“This photo was taken in 1950 while our family was on a summer vacation at the Jersey Shore. I am the lovely creature on the left with a horrendous case of poison sumac and look like a creature from outer space. My two brothers seem only intent on shooting the photographer, and my mother, grandmother and grandfather seem unfazed by this weird person in the photo with them. How did I ever allow anyone to take my photo looking like this? I was just 6 years old and probably didn’t think twice about it at the time.” (submitted by Margaret)

Thanks for the memories of that summer trip we took Mom and Dad!

Sometimes, imagination just isn’t enough.

Can we say scary?  Why did Grandpa dress up in his long johns?

Thanks seeeeessster!

That’s what sisters are for, right?

So you get the idea that you can click-through the pages for hours on end and find ones better than the next.  You know I’m going back there after this post!

Here is the link to the actual site:

Want to know how the whole site got started? Click here

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  1. LMAO! OMG, the first one is kind of scarey… the little girl’s face looks creepy-ish… No comment on the 2nd picture LOL… The last one is funny… and the one with the costume, omg I would die if someone did that to me! LOL this is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

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