Pink & Glitter, two of my favorite things!

This is going to be a short post, but I wanted to share this pretty mani I was wearing earlier last week.  I’m wearing Rainha from Ricky’s NYC Mattese Elite Carnaval Collection with OPI’s Teenage Dream on top.  These are seriously two of my favorite polishes at the moment; a bubble gum pink layered with pink & champagne glitter!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  My fav’s!  Rainha was sent to me by fellow blogger, Kit from Frances in A Beauty, she does awesome Esty Features on Fridays that have me obsessed with checking out Etsy now!


Raihna went on super smooth and took two coats for full opacity.  The color looks awesome on its on, but I couldn’t resist using T.D in one way or another.  I actually used it on my toes, too! Raihna can be purchased from Ricky’s NYC for 5.99… not too shabby.  Teenage Dream may require some hunting  since its from Katy Perry’s OPI collection from last year.  I purchased it from Beauty Collection the minute it came out.

 mattese elite raihna and teenage dream 4

raihna and teenage dream 3

raihna and teenage dream 2

raihna and teenage dream 1

So, what do you think?  Wanna see some more pinks and glitters?  Check out these other swatches from the Mattese Elite Line!  Samba Enredo and Embrasse Moi.

♥  Claudia

 and don’t forget to visit Frances Is A Beauty when you have a chance!  😀

[How to] Do Holiday Sprinkle Glitter Nails

A friend of mine found a fabulous manicure photo on pinterest and asked for a tutorial.

holiday glitter nails

Purdy, dontcha think?

Materials needed:

Base Coat Nail Polish & Nude Base Polish & Clear Top Coat

Loose glitter (optional) & Glitter polish (finely milled, chunk, or a combination of both)

Make-up sponge wedges & Scissors

Materials used. *no loose glitter in this tutorial, sorry

1. Always start with a base coat polish. Base coats help to smooth out ridges, protect your natural nail from staining, and can extend the life of your polish of choice. I am using one from Orly that has added proteins for strength. I would use a ridge filler but my nails are in pretty good condition right now.

2. Follow with 1-2 coats of your nude polish. A single-coat opaque nude color would work best to keep the polish thin. Allow to dry.

Sephora OPI Dear Diary Swatch

Sephora OPI Dear Diary used

3. Get your glitter polish bottles and roll them between your hands to mix well. Even if you think their mixed–do it. I was surprised how much glitter I was missing out on from not properly rolling and shaking the bottles to get the glitters to fully remix instead of settling on one side the bottle. Once you’ve mixed get your makeup sponge and turn it on its side:
how to do glitter nails Paint the corner with the glitter polish and then dab the makeup sponge corner onto just the edge of the nail. You can slowly build up the glitter on top of each other because you are doing it in thin steps. You can alternate glitters so it has a different look also. The key is to treat the glitter portion like you are doing a gradient. More glitter towards the tips, and

less towards the cuticle.

glitter nails

I used two types of glitter and layered them on top of another

glitter nail tips

Loose glitter version*:

Pour your loose glitter of choice into a very small dipping cup. Paint your nail on just the tips (can be uneven/jagged/’like-a-richter-scale-messy”) so the glitter catches in and gradient way. You can add more clear polish to the tip area so it catches more. Quickly dip your nail into the glitter or dump over the nail to completely cover the wet polish. Blow excess glitter away and allow to dry for several minutes.

4. Top your glitter design with a nice shiny top coat, like seche vite. It gives it a nice glossy look and will seal in your design.

glitter nails glitter nail tips nude glitter

Have another way of completing this look? Let us know! 🙂

Nail Polish Swatch: Zoya Roxy & OPI Teenage Dream together

Lately, it’s been hard to go a weekend without getting a new polish.  This past weekend I grabbed two new (to me) Zoya Polishes in Roxy and Neeka.  I wanted to jump on the “paint your ring finger” bandwagon this time using glitters so I choose and old and a new one.

OPI – Teenage Dream – A clear pink  polish with pink & champagne glitter


Zoya – Roxy – A sheer red-toned purple base loaded with bright purple glitter


Zoya’s Roxy ended up being much more opaque than I originally had thought–but didn’t squash my love for the glittery purple.  The base is deep and the glitter highlights in brighter shades of purple.  I did apply 3 coats but I think two would suffice.  I also added a top coat but the next day it does feel grainy or bumpy still from the polish.  I’m temped to do another top coat but afraid I’ll go through a bag of cotton pads trying to remove it later on!

zoya roxy swatch 2

Zoya Roxy 1

opi teenage dream and zoya roxy

Whats your favorite glitter polish?