Nail Polish Swatch: Zoya Roxy & OPI Teenage Dream together

Lately, it’s been hard to go a weekend without getting a new polish.  This past weekend I grabbed two new (to me) Zoya Polishes in Roxy and Neeka.  I wanted to jump on the “paint your ring finger” bandwagon this time using glitters so I choose and old and a new one.

OPI – Teenage Dream – A clear pink  polish with pink & champagne glitter


Zoya – Roxy – A sheer red-toned purple base loaded with bright purple glitter


Zoya’s Roxy ended up being much more opaque than I originally had thought–but didn’t squash my love for the glittery purple.  The base is deep and the glitter highlights in brighter shades of purple.  I did apply 3 coats but I think two would suffice.  I also added a top coat but the next day it does feel grainy or bumpy still from the polish.  I’m temped to do another top coat but afraid I’ll go through a bag of cotton pads trying to remove it later on!

zoya roxy swatch 2

Zoya Roxy 1

opi teenage dream and zoya roxy

Whats your favorite glitter polish?

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