The Dog Shit Sheriff is in town

Did you know that the dog shit sheriff was in town?

Just visiting one of my favorite pages, and came across this gem.  If you’ve never seen the site, then you didn’t know there was a book also. love it.  Perhaps this letter was directed at the wrong person…..but still hilarious and made me say to myself….hey, that’s me!  The letter writer–posting signs in my complex to pick up crap and  anything else I see lingering around that shouldnt. I’m not crazy, am I?dog shit sheriff

Have a nice weekend everyone! …and you can always steer clear of the dog shit sheriff as long as you clean up after your dogs

P.S I do not leave notes like this, lol. But I am a letter writer 😛

Terrible Tuesdays

I’ve recently transitioned from working out of my house to full-time in the office.  While I’ve dreamed of it all folding together smoothly I can fully admit that it hasn’t.  It can be a bit stressful at times trying to find a way to please all–but the reality of it is that it doesn’t always happen.  I secretly still have high hopes...

No need to share dirty details–I haven’t fully processed my shit day and don’t care to make it worse.  On the up note, this is a perfect opportunity to look back on some things that make me happy.  Something to get my mind in a better place.

gone to my happy place

So here it goes….my happy place…

awkward family photo, funny outfit, wtfNothing like a good awkward family photo to brighten my day!  I wonder…what exactly prompted him to hike the pants up as high as they can almost painfully go..along with a what I consider a crop top. Anyone? Ideas?

school for scoundrels jon hederOne of the best movies I’ve seen..too bad I only have it on my IPOD and not on an actual DVD.  I love Ben Stiller in this movie…you’ll get to meet Lonnie near the end of the movie. But what this movie really reminds me of is the weekends D and I used to spend at the Vegas Condo.  We would play this DVD when we got up in the morning because of the starting song. 🙂  Good times.

How about a day at the rodeo?

Ok, I don’t know if this was really a rodeo or a bull-fight or what–but why the hell is anyone in the ring?  These people in track pants do not look like they are trained to be in there.  Nice one…underwear dangling from the bulls horns–cracks me up!

And of course, Mr. Sam Dog.  My Maltese that is so excited to greet me at the door every time.  Doesnt matter if I only went to go get the mail–he jumps, spins, and go nuts until I give him a good belly rub

 sam dog maltese white

Click on Sams picture to see what kind of tricks he does on a daily basis for his favorite treat, puperoni!

Well, that’s enough for today. I feel better now! What makes you laugh and blow off steam?  Looking for new funny things to check out on the web.  Thanks everyone!

I ♥ Patton, Louis, and Jim…oh yeah, and my boyfriend too

I hope you guys can guess who I’m really referring to here. Some of my favorite comedians: Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K, and Jim Gaffigan. All of these guys make me laugh every time I hear them. I’ll even watch old DVD’s because I think they’re funny…and my boyfriend thinks that’s weird, but I don’t care. 😛

Here’s just a few clips I came across scanning youtube. I have to admit some of it will contain vulgarities so if you don’t like, here’s your warning. Enjoy:

Patton plays an Air Guitar from the 80’s

I remember Patton really from the show King of Queens, he was always funny on the show and I managed to see him do stand up in person a couple of years back. If I could see him again I would. This clip is from one of his shows that I know I’ve seen on TV. He describes those 80’s hairbands we all remember…the long hair, the leopard pants, the industrial surroundings, and the girls. Do you remember them as vividly? He paints the picture pretty well playing his air guitar.

Louis C.K is my dark side comedian.

Louis C.K sees all the shit we don’t always notice. Like how much kids can destroy your personal life. Or how a bumper sticker can set someone off on the road. Truly a hilariously filthy, and matter-of-fact comedian, Louis C.K has me addicted to hearing about his middle-aged life with the wife and kids (well before). Sometimes the things he says are shocking but I cannot resist laughing. I’m pretty sure some of you will be too. I love his take on food…you gotta watch the video…lol I would love to see Louis C.K in person. Hopefully sometime.

Jim describes a waffle house…..perfectly

I can barely keep a straight face as I type because I’m laughing so hard listening it to it again while I type. I have tickets to see Jim Gaffigan right around my birthday that I bought tickets for months ago. I can’t wait! All of his clips can be found on youtube and they are hilarious. And we all know he made hot pockets famous,haha. Enjoy!