@Klout Perk from @Essie Nail Polish: Stroke of Brilliance

I have been really lucky with Essie Klout perks lately, first a bright summery popsicle orange, a new metallic on the way, and a glitter polish from their luxe effects line, Stroke of Brilliance.   I think the polishes from the luxe effects line really speak for themselves.  Gorgeous colors and I love using them all.  Stroke of Brilliance is a wonderful addition to the line and it only makes me wonder what is planned next.

I did one coat of Stroke of Brilliance over yogaga, a nice neutral I picked up this weekend along with gym dandy.  I think this is a perfect glitter combo for the office.  It’s subtle but still catches the light ever so slightly.  The glitter is a mix between a periwinkle and light blue.

stroke of brilliance iliketotalkalot 1

stroke of brilliance iliketotalkalot 2

stroke of brilliance iliketotalkalot 3

stroke of brilliance iliketotalkalot 4

stroke of brilliance iliketotalkalot 6

stroke of brilliance iliketotalkalot 7

stroke of brilliance iliketotalkalot 8

stroke of brilliance iliketotalkalot 5

Would you wear Stroke of Brilliance?  What color would you mix it with?  Share in the comments below!


Claudia C.

P.S Did you know I was having a giveaway with Rainbow Polish?  Check out my post from Monday to enter !

@RICKYS_NYC sent me another polish! Amour De Ma Vie by Mattese Elite

Hello Beauties!  If you missed my last couple of posts on Mattese Elite polishes , you better catch up because here is another!  Mattese Elite is the cosmetics line created by Ricky’s NYC, a ultra-hip beauty supply with locations found on the east coast.  It includes everything from eye shadow, makeup brushes, and of course, nail polish!

Mattese Elite Nail Polish - Amour De Ma Vie

The glittery creation I will be swatching today is from their Me Amour Collection, and is called Amour De Ma Vie, translated to “The love of my life”.  Amour De Ma Vie is a dark base with multi-color glitters ranging from red, white, and (i think) aqua colored glitters.  I decided to use it as a top coat over a grape purple polish I hadn’t used yet, and it turned out awesome!  I suspect you can get full coverage in 2-3 coats if used alone, but I was itching to use more than one polish (as usual).

I did a tape mani and figured this was a great way to make it into a more edgy manicure.  Likey?

Photos taken in direct outdoor sunlight:

mattesse elite amour de ma vie outdoor 3

mattesse elite amour de ma vie outdoor 2

mattesse elite amour de ma vie outdoor 1

Photos taken in direct indoor light:

mattesse elite amour de ma vie indoor 3

mattesse elite amour de ma vie indoor 2

mattesse elite amour de ma vie indoor 1

I have to say that now that I’ve tried 4 different colors from the Mattese Elite brand (glitters and solids), I’m super happy with their formulas.  I can honestly say that it IS something to gush over.  Very smooth, no clumping, no streaking, nice brush and lasts at least a couple of days before the first chip appears.  Bravo Ricky’s!  I want more!

Amour De Ma Vie can be purchased on WWW.RICKYSNYC.COM for only $5.99; or get all six shades from the collection and get free shipping!  Whoop Whoop!  

Me Amour Collection

Want to see other swatches from the mattese elite line?  Click here, here, and here  😆

P.S that last one is actually from my beauty bloggin’ buddy, Kit from Frances Is A Beauty.  She swatched, I just realized I didn’t….yet :/ Enjoy!

Bring In The New Year Manicure!

I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday so far…I know I have! And aside from Halloween, New Years Eve‘s is one of my favorite holidays.  My boyfriend and I usually go out dancing,  meet up with friends at parties, and of course see Doc Mix records.

Its been a while since my last post. Sorry, I think we all go MIA around the holidays and everyone’s back to normal business. I bought a new polish over the weekend and wanted to feature it in this weeks manicure. It’s a glitter, but with long glitters and that stand out!

I present you Save Me, from OPI’s Nicki Minaj Collection. Silver glitter with blue and pink “long” glitters.

opi save me

Here is the rest of the line. I really want the pink one too.


I decided to pair it with another new favorite of mine Essie’s Shine of the Times an iridescent flakie polish.

essie shine of the times

I wanted to keep the manicure light by using Essie’s Marshmallow, a soft creamy white.

essie marshmallow

I loved this combination it looks fun and sparkly, and catches light from all angles.

opi save me 2

essie shine of the times 2

essie marshmallow 2

Save Me also looks great over a shiny black polish which I tried on my toes first. Which do you prefer? A light mani? or darker nails?

and on another note…have an awesome (and safe) New Years Eve!!!!