Terrible Tuesdays

I’ve recently transitioned from working out of my house to full-time in the office.  While I’ve dreamed of it all folding together smoothly I can fully admit that it hasn’t.  It can be a bit stressful at times trying to find a way to please all–but the reality of it is that it doesn’t always happen.  I secretly still have high hopes...

No need to share dirty details–I haven’t fully processed my shit day and don’t care to make it worse.  On the up note, this is a perfect opportunity to look back on some things that make me happy.  Something to get my mind in a better place.

gone to my happy place

So here it goes….my happy place…

awkward family photo, funny outfit, wtfNothing like a good awkward family photo to brighten my day!  I wonder…what exactly prompted him to hike the pants up as high as they can almost painfully go..along with a what I consider a crop top. Anyone? Ideas?

school for scoundrels jon hederOne of the best movies I’ve seen..too bad I only have it on my IPOD and not on an actual DVD.  I love Ben Stiller in this movie…you’ll get to meet Lonnie near the end of the movie. But what this movie really reminds me of is the weekends D and I used to spend at the Vegas Condo.  We would play this DVD when we got up in the morning because of the starting song. 🙂  Good times.

How about a day at the rodeo?

Ok, I don’t know if this was really a rodeo or a bull-fight or what–but why the hell is anyone in the ring?  These people in track pants do not look like they are trained to be in there.  Nice one…underwear dangling from the bulls horns–cracks me up!

And of course, Mr. Sam Dog.  My Maltese that is so excited to greet me at the door every time.  Doesnt matter if I only went to go get the mail–he jumps, spins, and go nuts until I give him a good belly rub

 sam dog maltese white

Click on Sams picture to see what kind of tricks he does on a daily basis for his favorite treat, puperoni!

Well, that’s enough for today. I feel better now! What makes you laugh and blow off steam?  Looking for new funny things to check out on the web.  Thanks everyone!

Awkward Family photos that’ll make you pee your pants!

So I was scheduled to oversee some installations  in my office this weekend and I came completely un-prepared. Hours of sitting with not much to do.  I brought work with me – but hey its Saturday and I don’t feel like it.  So I’ve spent the last couple hours combing Facebook for new photos of friends, some online pretend shopping with my (pretend) money, and finally stumbled across one of the funniest sites on the web:  Awkward Family Photos.

Can we say HILARIOUS?  Every photo I look at has got me clamping a hand over my mouth trying to muffle my burst of laughter.  How could so many people have such crazy and questionable photos to share?  Who are the people sharing the photos?  I need answers!

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of these gems with you because I was posting them all to my Facebook page.  Better here.  By the way, did I mention they also have a book in stores for you to laugh yourself to death when you don’t have a PC near?  I kinda hope I find an APP for my phone that will deliver me one photo a day, like a morning boost!  That would be awesome!

Here are a few to get you started – I suggest you visit the site afterwards to choose  your new wallpaper theme 😉     Enjoy!

Hello My Pretty 2

She just wants to hold him…

You sure you want her to hold the new one? Continue reading